Recap/Review – The Vampire Diaries – “Bringing Out the Dead” – 2/2/12

Finally, The Vampire Diaries is back! I don’t know about all of you, but I was anxiously awaiting this episode to see what happens between Klaus and Elijah. We are not disappointed, as the scene picks up with the two brothers, and let’s just say that Elijah is pissed off! Not that I blame him… I mean, how far can family loyalty really stretch when your vampire brother keeps sticking you with a dagger? Obviously, Klaus asks and expects Elijah to help him destroy Stefan, considering that Klaus has gotten rid of Michael. Speaking of brothers, the Salvatores have managed to put some differences away in order to deal with Klaus. Of course, there is still animosity and snide remarks, but what can I tell you? They’re messed up vampires.

To find out what happens this episode, jump ahead.

We now have two powerful sets of brothers who both want something from the other. What do you think happens? Klaus has everyone over for a dinner party, of course! Well, a blood drinking party to discuss a deal. How civilized of him!

The Salvatores ask Klaus for everyone’s safety in return for his coffin, and of course, he refuses. Why wouldn’t he? Klaus needs Elena to make hybrids, and after all, he is an original; he feels entitled to whatever he wants and is used to getting it.

A fight ensues between Klaus and Stefan, as Stefan doesn’t want to follow his rules, and it ends with Klaus sending Damon and Elijah to go get the sealed coffin. Did I forget to mention that Klaus was holding Stefan hostage in return, with Stefan’s hand in the fire? Talk about being a control freak. Someone doesn’t do what you want, so you burn them! I wonder what he did when the kids on the playground took his toys?

A few angry comments are exchanged between Klaus and Stefan, and then everything I had been hoping for happens! Elijah and Damon re-enter the room, not with a coffin but with a family! Klaus’ family, to be exact! I just love surprises, especially when they piss off the villain.

Elijah dismisses Stefan and Damon as he lets Klaus know that he isn’t going to play his vulgar games anymore. Yay, Elijah! It’s about time you stood up to your egomaniac brother. Unfortunately for Klaus, his brothers Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) and Finn (Casper Zafer) are also fed up with him, as they give Klaus an unpleasant greeting. As if this isn’t enough of a nightmare reunion, Rebekah joins the party as her usual feisty self. I bet Klaus is wishing he hadn’t daggered so many family members!

The siblings are letting Klaus know that Elena will be killed – Rebekah is like a dog with a bone! – and that they are all leaving Mystic Falls without Klaus. You’d think he’d be relieved, but Klaus looks devastated (boo hoo!), as he will be unable to make hybrids and he will have no one.

There is still one more twist to this reunion, another family that plays a part in this chess match! Bonnie and her mother, Abby, have managed to break the seal of the mystery coffin, and Klaus looks on in disbelief as the contents enter the scene!

Can you guess who it is? Surprise, it’s “Mommy” come to take care of her naughty children. I guess even if you’re a vampire, you can still love your children. I say this because Esther doesn’t want to destroy Klaus; she wants to forgive and keep her family together. I swear I heard the “Twilight Zone” theme music at this moment.

Crazy things are going on, and as Klaus gets his mother back, (undeservedly) Caroline is tearfully saying goodbye to her father’s life. I know. Not fair, right? But Bill values the natural order of life and won’t live as a vampire. The only good thing about this is that Caroline is finally told what she desperately wants to hear. Her father tells her that she is a good, strong person, and that despite everything, he is proud of Caroline as a person.

Now that I’ve gotten all of the excitement off of my chest, it’s time to circle back to another plot. Who is killing or attempting to kill the Founder’s Council members? The weapons have been tracked back to the Gilbert’s collection, but we know Elena isn’t doing this. I was almost positive it was Meredith (even though she’s a bit too obvious), but it turns out she was in surgery during the time of Alaric’s attempted murder. Do we have another crazed, revenge-filled family on the loose in Mystic Falls? I guess we’ll have to wait until next episode to find out.

Other Tidbits:

  • Does anyone else find it significant that Matt was the one with Elena waiting for Alaric to arise? Is this a foreshadowing, as earlier Klaus had said that Elena should live a normal life and raise children with Matt?
  • How will the Mystic Falls gang stand up to a strong original vampire family, considering they are dropping friends and family like flies?
  • Does anyone think it’s possible Jeremy is behind the mystery stabbings? Maybe he faked being mind controlled so that he could handle things with an element of surprise. Let me know what you think.
  • Favourite Quote:

    Damon says, “Ah, makes me nostalgic for the time when Stefan was a bunny snacking pacifist.”

    Well, fans, make sure to tune in to The CW next Thursday at 8/7c to see what happens when the Originals invite everyone to a ball and Klaus tries to get Caroline to trust him!

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