Interview with Anna Silk, Kris Holden-Ried, and Zoie Palmer from Lost Girl

The gorgeous Anna Silk, sexy Zoie Palmer, and the gorgeous Kris Holden-Red took some time recently to chat with journalists about their American debut of Lost Girl. It’s been airing in Canada, where they are already on Season 2. If you haven’t heard of the show, which premiered in the US on January 16, check out what the show’s about.

Lost Girl follows the beautiful seductress Bo (Anna Silk, Being Erica), a Succubus who feeds on the sexual energy (also known as “Chi”) of humans. Bo grew up with human parents and had no idea she was anything other than human, until she accidentally drains her boyfriend to death in their first sexual encounter. She leaves, and on her travels discovers she is one of the Fae, creatures of legend and folklore who pass as humans while secretly feeding off their energy.

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Bo is relieved to find out she’s not alone, but disturbed to see this whole new world. She has to choose whether she’s going to give her loyalty to the Dark or Light Fae clans. She decides to walk in the middle between the humans and the Fae while on a personal journey to discover the secrets of her origin.

With help from her human sidekick, Kenzi (Ksenia Solo, Life Unexpected), Bo takes on a new challenge ever week helping a Fae or human client who comes to her to solve a mystery or to right a wrong.

There is also a steamy love triangle between Bo, Dyson (Kris Holden-Red, The Tudors), a sexy Fae working as a human police detective, and the beautiful human scientist, Lauren (Zoie Palmer, The Guard), who works for the Fae. It’s delicious, suspenseful, and bringing a whole new meaning to supernatural.

On what to expect this season

Anna Silk: So, what we can expect in first season, I mean the first season really introduces the audience to Bo and her journey sort of going into this whole Fae world that she’s, you recently discovered that she’s a part of.

And the different people she meets along the way in that first season, really become her sort of makeshift family in this world, and Lauren, played by Zoie, and Dyson, played by Kris, are two of the very interesting characters that she meets.

Kris Holden-Ried: Yeah, from Dyson’s perspective. I mean for season one what we see is the Lost Girl, Anna Silk playing Bo who appears on the scene, a Fae who’s been born into a human family and didn’t know she was Fae. Describe her in this entire other world that she didn’t know existed.

And my character, Dyson, is one of the ones that find her, just because in his job in the world, he…that’s kind of his thing. He finds not only criminals but people who have done things that shouldn’t have done, in other words Fae who are exposing themselves to humans. He finds Bo and a wild crazy 13 episodes ensue.

Zoie Palmer: I guess just to finish off, I play Dr. Lauren Lewis, and so I’m doctor to the Light Fae. There are two types of Fae. There’s the light and the dark. And I’m a doctor and a scientist to the light side. And Bo comes to me for some help on how to control some of the things that are happening for her, as she sort of realizes what she is, starts to learn what she is, which is a Fae. And she comes to me to kind of see if I can perhaps help her with my (sciency) self.

Anna: And just to expand further on, Bo did grow up thinking she was human as Kris said, and does discover she’s Fae, but not only is she Fae, she’s actually a succubus, you know. So it’s a pretty rude awakening really early on in the season. And it answers a lot of questions for her, but it opens the door to many more questions. And that’s sort of what we explore in the first season is how she fits into this world and the relationships she develops along the way.

On what kind of tone the show has

Anna: Well, we’ve often gotten the Buffy comparison over the last few seasons. We’re well into our second season here in Canada, and we still get that comparison, which is a huge compliment. But I have to say that I really think Lost Girl has such a unique voice. There’s a lot of darkness. There’s a lot of humour. It’s a pretty sexy show.

It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before on television, and it’s so, I mean the Buffy comparison is really nice. We get True Blood comparisons, I guess, as well, and there’s an investigative side to things as well. So I guess it’s a lot of different things all rolled into one.

On the political, personal and balance of the Light and Dark Fae

Anna: Well, you’re right in saying that it is a really intricate political system, and there’s a lot of push and pull between the two sides. I think that, that’s the world that Bo finds herself in. Not only is she in the world of the Fae, she’s in a world that’s divided, and there’s a peace that has be kept between those sides, and that balance is really precarious. And anything could sort of tip that balance and lead to a lot of trouble.

