Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Too Much” – 2/9/12

Cooper has to decide whether a mother, who’s also a recovering addict, deserves a second chance at motherhood, while Amelia tries to help Erica fight her illness. Sam is suddenly burdened with the task of helping his long lost sister recover from years of being mistreated in the system.


We start off right where last week’s episode ended: Sam bails Corinne out of jail. She’s in a daze, very glassy-eyed. The prison guard tells Sam that she was “deranged” when she came in, so the prison shrinks loaded her up on medication.

Jump with me for more.

Violet and Hot Scott are enjoying their lustful nights. They’re now able to joke about their age differences. It’s nice to see Violet happy.

Sam calls Addie – or yells out the window. Either works. This is the first time he’s seen his sister in 20 years. She left without a word back then. She awakens, asks for water, takes her meds, and then leaves. Sam doesn’t know what to make of his sister’s return.

At the hospital, Pete and Cooper are treating a 10-day-old baby, Eli. His mother says that he hasn’t stopped crying for the past 14 hours. Cooper asks some questions about his birth, feeding, etc, and she is very vague and hesitates with every answer. Pete and Cooper already know that she isn’t the mother, and Pete is ready to call security. She stops him. She’s Eli’s sister; their mother left Eli with her to go score some drugs and hasn’t come back in over a week. This isn’t new, Denise says. She was left consistently from the age of 8. Once her teachers figured it out, she was placed in foster care. She wants a better life for her brother. She’ll take care of him.

It’s Erica’s first session of chemo today, and she doesn’t want Mason to see her or the other patients there. It’ll be too much for him. Mason is with Cooper, and the only thing on his mind – his mom; he’s dying to see her. Copper and Jake decide that it’s a good idea to whisper in front of Mason, but out of earshot, about his mom. Yeah, that won’t make him nervous!

Amelia asks to be removed from the surgical schedule so she can focus on helping Erica. Even though Erica has given up, she won’t.

Eli has neonatal abstinence syndrome. He’ll need surgery, but his mother isn’t there to sign off on it. While Cooper and Addison discuss whether Denise is mature enough to make decisions about her brother’s care, Pete brings in a woman – Eli’s mother, Melissa. He found her.

Melissa explains the reason for abandoning Eli: she decided to get clean and locked herself in a motel room for 8 days. She calls Eli her second chance.

Pete, Cooper, and Addison discuss how to proceed. Cooper doesn’t trust Melissa and wants to give Eli to Denise. Addison is skeptical and wants to bring in DCFS. Pete thinks Melissa deserves a second chance.

Amelia approaches Erica with the results of her research. She has found a doctor in New Zealand that’s working on experimental surgery on patients like Erica. Having just recently agreed to start chemo, Erica doesn’t want to fly anywhere for a risky surgery.

Back at Seaside, Addison walks into work and encounters Jake. The awkward silence is hilarious! She then gossips with Violet about Vi’s new hot sex-life. Violet is smiling like an idiot. Poor Addison is missing Sam, and Violet isn’t helping.

Speaking of Sam, he takes Corrine to Sheldon, hoping to provide some help and answer some questions about her life now. As Sheldon looks over her file, he’s disgusted; the prison shrinks overdosed her on meds and didn’t give her any proper diagnosis. He wants to take her off the medication to see what she’s really like.

Sam tells Addie of Sheldon’s plans, and she comforts him, all under the watchful eyes of Jake. After Sam leaves, Jake warns her of getting too close to Sam; she’ll get hurt again, especially if she still wants a baby.

Back at St. Ambrose, Pete catches Violet and Hot Scott making out in the hallway. He’s not happy, but at least this time, he doesn’t yell at either of them.

Cooper brings Denise to see Eli, who’s now hooked up to many tubes and is now facing a possible surgery. Pete, who is clearly not thinking, brings Melissa in to see Eli at the same time. Denise resents her mother for wanting to get clean for Eli after ruining her childhood. While they argue, Eli’s monitor begins beeping rapidly. He needs surgery, now.

Charlotte is watching Mason at home, and he’s still asking to see his mother. She tries to come up with the best excuse she can think of, but Mason is angry now and hurls his plate of food off the table. While she goes to clean up, he runs out the door.

Sheldon is spending the day with Corrine, and she lists off every diagnosis she’s been given over the years. She’s elected to have Sam included in her sessions with Sheldon, and once she’s out of the room, Sheldon asks Sam about her childhood. He describes Corinne as wild and fun, but notes that she would change instantly; her mood would drop, and she threatened suicide. After a few minutes, Sam ends the session and takes her home.

Charlotte finds Mason at the bus stop. He thinks his mother is dead because no one will let him see her.

Addison comes to check on Sam, and while comforting him, ends up in his bed, but leaves in the middle of the night.

Melissa tries to get Cooper on her side. She knows he’s skeptical because an addict can always relapse, but she says she wants to change and she’s going to fight for Eli.

As usual, Cooper seeks Violet’s opinion on Melissa/Denise/Eli. Violet thinks that they should work together in raising Eli, even if they don’t get along, because they both want the best for him. She uses her relationship with Pete as an example; he’s been nothing but terrible to Violet, but is an amazing dad. Cooper advises Violet to better their relationship by telling Pete that her current relationship with Scott is solely physical. I’m sure Pete will LOVE hearing that!

Mason is finally able to see his mother, but she still refuses to tell him she’s dying. Charlotte warns her that keeping him in the dark will only fuel his anger and hatred, especially after she’s gone.

Pete explains why he’s fighting so hard for Melissa; she reminds him of Violet. He gave Violet a second chance, and she turned out to be an amazing mother. But Addison has called DCFS, and the social worker asks for Cooper’s opinion on the matter before she decides Eli’s case.

Amelia has done further research and found a place closer than New Zealand for Erica. It’s Seattle! She wants McDreamy to perform the surgery. (She doesn’t call him that, but she’s not writing this recap.)

Cooper explains to Denise why he decided in favor of Melissa and the importance of her help in raising him.

Violet tells Pete the nature of her relationship with Scott, and Pete admits that he cares about her. Violet lights up at this admission, but Pete doesn’t show any further affection for her.

Cooper, Addison, and Pete tell Melissa of her second chance with Eli, and Denise agrees to help her mom.

Back at Seaside, there’s now awkward silence between Sam and Addison. Jake notices and realizes what has happened between them. He is clearly hurt.

Amelia and Charlotte try to convince Erica to go to Seattle and have the surgery performed by her brother. This way, she might not have to tell Mason she’s dying.

As Corrine reminisces with Sam, we see tears stream down his face.


I’m going to have to wait forever for a Jake/Addison relationship, aren’t I? That’s ok. It would be unrealistic to think that Addison could move on so quickly.

This episode was all about second chances – between the addict and her children, Erica and another chance at life, and possibly Violet and Pete. (I still have hope for them!)

I like this personal story for Sam, heartbreaking as it is. His silence in many of the scenes tonight said so much!

AND Crossover episode next week!!!! I can’t wait. Tune in next Thursday on ABC at 10/9c.

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