If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/5/12

It’s the start of another great week in television, and tonight we’re getting off to a slow start. There isn’t a whole lot of new television on tonight because of something called Super Bowl XLVI, so it’s only Kyle and me bringing you suggestions. You can be honest, though… W’re all that really matters. 🙂 On that note, let’s see what brilliance we’re bringing to you.

Megan’s Choice

The Voice returns for its second season right after Super Bowl XLVI, and I’m really excited. I know there are a lot of talent shows on the air and we are being bombarded with singers, but I love the format of The Voice. The coaches have a great chemistry, and the only one of the four that I don’t enjoy is Christina. She just drives me crazy. That said, I’m looking forward to watching Adam and Christina bicker back and forth, because it’s amusing. 🙂

On tonight’s premiere, the “blind auditions” are held in front of the celebrity panel of coaches, including Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Cee-Lo Green, and Blake Shelton, who each hand pick 12 vocalists for their individual teams. The strongest vocalists from across the country compete to be selected by one of the coaches and fight for a chance to win the title of being named “The Voice.” Learn where to find episodes online of The Voice @ Clicker.
Jump with us to see a clip from the premiere & what Kyle thinks you should watch.


Kyle’s Choice

It defies all logic why I continue to be so invested in Downton Abbey. Just the words “costume drama” or “PBS” or “Masterpiece Theatre” should have been enough to send me running. However, each week, the mystery and intrigue keeps me totally glued to the TV. Last week, Matthew and William returned to Downton Abbey as wounded soldiers of war. Daisy reluctantly gave into William’s dying wish to get married, though she didn’t really love him. And Matthew broke off his engagement after discovering he was paralyzed and would not be able to have children. Meanwhile, Vera threatened to bring a scandal upon Downton Abbey unless Mr. Bates dropped the divorce. So Mary confessed everything to Richard Carlisle, asking for his help in silencing Mrs. Bates, in exchange for accepting his marriage proposal.

With all the twists and turns this show takes, you never know what to expect next. There are only 3 more weeks left to the season (including tonight). However, the Series 2 DVD/Blu-ray hits store shelves this Tuesday, for those too anxious to wait. 🙂

In tonight’s episode, the household prepares for the war’s end. While the family looks forward to having a private home again, cousin Isobel has other ideas for Downton. In other events, a wounded officer makes a startling claim that could alter the Downton succession plan, and Sir Richard and Mary go estate-hunting.

See it tonight on PBS at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Downton Abbey @ Clicker.

Shows I’ll also be checking out tonight: Luck, Shameless, and The Voice (only plan to watch the blind auditions this season).

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