So it’s a really – it’s a really intricate system. That’s a really big part of the show that I think makes it very interesting. And it’s certainly interesting for us as actors to play in.

Kris: Yeah, I mean, all of our characters interact with it in different ways. Dyson is an age-old member of the Light Fae. I mean I guess the differences between the two systems, to succinct is, Light Fae try to live in a symbiotic relationship with humanity, and the Dark Fae are more interested in dominating humanity. And that is pretty the philosophical difference between the two.

Anna: Yeah, and as a Fae, you’ve got to align yourself with one side or the other. That’s just what you do. And that’s something that Bo has trouble with.

On the character’s journeys through season one

Zoie: For Lauren – we kind of discovered that she’s indebted to the Light Fae, and specifically the leader of the Light Fae, the Ash, for some reason that we don’t know.

And so, we’ve gone that journey and it’s a bit of guess why she, you know, I mean the fact that a human is working for the Fae at all is a bit unusual in this way. Working with the Fae would be a bit unusual. So it’s a bit of a discovery about who Lauren is and where she’s from and what her story is.

And of course, the development of the relationship with Bo and the rest of the characters on the show, for Lauren anyway. Anyone else?

Kris: I think for Dyson it’s the discovery and the journey of Bo, of you know. For him he’s been in the Fae world for a millennia and the only thing that’s really new for him is this young woman who’s come from nowhere and that’s pretty much the center of his journey.

Anna: I think for Bo, I mean the journey is just so huge. I mean she’s coming from a world where she grew up thinking she was human and has urges beyond normal sort of teenage sexual urges that resulted in a body count. So, you know, she’s been on the run for a while.

And so the beginning of the series is when we – when she learns that she’s not human, that she’s Fae. So that journey is just so big, and it continues to be every day every episode. She, you know, particularly in the first season, but even in the second season, she’s constantly learning. So her journey is always – is ongoing, very much so.

On how they feel about getting to stay with the show as it comes to the States

Anna: Yeah, I’m really glad that the concept wasn’t sold. I’m really glad that our version is going to be seen, because I think it’s such a unique show that was so specifically cast, and I can’t, you know, I can’t really imagine anyone else in these roles. Maybe in one day, but you know, “Lost Girls, A Next Generation.” I don’t know. But you know, I can’t imagine it just having the same feel without this cast of characters and actors.

On the input they get with the writers

Anna: Yeah, I mean we definitely have input. You know, Michelle Lovretta who created the show and the staff of writers we’ve had over the first and second season have, they’ve developed such rich characters, but what’s really great is that, you know, we’ve developed a relationship with them and they write, you know, they write to our strengths as actors, I think.

And I think that they’re very open to our input, which is really crucial, because it creates a really nice dialog, and you know, creates a better show ultimately. So we’re really lucky that it’s a pretty open door between actors and writers on our show.

Kris: I mean some of the bigger budget shows you have so many different cooks in the kitchen. You have so many different like network checks, that the actors don’t get a chance. But we actually can sit in the writers’ room, and like every time we bring our scripts in, you know, before the read-through, and they’re very attentive to our ideas about our characters, and it’s a real collaborative treat. And I think we’re all really enjoying it.
There you have it, a brief look into the world of Lost Girl. Did you enjoy the premiere? If you missed it, Syfy is one of the networks that repeats most of their shows over and over again. “It’s a Fae Fae Fae World” is airing the early morning hours of Wednesday the 18th at 2AM/1AMc, Thursday the 19th at 1AM/12AMc, Saturday the 21st at 1AM/12AMc & that night at 11/10c. So there are multiple opportunities to catch the first episode if you missed it!

Tune in to Syfy again on Monday, January 23rd, at 10/9c for more!

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  1. Carolyn Golden says:

    Really, really enjoy the show, especially Bo & Dyson (so hot!!) as they develop their relationship. Personally, not so much into the girl-on-girl stuff but really like the interactions (sexual & otherwise) with Dyson. Love Trick & the way Kensie is developing a relationship with the siren. Hope you keep it rolling!