Recap Review – Private Practice – “Losing Battles” – 1/19/12

In the midst of her progressing relationship with Hot Scott, Violet puts herself in the middle of an abuser and his wife. Meanwhile, Addison starts her search for a surrogate, and Cooper tries to help Erica seek treatment.


Violet and Scott are in bed together; they were up all night…talking. (But Scott is shirtless, so this episode is already off to a good start!)

Jake and Addie are interviewing surrogates today. She’s worried, and rightfully so; all of her prior attempts at having a baby have failed.

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While Violet tries to explain the huge grin on her face to Charlotte, Joanna stumbles out of the elevator. (We met Joanna in an earlier episode. Violet met her at the airport, where she learned Joanna’s husband beat her, just once.) Joanna is badly beaten and falls to the floor.

Charlotte and Cooper discuss Erica’s future. Charlotte wants Cooper to force Erica’s hand in getting treatment. But their conversation is cut short when Charlotte has to rush to the E.R. Violet assumes that David, Joanna’s husband, has done this to her. Pete stops David as he walks in and tries to be at the side of his wife. David denies any wrongdoing; he says he got help after Violet’s meeting with Joanna.

Addie informs David of his wife’s condition – she’s unconscious and lost the baby. He has a decision to make: in order to stop the bleeding, Addie would most likely need to perform a hysterectomy. She could save both Joanna and her uterus, but that’s riskier. Without hesitation, David chooses the hysterectomy. Violet and Pete are adamantly against his involvement in her treatment. Violet argues that he’s responsible for her being in the hospital in the first place, so he shouldn’t have a say in her treatment. Charlotte, making the final decision, says legally, it’s David decision.

Cooper hands Erica custody papers to ensure that he’ll get custody of Mason, also trying to get Erica to accept her prognosis.

Addison was able to save Joanna’s uterus, and David is infuriated. He wants to move Joanna to another hospital. Violet pleads with the cops to intervene, but there’s no record of abuse, so there’s nothing they can do.

Addison meets the first potential surrogate. This woman has a very business-like view of surrogacy, spooking Addison. NEXT!

Amelia studies Erica’s scans and delivers the bad news: surgery is pretty impossible, but chemo could give her an extra six, painful months.

Joanna, now conscious, tells Violet of the events leading to her hospital stay. She told David she was pregnant, and he hit her. Violet wants her to tell the police so he will go to jail, but Joanna has other plans – she’s going to kill him.

Violet takes this info back to Seaside to weigh-in with the other docs. Sheldon tells her of her legal obligation to notify the police of the threat of violence, whereas Addie thinks that Joanna’s response was just an emotional outburst. She was reacting to the loss of her child. Violet argues that her license was suspended upon meeting Joanna, so she’s only a friend, not a patient.

Addison and Jake interview the next potential surrogate, June. June’s fondest memory of the surrogacy process was planting a tree over the buried placenta in her back yard. Does Jake even screen these women?!

David comes back to St. Ambrose, furious to find that his wife has checked herself out. Violet has taken in Joanna and wisely has Pete take Lucas for a few days.

Jake shows up at Addison’s home. (One committed doc, isn’t he?) He doesn’t think she really wants to go forward with the surrogacy. Considering the first two candidates they’ve interviewed, not sure if I agree with Jake.

Violet tries to encourage Joanna to go to the police. She asks about her earlier threats. Joanna is defensive; she was just upset. She couldn’t kill him.

We finally see Amelia outside of Seaside! In a desperate attempt to make up for the loss of Ryan, she volunteers to be Addison’s surrogate. Addison, though appreciative, declines her offer.

Erica has decided she’s going to enjoy her last, healthy months with Mason and gives Cooper the signed custody papers.

After serving Joanna breakfast, Violet opens the front door and David forces his way into the house. He’s not leaving without Joanna. Violet interferes, and David knocks her out.

Violet awakens to Joanna’s voice repeating the words “I hate you.” She turns around and finds Joanna sitting on top of David, repeatedly plunging a knife into his chest. His body is, eerily, in the same spot that Violet was attacked.

Violet, her apartment now a crime scene, stares at the large pool of blood on the floor while the cop questions her. Violet says it was self-defense, even though she was knocked out for most of the fight. Joanna, now in handcuffs, requests a lawyer.

Violet leaves her house and seeks comfort from Scott.

Sam and Sheldon provide some needed humor in this episode when they try and fail to find a date at the gym, and then set up online dating profiles for themselves.


While I loved this episode, it’s not one I care to watch again. For one, there was lots of screaming at the TV this week – mostly at Violet. Violet, if nothing else, is excruciatingly consistent in taking her work home with her. And it never ends well!

This case, like others, was largely controversial. Who should be protected and to what extent? Can we PLEASE have a flashback, maybe put Violet under hypnosis, and find out what really happened? I’m not a fan of having to guess.

Pete and Violet’s über complicated relationship shifted somewhat in this episode.
They not only agreed on Joanna’s case, but he came rushing to her side after the incident. Make up your mind, Pete!

And now that Addisam is no longer, Jake has taken an obvious interest in Addison.

Lastly, I sense a need for Kleenex next week as Erica’s illness progresses.

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