Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Bitcoin for Dummies” – 1/15/12

An online currency is created, sending Alicia to the courtroom, yet again, against the Federal Treasury. Wendy Scott-Carr continues to pressure Will into revealing info about the bribes, and the stakes are raised when Kalinda is given an ultimatum.


Mr. Stack, a walk-in client, specifically wants Alicia to represent him in his case against the Federal Treasury. Stack faces jail time if he does not give up the name of his client who invented Bitcoin, defined by the Treasury as an online currency. And inventing a currency is a violation of federal law.

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Wendy Scott-Carr, Cary, and Dana meet with Elsbeth Tascioni and Will. Scott-Carr agrees to drop the investigation against Will if he offers information on the bribery. Cary starts to inquire, but is interrupted by Tascioni; she wants him to be more specific – name the judges. He lists off Judges Winter, Dunaway, and Park. But Will can’t remember anything.

Now in court, a very casual Judge Sobel starts off by asking Mr. Higgs, “Do you Treasury guys get a lot of dates?” Love those judges!!

The prosecution sets up their argument, saying Bitcoin allows funding of a digital marketplace for criminal activity. He then says that Mr. Stack is using attorney-client privilege as a smokescreen. Alicia objects. You can’t trivialize attorney-client privilege, duh! The motion is denied. But aha! Now the Treasury is accusing Mr. Stack of being Mr. Bitcoin.

Back at L&G, the lawyers decide how to proceed. Their argument: Bitcoin isn’t a currency; it’s a commodity. Kalinda is to head to Decode A Con to find the REAL Mr. Bitcoin.

Kalinda and Will have a super secret meeting between two cars in the parking lot, and we learn of his connection to the judges. His old bookie forgave his debt – he says for reasons unknown – but it could look like a payoff in return for judges deciding in the firm’s favor.

Back in court, Alicia questions Mr. Cramer, guest starring as himself, on his view of Bitcoin. He doesn’t see it as currency. Mr. Higgs tries to attack his character, citing his odd behavior on his TV show, but Judge Sobel likes Mr. Cramer and won’t hear of it.

Kalinda attends Decode A Con and finds who she believes to be Mrs. Bitcoin, but is then led to believe that it’s a Newman91, another attendee at the convention.

She receives a phone call from Dana; Scott-Carr is desperate to have inside information on Will.

Back in court, the prosecution’s witness is now on the stand, a Mr. Mitchell Tambour. He paid for his hotel room using Bitcoin. Uh-oh. The defense’s witness, the owner of the hotel, says that you can also reserve a room using frequent flier miles – which isn’t a form of currency. But Mr. Higgs says you couldn’t use those miles to purchase a book. With Bitcoin, however, you can; they’re transferable. The judge’s ruling: Bitcoin is a currency.

At Dana’s meeting with Kalinda, Dana gives her an ultimatum: either give up info on Will, or they’ll use the forged document – from last week’s case – to disbar Alicia. (I don’t think Peter would actually go through with that.) Either way, Kalinda is not happy.

Crypto-Bash! Kalinda approaches Newman91 – real name, Bao. He, too, denies being Mr. Bitcoin but proves useful in finding an embedded message in the code: “Stack is innocent!” Mr. Stack has an alibi; he was in court. Therefore, he can’t be Mr. Bitcoin. The prosecution’s next witness, the supposed Mrs. Bitcoin, real name Elaine, says that Stack is highly qualified to be Mr. Bitcoin.

Bao traces the computer that embedded the message within the code to a computer located at Lockhart-Gardner, implicating their client.

Tascioni is back to meet with Will and Kalinda. A case was found, with an $8 million payout in favor of the firm. Judge Park – one of the 3 accused of bribery – decided in favor of the firm, even though the evidence proved otherwise. There are notes in the case file that can incriminate Will. Tascioni excuses herself, and Will DOESN’T ask Kalinda to fix the file.

Bao informs Kalinda that he narrowed down the trace of the embedded code to her computer. Alicia, now representing Kalinda, informs Mr. Higgs that, obviously, someone ghosted her computer. Hopefully, it wasn’t their client.

Kalinda heads back to Decode A Con, seeking help from Elaine. Kalinda figures out that it’s Bao and confronts him. He agrees to meet her at his room, away from the suits that have followed Kalinda. In a seemingly odd move, she tells the suits to meet her, along with Mr. Higgs, in front of Bao’s room. Upon arriving, they find only a letter addressed to Kalinda, stating his obsession with her. Creepy.

Back in court, Kalinda is now on the witness stand and proceeds to tell the court of the events of last night – specifically her quest along with Mr. Higgs to find the REAL Mr.Bitcoin. Mr. Higgs objects, of course, but Kalinda accidentally recorded their conversation. So much for their case.

Kalinda meets Dana at the bar and hands over the Park case file.

In a completely unrelated but interesting storyline, Nisa and Zac have grown closer, so much so that they’re saying “I love you.” Alicia hears this and freaks out. She tells Zac they need to slow down. In true adolescent response, Zac invites Nisa over to his dad’s apartment…where he finds his disapproving grandmother. She, too, tells Zac to slow down because of their “differences.” Nisa is in public school; it’s beneath him. Zac tells his mother, and Alicia suddenly approves of their relationship. Smart thinking, Zac!


As long as Carrie Preston is in the episode, I’ll probably love it. That’s unfair, I know, but she’s my favorite guest star! Her quirky tactics are a joy to watch. More Elsbeth Tascioni, please! Other favorites: the judges! They have the greatest personalities, and I’m happy that it has continued throughout the episodes.

There was no progress in the Alicia/Will world. I hope it’s addressed soon.

Using Alicia to get to Kalinda – that’s genius! I would like to see the two of them reconcile, even though I like that we saw how infuriated Kalinda was over the mention of destroying Alicia’s career.

Have to wait TWO weeks for a new episode. Boo!! The next new episode airs January 29th on CBS at 9/8c.

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