Recap/Review – Private Practice – “The Standing Eight Count” – 1/12/12

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On this week’s episode of Private Practice, Addison & Violet deal with their failing relationships, and Sheldon has to make a life changing decision regarding one of his patients.

Jump with me to read my recap & review of “The Standing Eight Count.”


We start off, as most of the recent episodes have, with Addison in therapy. Her current dilemma: living without Sam. She can’t sleep. In fact, her insomnia has caused a viewing of “The History of Shin-kicking.”

The first friend she tells of the break-up: Jake. “I lost my boyfriend and my baby in one day.” Poor Addie. Jake, trying to offer consolation, tells Addison of her options, baby-wise, going forward. Sleep deprived Addie understandably doesn’t want to discuss it right now.

It’s Mason’s day off from school. Charlotte has already taken to him; she made him breakfast AND took him shopping, much to Cooper’s surprise and delight.

Moving on to the medical case of the week, we meet Sheldon and his patient Aaron, a cop who shot and killed an unarmed teenager after he robbed a gas station. After initially brushing off the shooting as part of the job, he says the kid reached for his waistband, Aaron begins to open up. He can’t discuss what he sees on the job with his wife. Joe, his superior, walks in before Aaron really has the chance to talk. Time’s up. Joe’s all for therapy, as long as that’s AFTER Sheldon signs off on Aaron’s psych eval. Sheldon’s main concern is Aaron’s mental health.

Back in the kitchen, Cooper and Mason are preparing for Mason’s upcoming spelling bee with Amelia. There’s a quick shot of Erica’s hand: Amelia notices a slight tremor. When Erica is unable to hold a glass and drops it, Amelia takes Erica into her office.

Now at St. Ambrose, while Violet and Addie discuss their now parallel love lives, paramedics rush in a Mr. Bauer, handcuffed to a gurney in a psychotic state. Violet is able to calm him down and gets him to take his meds.

Back at Seaside, Amelia confronts Erica about her hand tremor and inquires of her medical history. Erica is defensive, blaming the tremor and headaches on being a single mother. Amelia offers to help find the underlying cause, but Erica nicely tells Amelia to back off.

The paramedic that brought in Mr. Bauer introduces himself to Violet as Scott Becker. (I’ve named him Hottie Scotty.) Scott compliments Violet on her abilities. Violet is distracted, so he moves in closer. He asks her out. Violet’s response: “That’s sweet.” OUCH.

Back at Seaside, Sam tells Pete of his amicable breakup. He had a dream that he ran over Addie last night. Angry much, Sam? Pete’s solution: a guys’ night out.

Amelia takes her concerns about Erica to Charlotte. She suggests having Cooper talk sense into Erica, but Charlotte doesn’t want to discuss this with him just yet.

Sheldon seeks out Violet for advice regarding Aaron. He’s worried about destroying Aaron’s career, but Violet helps him to see that Aaron’s mental health should be his sole concern.

Amelia convinces Charlotte that Erica needs medical attention, now. In an unethical and illegal move, Charlotte requests Erica’s CT and MRI scans.

After the commercial break, the guys (Jake, Cooper, Sam, and Pete) are at the bar. But the only thing Sam can talk about is Addison. That stops once Cooper notices a blonde checking out Sam. Sam, while adorable, can’t flirt to save his life. The awkwardness is hilarious. Pete, however, is more adept at it? Judging by the romp in the elevator, I guess so. Even after the awkward flirting, Sam wakes up next to the blonde from the bar, but he’s still stuck on Addison…

Sheldon visits Aaron and his pregnant wife. They’re receiving threats. Aaron just wants to go back to work. Once alone with Aaron, Sheldon tells Aaron that he needs to continue therapy before returning to the force. Aaron confesses that his recounting of the events was a lie; he was scared and fired his gun.

Joe returns to Seaside, less than thrilled with Sheldon. Joe had hoped that Sheldon would understand the situation and immediately sign off on Aaron’s psych eval. He even goes so far as to imply that Aaron practically did a good deed for society. The kid he shot – in and out of juvie for years. However, Sheldon decides he won’t sign off on Aaron’s psych eval.

Amelia gives the bad news to Charlotte: Erica has a brain tumor and only has 6-9 months left.

In the kitchen, Violet asks Pete about last night. Either Pete is a REALLY horrible liar, or he wants Violet to coax it out of him. Either way, she finds out that he was with someone. Her first question: How old is she? She then congratulates him and walks off…into her office, where she bursts into tears. Yes, I, too, wanted to slap Pete.

Seeking comfort from Addie, Violet tells of Pete “sowing his wild, old oats.” To which Addison replies, “Maybe he’s just trying to be happy.” We’ll see if she feels the same when she finds out Sam has been engaging in the same activities…

Charlotte confronts Erica at home. She must tell Cooper. Erica, already having a shaky relationship with Charlotte, threatens to take Mason away if Cooper finds out about the tumor.

Sheldon, back at Aaron’s home, presents him with two scenarios: he signs off on his psych eval and he’s able to go back to work, but could he live with himself? Or he tells the truth and most likely ends his career.

Jake, the “baby peddler,” is back to comfort Addie. He says he wants to try to help her have a baby again, and he’ll always be there for her. Are we still talking about the baby process or something more? Hmmm.

Sheldon shows up at the police station, where Aaron is now relaying the actual events of the shooting to the IA investigators. Joe makes it clear to Sheldon he no longer has a friend on the force.

Violet goes back to the hospital to take Hottie Scotty up on his offer. Addie has decided she’s going to have a baby. Charlotte is clearly distraught, while Cooper and Mason prepare for his spelling bee. Erica stops by to talk to Cooper.

And ending the episode, continuing Addison’s therapy session, she realizes the pain of losing Sam is worth it if she can get what she wants.


I love this show, but it’s always so sad. Actually, sad is an understatement; a better description is heartbreaking or depressing. And yet, I still watch it. (With plenty of Kleenex, of course!) There’s something fascinating about the growth and deterioration of relationships, and Private Practice really focuses on that. Pete and Violet have been on a downward spiral since the end of last season, and tonight, Pete made the end of their relationship official.

The case of the week wasn’t as controversial as prior ones, but I was curious to see how it would play out.

I was completely thrown by Erica’s storyline. Eventually, Charlotte will possibly be raising Mason, and her character has, thankfully, grown to care for him already.

In the interest of continuity, and because it wasn’t given enough attention in this episode, I’d like to see more of Amelia’s struggle to stay sober.

Can’t wait for next week’s ep! Tune in on Thursday, January 19, on ABC at 10:02/9:02c.

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