Recap/Review – Castle – “Blue Butterfly” – 2/6/12

The murder of a treasure hunter in an old club brings Castle and Beckett back to 1947.


The episode starts in NYC in 1947 with Joe Flynn in a bar with a lovely bluesy singer, Betsy Sinclair. He’s “lookin’ for a dame.”

Back to the present day, Castle and Beckett are investigating the murder of Stan Banks, found at the Pennybaker Club. Castle finds evidence of a squatter behind the bar; there may have been an eyewitness to the murder. The detectives speak to Stan’s landlord, a lovely woman, who’s only upset about all the stuff Stan left behind in his apartment.

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Stan’s ex-wife provides some insight into his life. She says that he was recently trying to become a treasure hunter; he quit his job to search for antiques. And his new quest was to find a blue butterfly. Stan also owed 10 thousand dollars to an unknown man. He was also paranoid; he had had complained to her that a white Mustang was following him. Castle finds a diary among Stan’s effects, from the Pennybaker Club dated 1947 and takes it home because he’s SO dedicated to the case, but mostly curious. Once home with the book, Castle starts to read aloud, and we’re transported back to 1947…

Joe Flynn (Castle) is a P.I. and his secretary (Martha) ushers in a new client, Sally McQuinn. She’s looking for her older sister, Vera, and needs Joe’s help to find her. Joe goes back to the club and makes scandalous eye contact with Vera. Tom Dempsey, a mob boss and owner of Pennybaker, sends his goons, one Cuban and one (adorable) Irishman to beat up and throw Joe out of the club. Vera goes after Flynn and he notices something sparkling around her neck – a blue butterfly. Aha! That’s what Stan was after.

Present day. Castle tells the detectives the origin of Stan’s quest, and they find out to whom Stan owed money – Ray, a bookie on parole.

Castle did some research and found out that the blue butterfly was worth a million dollars and it went missing in the 40s.

Castle and Beckett head back to the Pennybaker, where Castle starts to read the diary to Kate. He begins with Joe and Vera meeting backstage and oops – Castle says, “Kate’s heart quickened.” WHAT?! No he meant Fate. Sure.

We continue in 1947, just as Vera and Joe embrace. Sinclair covers for Vera because she sees Dempsey’s men are ready to pounce on Joe, yet again. Joe proposes that they start fresh, by stealing the blue butterfly. All the great romances start out with some grand larceny!

Present day – Esposito and Ryan interrogate Ray Horton, the bookie that was out 10 grand. Ray says that he and Stan were business partners; he loaned him the money so that Stan could buy the diary in hopes of finding the blue butterfly and splitting the profits. Stan bought the diary from Ms. Kennard’s (Joe’s secretary) granddaughter, Ruth Huntsecker.

Beckett isn’t convinced that this 60yr old diary is connected to Stan’s murder. Just then, Ryan informs them that the gun that killed Stan was the same gun used in a homicide of a couple in 1947, named Joe & Vera. Vera and Joe were found in his car, shot and then set on fire. They initially consider Dempsey as a suspect but he died 4 months after they were killed. The new owner of Dempsey’s weapons is one Clyde Belasco. He’s been searching for the blue butterfly for 15 years.

Ryan and Castle go through the files for the ’47 case, and it seems as if someone’s been there before.

Esposito and Beckett interrogate Belasco. He admits to having met Stan, but says that he was only an amateur treasure hunter. He didn’t believe that Stan had any real diary and shrugged him off.

Back with the case files, Castle sees the witness statement from Mrs. Kennard, the secretary; she overheard Joe and Vera talk about their plan to steal the blue butterfly.

Back to 1947, Kennard warns Joe and Vera that they cannot start their relationship with crime and a lie. Joe confesses to being hired by her sister, Sally, to find Vera. But Vera doesn’t have a sister. The plot thickens!

