Recap/Review – The Vampire Diaries – “The Ties That Bind” – 1/19/12

In this latest episode of The Vampire Diaries, “The Ties That Bind,” we are privy to some returning characters and a new one. I just love meeting someone new and seeing an older loved character! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy!

The title this week is on point, as everyone seems to be bound by some tie, be it family, love, or the creature they have become. We all know that Elena is usually the one bound by the most ties, what with the love triangle, supernatural friends, family (what’s left, anyway!), and her biggest one – her sense of responsibility for everything! Take a break already! Well, for once, the episode focuses on someone who finds an unexpected person in her life: Bonnie.

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Once again, we begin with Bonnie in a creepy dream sequence, and again, there are coffins. However, she is trapped in a coffin this time, and who should be the one to save her? Surprise! It’s Abby – her MOTHER! (played by Persia White) Talk about a shocker. So obviously, Bonnie gets together with Elena to try and track down her mother’s whereabouts, as she is convinced that Abby must be a key to opening the mysterious fourth coffin. So not only is Bonnie tied to a sense of duty to help Stefan with the whole coffin escapade, she also has to deal with an old painful bind.

Poor Bonnie. You’d think that her emotions could have a break after the whole Jeremy cheating with a ghost thing, the Jeremy being compelled to leave town for safety thing, her grandmother dying, etc. Unfortunately, she does not get a break. She finds her mom and receives a half-assed excuse for leaving. Basically, Abby lost her powers when she bound Michael in his coffin, and she wanted to be somewhere where she wasn’t a witch – just Abby. Well, boo-hoo, Abby. We all want to be someone else, but to leave your daughter to do it? SHAME ON YOU!!

As if this wasn’t enough, Abby has been compelled to find out the coffins whereabouts from Bonnie and tries to in a non-motherly way. Before Bonnie reveals the location, her mother actually gives her a way to warn Damon, who then in turn has time to remove the mystery coffin before Klaus’ arrival. I won’t even insult you by listing Damon’s bonds. As true fans, we know that he wears them on his sleeve!

While all of this has been going on, Tyler has been working with Caroline’s father Bill (Jack Coleman), in the hopes of severing the hold that Klaus has on him (Klaus just keeps making everyone’s life hell!). I’m surprised that Caroline and Tyler have agreed to this, considering Bill almost killed his daughter trying to “save” her from vampirism. This is one character that could have stayed gone. No offense… Great acting and everything, but Bill just creeps me out. Tyler, through no choice of his own, has been bound to Klaus and the werewolf curse, which in turn almost killed his tie of choice – Caroline.

At the end of this episode, we still have a stalemate between Stefan and Klaus, but we have something FANTASTIC – Elijah! He shows up in the final minute, ripping out the heart of a hybrid and surprising his brother Klaus. Talk about ties. Let’s see how happy Klaus is to see his brother, considering that Elijah was staked by him in their last meeting!

Let’s see if Elijah will be the one character in this series to finally break his binds and kill his brother Klaus! Although I would be cheering for Elijah, I would be sad too such a complex character like Klaus leave Mystic Falls.

Other Tidbits:

  • Am I the only one besides Damon (we must be soul mates!) who doesn’t trust Alaric’s new love interest? I mean, she steals blood from vampires to save her patients. Also, was it just me or did she show WAY too much interest in Alaric’s ring?
  • What was with Elena telling Stefan that she kissed Damon while she was removing wooden buckshot from Stefan’s chest?
  • Where does Stefan get off punching Damon for kissing Elena? It’s been over a year since Stefan left her. I would say she has the right to move on… and who better than his brother?
  • The dream sequence in the beginning was so long that I thought it was actually happening. Did anyone else think this in the beginning?
  • I wonder if Elijah is there for revenge on his brother. If so, that will be good news for the good guys!
    That’s all for now, fans! It’s good to be back. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until February 2nd for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries on The CW.

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