Recap/Review – Glee – “Michael” – 1/31/12

I’m a terrible, terrible girl and was just too busy to get my Glee review done for last week’s episode, “Michael,” so instead, here’s a brief recap to bring you up to speed on the important parts so you’re ready for tonight’s all new episode. Jump ahead to check out my mini-cap.

  • Rachel spent most of the episode trying to decide whether or not she was going to say yes to Finn’s proposal. Finchel sang an AMAZING duet of “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You,” and then she told him yes. However, most of the episode it seemed that she only said yes because her fate for NYADA was up in the air.
  • Blaine got a slushie with rock salt thrown in his eyes by the evil Sebastian from the Warblers. He needed surgery. Note to kids: do not throw slushies.
  • Speaking of Sebastian. He and Santana did an incredible duet of “Smooth Criminal” that kept us wanting more and wishing that they were a couple. (That couldn’t have just been me, right?)
  • Quinn magically got into Yale, which is amazing, but didn’t seem plausible.
  • Even though the Warblers (mostly Sebastian) were playing dirty tonight, Kurt didn’t want to physically hurt them or disqualify them. He wanted to teach them a lesson about Michael by singing “Black and White.” It was fabulous, and by the end, all the Warblers except for Sebastian were on stage grooving.
  • Kurt is a finalist for getting into NYADA – which really means being wait listed, but who’s judging? There was as sweet scene with him and his dad, and I was teary eyed – because I’m a sap.
  • Mercedes and Sam had a romantic moment singing a duet of “Human Nature,” and then there was the matter of a steamy kiss. Those two need to be a couple, because my shipper heart can get behind that pairing.
    Overall, this was a really good episode, and they didn’t destroy the music of Michael Jackson. I’m really excited about tonight’s all new episode with guest star Ricky Martin, because they will be singing LMFAO’s song, “Sexy and I Know It.” That song in itself makes you happy and want to dance – or is that just me again?

    Regardless, tune in to FOX tonight at 8/7c and get your sexy on.

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