Present day. The detectives get a call: a man with a white Mustang broke into Stan’s apartment. It’s Tom Dempsey! Which is weird, seeing as how he died 60 years ago…

After the commercial break, we find out that it’s actually his grandson, also named Tom Dempsey. Stan approached Tom for information on his grandfather; he said he was writing a biography on the good side of the mobster. He figured out Stan was lying when he found him at Sinclair’s funeral but denies killing him.

At the funeral, Stan also talked to Jerry Maddox, the bartender at Pennybaker. Jerry tells Castle and Beckett that he didn’t know anything about the blue butterfly, but he knew plenty about Tom Dempsey.

This time, we go back to 1946. At this time, Dempsey was dating Priscilla and Sally (who hired Joe, in case you’re lost at this point). Once Dempsey met Vera, he dumped Priscilla. She then committed suicide, and Sally blamed Vera and sought revenge.

Present day – Esposito and Ryan interrogate West Side Wally, the squatter at the Pennybaker. He says some “dude” paid him $400 to move out. His description of the man matched Clyde Belasco, who is brought in for questioning, yet again. He admits to staking out the club; he felt that Stan didn’t deserve the treasure he’d worked so hard to find, but he was only going to steal it from him. While he waited behind the bar, someone doused a cloth in chloroform and knocked him out. When he came to, he found Stan dead and the blue butterfly missing.

While Castle and Beckett try to figure out Sally’s part in the murder, Beckett studies the photos from the ’47 case. She notices T-strap shoes in the crime scene photo. Vera, dating Dempsey at the time, would have worn more glamorous shoes! And Joe, in his diary, described Sally as wearing T-strap shoes. (I’ve never described anyone’s shoes in my diary…) The couple in the photo wasn’t Joe and Vera; they were Sally and a John Doe. About 5 seconds after this realization, Castle figures out that Jerry Maddox is actually Joe and his wife must be Vera!

Castle and Beckett confront Joe and Vera (aka the most adorable couple in the world). Joe says he told Stan he was the bartender to keep his secret safe. But Stan was smart and figured it out. Joe told him where the blue butterfly was but they didn’t murder him. Their aide, Francis Huntsacker, grandson of Ms. Kennard, did! He wanted the blue butterfly for himself. All these greedy people…Now that they know who killed Stan, there was one last murder to solve: Sally and John Doe. Sally and her husband came after Joe and Vera, and in self-defense, they shot both of them. In order to help their escape along, they set their bodies aflame. And the blue butterfly? They hid that in the club. They didn’t need it, since they had each other. Aww.


I didn’t care for this episode. I did like the case and the connection to the 60-year-old murder, but the 40s flashbacks got annoying after the opening scene. Young Vera’s accent – nails on a chalkboard. I had to mute the TV whenever she spoke. Was I the only one who felt this way?

This was supposed to be the highly anticipated episode… “Kate and Castle kiss!!” Well, they did, the same way Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler kissed, by playing someone else. I get that it’s his imagination, but we already know he loves her – he said so! Oy.

I did have three favorite moments in this episode: 1. Tamala Jones’ (Lanie’s) singing. The writers must now find a way for her to sing in every episode. 2. Seamus Dever’s (Ryan’s) Irish accent! I fell in love with him! 3. The older Vera and Joe were adorable. So adorable.

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One Response to Recap/Review – Castle – “Blue Butterfly” – 2/6/12

  1. Jenny says:

    I enjoyed the case, but I also enjoyed the flashbacks. It was fun to see all the characters in their different personas. My only real gripe was the kiss. It was hyped quite a bit, and it fell short. VERY short. Compared to the Castle/Beckett as Joe/Vera kiss (was the first one, where Lainey–or rather Betsy–interrupted even a kiss? I can’t remember now…), the Lanie/Castle as Betsy/Joe kiss was a full on make out session. I loved it more when they had to kiss to distract the guard when they were going to rescue Ryan and Espisito last season. Whew. lol