Recap/Review – Ringer – “It Just Got Normal” – 1/31/12

And we’re back. Its been a while since we’ve had a new episode of Ringer – two months, to be precise (and not counting the week I helped with the remote choices, it has been two months since you heard from me). If you like my reviews, I will be picking up a new show. I was looking for a new show and thinking about House of Lies, The River, (Don’t Trust the B*tch In) Apartment 23, and Smash. After checking out the premiere of Smash on iTunes, I’ve decided on that, so look for that review coming up probably in the next week.

But back to Ringer, tonight we resume the adventure with the twins walking around in the same city, so that should bring some new excitement. First, let’s look at what happened this episode, and then I’ll tell you what I thought.

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Bridget and Andrew have a dinner with Greer and Jeff. She’s an old friend-turned-enemy of Siobhan. Greer brought Bridget some peony’s (flowers), which is an English name for pivoine, a word on the envelope Bridget found at Charlie’s place. Greer is organizing a charity auction for Juliet’s school, and Bridget volunteers to help Greer out.

Henry invited Agent Machado at home to ask about the case of Gemma’s murder. The case has been closed, but NYPD seems to have forgotten Bridget’s fingerprints were discovered on the gun.

Bridget and Andrew talk about Juliet, because something seems to be wrong with her.

Siobhan goes into Andrew’s offices at Martin/Charles Financial and tries to break into his computer. While trying to break in to the computer, Tyler calls Siobhan to ask her where she is. Siobhan is interrupted by Andrew’s assistant, but leaves the office with an excuse.

Back at home, Andrew forces Juliet to go to school, and she tries to get out of it. At school, Juliet talks to Andrea and mentions that she want to let this whole incident with Mr. Carpenter blow over.

Malcolm calls Bridget to ask her if she is going to the (NA-)meeting, and he mentions that he might have to leave town if he can’t find a job. Bridget mentions Andrew is looking for a computer guy. Malcolm later helps Andrew at a meeting, and Andrew offers him a position at Martin/Charles.

Tyler calls Siobhan again and asks her what she is looking for. She tells him she is looking for the year-end statement from Martin/Charles, because she suspects Andrew has two different statements – one public and one private. Tyler mentions that his home security might be less strict than the office security. Siobhan hangs up and runs after Henry, who walked by. She tries to talk to him, mentioning that she misses him. He is still angry at her and walks out, but not before making a date to see each other at the loft.

Agent Machado is digging into the case of Gemma and Charlie’s murder, because NYPD might have been too quick to close the case. He finds out that Charlie has been spotted near the Hamptons the same weekend when Bridget was there. Machado drives to the Hamptons to ask around and questions a waitress about Bridget and Charlie. The waitress mentions Charlie called her Siobhan.

Bridget and Greer are preparing for the auction, and they talk a bit about their previous friendship, but Greer shuts the conversation down. Juliet walks in, and Greer leaves when Bridget mentions to Juliet that the fundraiser is in their home. Juliet responds very weirdly when Bridget tells her Mr. Carpenter will be there as well.

After checking that Bridget and Andrew aren’t at home, Siobhan “breaks into” her old apartment. She goes inside, looks around, and tries to break into Andrew’s computer. She puts the computer on copy mode and tries to hide when Andrew walks in. He doesn’t look up to see her and doesn’t notice the computer is on. Bridget also gets home, but leaves the room to take a shower. Siobhan removes her USB drive with the data and walks into the bathroom, where Bridget is taking a shower. While Bridget is taking the shower, Siobhan steals the ring Andrew gave Bridget and walks out. When Bridget is done she notices the ring is gone and is worried that it fell down the drain.

That evening at the fundraiser, Bridget decides to lie to Andrew about missing the ring. Later, Henry storms in to tell Siobhan to stay out of her life and mentions that she called a few times. Greer asks Bridget what the incident with Henry meant, and Bridget finds out Greer found out “Siobhan” and Henry were having an affair (at the Pivoine Hotel in Boston) and that is why they became enemies.

A little later, Andrew forces Juliet to attend the fundraiser, but she is trying to avoid having to go to and being forced to run into Mr. Carpenter, and she starts drinking. After a few drinks, she starts to confront Mr. Carpenter, but Andrew intervenes and tells her to go to bed because she is drunk. When Bridget asks Juliet about the incident, Juliet tells her about the rape. In her rage, Bridget storms to Mr. Carpenter, hits him in the face, and tells him to get out of her house. Afterwards, Juliet is pissed at Bridget, because she wanted to forget the whole thing happened and this incident only made it worse.

Bridget tries to find out about the Pivoine hotel in Boston, but that hotel is closed and refers to the Paris Pivoine. Before she can make anything of it Andrew walks in and Bridget tries to apologize to him about the Carpenter incident. He mentions she tried to warn him about Juliet, and Bridget says they will get through it.

Siobhan is at Henry’s apartment to talk to him. She apologizes for everything that happened over the last few months and tells him she misses him. Henry doesn’t believe what she’s saying, because she is a completely different person than the woman at the party the night before. He asks her, “Who the hell are you?”

Let me start by mentioning I’m glad Ringer is back. I missed the show. But I wish the first episode back had been stronger than this. Some parts were strong, and others were just…annoying.

Ringer is moving faster than I thought beforehand. Bridget told her secret to Gemma way sooner than I would’ve thought (maybe a season finale shocker?), Gemma got killed after I’d hoped and even thought she could escape Charlie, and now Siobhan and Bridget are both in New York and their paths are crossing right away.

I like how Siobhan is trying to take things into her own hands, especially in looking to rekindle her flame with Henry. We also get a little information about what she is looking for, and now Tyler is even helping her. And Siobhan and Bridget go about in almost the same way when they are in a situation where they don’t have all the information.

But then we arrive at my biggest problem with this episode. The whole scene with Siobhan in the apartment, with Andrew not seeing her while she is standing right in the room and him not noticing the computer is on and busy was just sloppy writing. And then Siobhan is just standing in the bathroom, looking at Bridget taking a shower without Bridget noticing. That whole scene was rubbing me in all the wrong ways.

Mädchen Amick as Greer was a very nice addition to the character base of the show. She can come back anytime, as far as I’m concerned. Greer seems like the person you don’t want as an enemy and can be a very good friend (with a little more spunk than Gemma).

It was nice that Henry noticed that Siobhan isn’t the same person as Bridget, but why didn’t he notice the previous switch?

Agent Machado meanwhile isn’t ready to let the whole Charlie/Gemma scene go – as he shouldn’t – and has finally gotten some new hints about how things really might have gone down.

Malcolm working at Martin/Charles came in a bit conveniently (to keep Malcolm around), but I’m not complaining. Maybe Malcolm and Andrew working together will create a little bit of tension between the two gentlemen.

And the whole Juliet rape-storyline doesn’t add up. I can’t think of a reasonable explanation of what has really happened, but I’m certainly not convinced (yet) that Juliet was raped by Mr. Carpenter. Especially since some of the reactions of Mr. Carpenter and Juliet don’t add up.

Next episode, Juliet’s mother Catherine arrives, and she puts a strain on Andrew and Bridget’s relationship. Catch it on Tuesday, February 7, at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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