Recap/Review – Ringer – “What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?” – 2/7/12

Another week, another Ringer. The ratings are declining every week and might be getting low even for The CW standards. But even with some issues I have with this week’s episode, the reveals and shockers keep coming. There was a special headache-inducing scene this week with Siobhan now being mistaken for Bridget, which will be especially easy to recap, so yay! Ah well, I’ll do my best, so bear with me. Oh, and I’ve given up all hope that I will be able to shorten these recaps, I’m so sorry.

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Bridget congratulates Malcolm over the phone on his job at Martin/Charles and mentions that she’s found Hotel Pivoine, in Paris.

Resuming last week’s ending, Siobhan doesn’t confess to Henry she is Siobhan, but blames Andrew by saying saying he was having her followed and she had to be careful. That is why she acted the way she did. When they kiss, she starts to feel bad and has to leave. Henry tells her he’s sorry that she lost the baby.

When Bridget gets home, the apartment is a mess, and she finds Catherine, Juliet’s mother, in the tub.

The next morning, Bridget asks Juliet if she wants blueberry pancakes, and Juliet is curious about her cooking skills, as is Andrew. Bridget tries to find out what happened between Siobhan and Catherine. Andrew doesn’t give a straight answer, but he is thankful that she lets Catherine stay, because Juliet needs her right now. Bridget is disappointed when Juliet goes off with her mother to get breakfast outside.

Siobhan calls Tyler in Paris and mentions that his tip about home security was very useful and that Solomon will get her home. She also tries to pawn the ring she stole from Bridget for some money to get out of the city.

Bridget calls the Pivoine Hotel in Paris and asks for the charges she made, but the clerk can’t find any charges under Siobhan’s name. After remembering Siobhan’s therapist mentioning the name Cora Farrell, she asks to be connected to the concierge and uses the name Cora to ask about her stay at the hotel. Without the credit card information with which the reservation was paid for, the concierge can’t find the information.

Machado and local FBI Agent Pettibone go to check on Jimmy (the dirty cop who “let” Bridget escape) and ask about Bridget Kelly. They offer Jimmy a reduced sentence at a better prison. Jimmy thinks Machado might be desperate for information, so he declines. As Machado leaves, he threatens Jimmy that Macawi’s men might be in the same prison.

Bridget calls Andrew’s office to ask when was the last time she and Andrew were in Paris, but Andrew’s assistant can’t find any date. She does mention Andrew will be going to Paris in a few weeks to meet Tyler – the new head of European Operations. As she thinks back to that meeting in New York, she remembers Tyler mentioning the name Cora again. Bridget asks to be connected to the Paris office, and Tyler answers. Tyler mentions their (Siobhan and his) agreement that they wouldn’t use the office number. Tyler mentions the name Solomon as Bridget has to hang up because Andrew walks in. Andrew asks if Bridget tried to sell the ring, because the pawn shop tried to sell it to their own jeweler. Bridget confesses that she lost the ring and lied that she had to take it in because she panicked and felt guilty that she’d lost it.

Siobhan receives a call from Tyler, and he mentions the conversation they had only moments before. A little later, Siobhan meets up with a shady guy and picks up a passport with the name Cora Farrell and a French visa. Instead, Siobhan asks for a new passport with a Rebecca Sheldrake as the name. As she walks out, the guy leaves the passport in a trashcan and Henry picks it up.

The principal is having a talk with Andrew and Bridget about the case against Mr. Carpenter as Juliet and her mother walk in. The video shows Juliet harassing Mr. Carpenter, so the case against him isn’t that strong. Catherine starts yelling at Juliet because she doesn’t believe her. Andrew tries to interrupt, but Catherine keeps yelling at Juliet. Juliet storms out, and Bridget pursues, but Catherine goes after Bridget instead for stealing Andrew. Andrew interrupts and goes after Juliet.

Siobhan meets up with Henry, and he cuts right to the chase. He asks why she (thinking she’s Bridget) killed Gemma. Siobhan tries to explain the situation, but Henry walks out, leaving Siobhan in the hands of Machado. He takes her (thinking she’s Bridget) to the station, but the fingerprints on the gun didn’t match hers. Machado asks Siobhan why Henry wants him to believe that she is Bridget, and she says she doesn’t know. Machado asks her about Charlie, and Siobhan replies that she hired him to track down her estranged sister. Machado proceeds to ask about Cora Farrell, and Siobhan replies that it might be her sister’s alias. Siobhan sells Machado a few more lies and manages to get out.

Agent Pettibone is called to the jail by Jimmy, who’s been roughed up and says he is ready to talk. Machado is still trying to make sense of the case, but finds the facts aren’t adding up. Pettibone calls Machado and tells him about Jimmy’s confession. It turns out Jimmy confessed to the murders himself, instead of blaming Macawi. The confession stands, because the details match up to Bridget’s story.

