Recap/Review – Grimm – “Game Ogre” – 1/13/12

It was a long hiatus without Grimm to entertain me on Friday nights. Yes, I really am that addicted to television that I’d rather be watching Grimm on a Friday night than be out doing something – don’t judge me. 😉 Anyway, I was overjoyed when this delectably creepy crime show returned with an all new episode, “Game Ogre.”

This episode was one of my favorites of the season, and I loved all the character growth. To read my recap and review, jump ahead, but remember, if you haven’t watched yet, spoilers ahead.

The creature of the week was a Siegbarste – basically a giant ogre, who is so ugly, I don’t even think his mother could love him.

The ogre, Oleg Stark (Eric Edelsteing, Hotel for Dogs), was not the kind of guy you’d like to run into anytime – day or night. Oleg was a criminal that Hank originally put in jail years ago, and he’s back for revenge. Revenge on all the people who are responsible for him going to jail in the first place. The judge, the attorney, and Hank.

Actually, the main responsibility rests on Hank’s shoulders.He admits to Nick that he conveniently “lost a tape” that could have let the ogre walk on his charges. He knew the tape was bogus, and he didn’t want this guy on the streets. I get his motives, but it’s still wrong. That’s part of what I loved about this episode; we got to see some actual personality from Hank, instead of him just being Nick’s partner. Do we want him to be a cop who likes to bend the lines? Actually, it may end up being a good thing. Think about the fact that at some point, the truth about Nick being a Grimm is going to come out to his partner (that stuff always comes out eventually), and if Hank isn’t always a straight arrow, he may be more likely to help Nick keep his identity a secret.

Hank is put into protective custody by Captain Renard, and that makes sense, except it leaves poor Nick as bait. The ogre follows him home and seriously kicks Nick’s ass all over the house. There are a lot of people who question whether or not Nick is leading man material. I think he is. The fact that he got his ass handed to him by the ogre doesn’t make him any less a hero. In fact, it makes him a more relatable hero.

Now Nick is in the middle of getting beaten to a pulp by the ogre when Juliette comes home, and it’s a good thing she did. I was impressed with the fact that Juliette didn’t take Nick’s advice to run, but she headed into the kitchen to get a weapon. When all else fails, throw boiling water. That’s right, she threw a pot of boiling water all up in that ogre’s face. Score. He was stunned, and his face was kind of melting, so he fled. Well done, Juliette. Representing for women everywhere.

Nick is lying incapacitated in the hospital (looking a little bit sexy all shirtless…), so he calls on Monroe to help save the day again. Monroe is quickly becoming one of my favorite characters, and rightfully so. He’s perfectly flawed, making him the best sidekick.

Monroe is sent to the epic Grimm trailer, where all the badass creature killing stuff is, which is a sign of how much Nick actually trusts Monroe. I am still a bit unsure whether or not this was a good plan, but I’m sure it’s going to blow up in Nick’s face at some point – it always does.

There was a great moment when Monroe was in Nick’s trailer where he apologized to his father. “Dad, I swear to God I’m doing the right thing.” This was a reminder that the creatures and Grimms are enemies, and that the relationship between Nick and Monroe is abnormal and probably dangerous.

All the possible strife aside, Monroe does what Nick couldn’t do – help save Hank. He gets that giant 3 barrel shot gun and dips the bullets in the special poison that calcifies the Siegbarste’s bones. Monroe then ends up following Hank and the ogre out the quarry.

The ogre is doing a number on Hank, and just as he’s about to crush him with a giant rock, Monroe shoots the creature. Hank is shocked and confused as to where the shot came from, but regardless, he’s alive.

We are left with a few questions, including Captain Renard and Hank wondered who the hell shot the ogre and where they got the shotgun. This is definite foreboding for Nick’s future and how hard it’s going to be balancing his life as a Grimm and a police officer.

Overall, I loved this episode. It moved along at a nice pace, the creature was perfectly creepy, and the characters all got a moment to shine. The case this week was more interesting than some past cases have been, and I really enjoyed how Monroe got a chance to be the main hero. Nothing is more tantalizing that a flawed hero. It makes the journey so much more exciting.
A few random notes:

  • I really want them to get to the point where they explore the relationship between Monroe and Nick and the repercussions it has for both involved.
  • I would also like to know more about Monroe. How does he know so much about everything?
  • When is the fact that Captain Renard is a descendant of Grimm royalty going to come to light?
  • Did anyone else think it was fitting that the show returned on Friday the 13th?
    Be sure to tune into NBC Friday nights at 9/8c to watch what happens when fairytales aren’t all happy endings.

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    1. justine says:

      It’s not a secret that I like all shows with supernatural elements, and this one is no exception! Great recap, I missed the episode but feel like I’m not out of the loop for all things Grimm. And yes, I think it’s creepy that it came back on Friday the 13th, BOO!