Interview with Executive Producers David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf from Grimm

Recently, David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf, Executive Producers from Grimm, took the time to talk about this amazing show. Grimm has quickly become one of our favorites around here, with its twisted fairytales and character driven plots.

The producers discussed the creatures for the rest of the season, why they love this genre, and lots of other great stuff. Jump ahead to check out my chat with them and other great questions.

Megan: So Grimm’s definitely one of our favorite on the site. It’s made our list for top shows of 2011. We watch a lot of TV, so that’s a good thing.

David: Great.


Megan: My favorite episode so far has been the one with the Three Little Pigs because it was such a reverse on the actual, so are we going to see more episodes similar to that? Where you kind of dirty up the original?

David: We are. We will see episodes in which you know, the kind of critters – we’ll see a couple of those. As a matter of fact, the kind of critters who are generally you know downtrodden and have been you know, beaten down by stronger, badder critters you know will get their day in court.

Megan: Excellent. And are we going to address the whole Captain with his Grimm royalty story and are we going to get that this season?

David: We’re going to get some of it. We’re definitely getting some of it. You’ll be seeing more of him up to all kinds of things.

Megan: In general, just about you guys, what is it about this genre that you enjoy the most?

Jim: The freedom of it. We’re not locked into you know reality. We can play with reality a little bit, which makes it more fun to write.

David: And I love taking a procedural show and just having a guy turn into a Blutbad, you know, or a Bauerschwein. It’s just so much fun because it feels like I’m watching a regular kind of procedural show and then suddenly there’s critters.

Jim: We can also – it gives us the opportunity to explain human behaviour in a very bizarre way.

David: You know, the child molester is a Big Bad Wolf, et cetera.
We’re going to explain war and famine and all the ills of the world. It’s all because of these crazy critters out there.

Megan: If only it was that easy. Now I have a question coming from Twitter actually. People are wondering if Juliette is officially Nick’s fiancé yet?

Jim: Well…

David: Stay tuned.
Now for a few questions from other journalists…

On learning more about Monroe and the consequences of helping Nick

David: There will be some issues with that coming up for sure.
It’s going to fold over into the next year, some of these troubles that haunt him.

Jim: This is – yes, it’s a pretty deep mythology, so it – there’s – we’re just cracking the surface right now. Some of that will become more apparent in the episodes that are coming up here very soon.

On How Nick’s role as Grimm is different because of his police badge

David: Well, it’s a really good question, and Nick will develop into some – he is not your average, everyday Grimm, and he does operate differently than some Grimm’s have traditionally operated. And, we’ll learn more about that this very season.

On what’s coming for Juliette

David:Well there’s something pretty darn big coming for her for sure. And we watch the some of the blog sites and Twitter and all this, and every – a lot of people have opinions of what she might be or what’s to come. But we think we’re going to surprise them.

On why this show appeals to people

David: From a you know consumption point of view, people love these stories, and there’s a reason they’ve been handed down, you know both in a written and in oral form for all these, you know, hundreds and hundreds of years and they still have an appeal. And we’re you know not only taking old fairy tales and kind of fracturing them – for example, it’s coming up in February where we’re fracturing Hansel and Gretel and a very little known Japanese fairy tale, and a – what’s that one with the lion? What do you all that?

Jim: Androcles and the Lion.

David: But, we’re also making sort of new fairy tales of what’s going on today and putting it in a fairy tale context.
That’s all for now folks. Be sure to tune in to NBC on Fridays at 9/8c to watch and fall in love with this amazing show like we all have.

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2 Responses to Interview with Executive Producers David Greenwalt & Jim Kouf from Grimm

  1. Jenny says:

    Did it sound to anyone else like Juliette is a Grimm creature or something?!

  2. Megan says:

    Yes but if she was a creature you would think Nick would see that wouldn’t you?