Andrew’s lawyers checked the tapes and aren’t convinced there is against Carpenter, and Andrew also isn’t convinced about the rape. Andrew gives Bridget the ring back, and they kiss as Juliet interrupts. Catherine is in the next room burning Juliet’s photographs, saying she’s having a funeral for her daughter. Andrew gets into a shouting match with Catherine and throws her out. Bridget goes into Juliet’s room to check on her, but Juliet isn’t doing too well. Bridget tells Juliet a story about her divorced parents and how some of their fights weren’t about the kids, but about each other.

Catherine is back the next day to pick her things up and to say goodbye to Juliet. Andrew took Juliet out for breakfast, so Catherine can’t say goodbye to Juliet personally. When Bridget gives Catherine a note from Juliet, Catherine mentions the jumbled notes she used to send Andrew. That sparks a memory of her and Siobhan using word-jumbles in their childhood, so maybe “Solomon” might be a jumble. With an address book in hand, Bridget finds who Solomon is. When she calls him, he asks if she wants “the regular” and that he’ll pick her up in an hour.

Jimmy calls Machado to ask about Bridget, but Machado says he’s just protecting Macawi. Jimmy is convinced Machado (or the FBI) roughed him up. We cut to Jimmy asking Macawi to get him out, and he entices Macawi by saying he knows where Bridget Kelly can be found.

Solomon picks up Bridget at the apartment and asks for the gun. Bridget doesn’t have a gun, so Solomon asks about the other “regular thing.” She says yes, so he mentions he’ll take her to JFK. Bridget asks Solomon when was the last time he last drove her. He replies that he drove her to JFK to go to Wyoming 9 months ago. Bridget calls Malcolm to update him about what she found out and wonders why Siobhan didn’t contact her back then.

Andrew mentions to Juliet that Andrea is coming up, but it really is Tessa. She mentions Mr. Carpenter forced himself on her as well.

Siobhan shows up at Henry’s door to explain everything. They go to Shidget’s apartment and stand there waiting. She asks if Henry believes she is Siobhan, just as Bridget gets out of Solomon’s car. Siobhan confesses that Bridget is living the lie with Andrew and that she is still carrying Henry’s child.


Let me start off by saying I’m not the best at spotting mistakes on TV shows or movies. But when Andrew’s assistant mentions that he’s in a conference call, but he walks into the apartment only a minute later, that did feel a little bit weird.

And since I’m on a roll, I’ll continue with another minor issue. I understand that we have to get a long “previously on” every week. It’s easier for new viewers to get into the show this way. But when we got a cut to Siobhan stealing the ring only a week before, it felt like The CW was trying to make the show very idiot-proof (and reminds me of some other idiot-proof cuts reality shows tend to use).

As for the shouting match we got between Juliet, Catherine, Bridget, and Andrew, I actually liked it. I can understand how the initial reaction to seeing the video of Juliet actually harassing Mr. Carpenter was shock and maybe some anger. Accusing someone of rape is a very bad thing to do and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The show was heading in this direction for a while, so when the principal showed up with the video, I wasn’t shocked. But Juliet’s reaction to the whole situation was surprising, so maybe she wasn’t lying. And when Tessa showed up with her confession, it appears that Juliet might really have been telling the truth.

Siobhan really isn’t wasting time in telling Henry everything. And although it took a whole episode to solve the cliffhanger we got last week, Henry is now finally up to date on what has happened for the last few weeks and knows that his girlfriend is still pregnant with his baby.

As for my recapping duties, it really sucks to have Siobhan also being mistaken for Bridget. It is not making my recapping easier. But it was a nice addition to the story, since Bridget was really integrating as Siobhan in New York. On the other hand, I don’t understand why Machado couldn’t seem to figure out who Siobhan really was when she was standing there before him. From what I understand, the cops have Bridget’s fingerprints (since she has a written confession on Macawi and all). So when Siobhan’s (as Bridget) fingerprints didn’t match up, it feels like he should have dug into that.

All in all, I liked the episode, because the overall story is moving along at a nice pace. But to me, there were some problems with the development of some of the storylines this week.

Next week, on “It’s Easy To Cry, When This Much Cash Is Involved,” Bridget finds a secret office Siobhan used to use, Olivia blackmails Henry into getting a meeting with Arbogast, and Tyler struggles with a decision that could affect Siobhan and Andrew. It’s on at 9/8 on The CW.

– JJ

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2 Responses to Recap/Review – Ringer – “What Are You Doing Here, Ho-Bag?” – 2/7/12

  1. Johanneke says:

    My theory is that Juliet might have multiple personalities, or some other kind of personality disorder, which made her unaware of her own avances to Mr C. It would explain the way she reacted to the video, and her believing her own story about the rape. Because I feel like she does believe it.

    And who is Tessa, I don’t remember her?

    And they should lighten up on the eye liner for agent Machado, it’s disturbing!

    • Johanneke says:

      Did a quick search, Tessa is the girl with whom Juliet had trouble in class. Sometimes I feel like they (tv producers etc) think too much of viewers’ ability to recognize and remember people 😛