Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Another Ham Sandwich”

Wendy Scott-Carr presents her evidence to the grand jury to indict Will, but things don’t go quite as planned when Will and his colleagues are questioned.


Wendy Scott-Carr begins the grand jury implementation to indict Will. They’ll just hear from her. There’s no defense.

Diane meets with Alicia to tell her the news before everyone else, NOT because she’s the State’s Attorney’s wife. That’s just a coincidence. But on her way to see Will, she stops by Peter’s office. How do you ask your husband to keep your ex-lover/boss from going to jail? Alicia doesn’t know yet, so she asks Peter to meet her later.

Jump with me for more.

Alicia meets Will and Elsbeth (YAY!) at the courthouse. Will tries to comfort Alicia, saying this case is legal, not personal. You’re a bad liar, Will.

First on the stand – my favorite stay-at-home dad/investigator, Andrew Wiley. While lawyers usually win sixty percent of their cases, Will has won seventy-five percent of them. Just looking at his cases with the three judges in question, ninety-five percent of them were in Will’s favor. Maybe, hopefully, he’s just that good?

Diane is up next and brings up Peter’s name in almost every answer. Try as she might to deflect attention, Scott-Carr corners her when she mention the McDermott case. Originally Diane’s case, Will took over only when the case changed courts, under Judge Parks.

Dana approaches Kalinda, asking for more information on Will. She brings up Alicia’s forged document again.

David Lee is up next. Elsbeth tells him he has to smile. Clearly, she doesn’t know him. Facial expressions aside, he’s able to charm the jury when he compares his questionable ethics in one case to another case for…Peter Florrick.

After Lee boasts of his great testimony, Will goes into Judge Parks’ office and hands him an envelope. Wiley notices and takes a picture of the hand-off.

Peter meets Alicia at the apartment, and she tries to tell Peter that this indictment would hurt the firm, and in turn, the family. “Will Gardner is not my family.” Ouch.

Judge Parks is next on the stand and pleads the fifth on all questions, including one regarding the envelope hand-off from Will. That’s not suspicious at all!

Let’s hope Will fares better on the stand. He admits to handing money over to Judge Parks – for UNICEF. He’s all about the children! He has a receipt for the transaction, too. Scott-Carr, clearly rattled, moves on. She has copies of emails between Will and Parks discussing settlements. But those emails have been doctored; Will has the original copies of the emails, and they were sent to Diane. I wonder where Scott-Carr got this false information…and it’s almost as if the TV gods heard me, because Dana leaves the court and slaps Kalinda! Did she really think she could blackmail Kalinda?! Dummy.

Now that they’ve pissed off Wendy Scott-Carr, she goes for the jugular and puts Alicia on the stand. “Have you ever had a sexual relationship with Will Gardner?” (I wish I could have been genuinely shocked by this question. Stupid previews!) Cary, surprisingly uncomfortable with this line of questioning, approaches Wendy and says that he told her in confidence. After Alicia admits to the relationship, Wendy continues interrogating Alicia, asking about the perks she received while sleeping with her boss. Alicia leaves before answering any more questions. Wendy threatens to hold her in contempt, and Alicia says, “Bite me!” Ok. She really says, “Arrest me!” but that’s basically the same thing.

Elsbeth catches up with Alicia after she runs out and tells Alicia that if Will is indicted, the court transcript will go public.

Scott-Carr is in the middle of her closing argument, when one juror interrupts; she didn’t see the point in questioning Mrs. Florrick and another juror chimes in, in agreement. Yet another juror thinks the judge should be indicted. In a matter of seconds, it’s pretty clear Will is staying out of prison…for now. Peter, unhappy with Wendy’s work, dismisses her. She says she’ll go after Will alone.

Alicia is about to tell her kids about her relationship with Will before it goes public, but she gets a relieving call from Kalinda telling her the good news. Dodged a bullet there!

In an odd but funny side storyline, Eli and Stacie (Amy Sedaris!) get it on! Eli continues sparring with David Lee and Caitlin is in the middle. Eli informs Alicia that she is a gay icon. Okay…

I loved this episode (except for the Eli storyline, which I didn’t understand AT ALL). Even though I was sure that Will wouldn’t go to prison, all the evidence kept me on my toes. Carrie Preston wasn’t used much in this episode. For shame. And that scene with Peter and Alicia in the kitchen – completely and awesomely uncomfortable. Alicia went through so many emotions. She didn’t need lines; her face did all the acting – her hurt for Will, her anger at Wendy, and her awkwardness with Peter. Another Emmy?

Finally, I understand that Eli needs something to do, but can it please be relevant?

The next new episode, “Live From Damascus,” won’t air until Sunday, February 19, unfortunately!

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2 Responses to Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Another Ham Sandwich”

  1. Rosie says:

    It was very uncomfortable to watch two African-American female characters being portrayed as the villains of this episode. But what really turned me off was the fans’ reactions. They acted as if both Wendy Scott-Carr and Dana Lodge were two people who deserved to get their comeuppance. Was the idea of black females in their positions so offensive to them? Why did they ignore Peter’s role in the investigation? Or Cary’s? Why did they ignore that Alicia’s decision to sleep with Will without even filing for divorce got her into this situation in the first place? Or that Alicia was too gutless to tell her kids about her affair with Will?

    I was simply too disgusted all around.

    • Lindsay says:

      I can’t speak for all fans but I didn’t like Wendy Scott-Carr and Dana because they used Alicia to get to Will. It was probably a poor choice to make both characters African-American but they’re not written off yet; things could change. Cary had a role in the investigation but I think we were meant to see him in a more sympathetic light when he tried to stop Wendy from asking Alicia about the affair.

      I think the affair was ignored because so many fans are pro Alicia/Will and it can’t be easy to admit that to her kids. I think eventually she’ll have to tell the kids about the affair, she only avoided it because it wasn’t going public.