Interview with Tyler Blackburn from Pretty Little Liars

Tyler Blackburn, who plays the hot bad boy on Pretty Little Liars, recently took the time to speak with some journalists about his character, his music, and the show in general. He was sweet, courteous, and enjoyable to chat with.

Enjoy the interview, and be sure to drop by the comments to let us know what part of Pretty Little Liars you love the most.

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Here are my questions to start.

Justine: Given the many twists and turns on the show, have you and your cast members ever sat around talking about theories for what will happen next?

Tyler Blackburn: I think a little bit, but it seems like we crank it out. I mean, it’s like we film an episode, halfway through the episode we get the new scripts, almost, and it’s like—it moves so fast, and the writers are just so good at their job, that we kind of just leave it to them. And we kind of—we’re along for the ride, in a way, you know?
Justine: Do you think there would ever be a possibility for fans to hear you sing on the show?

Tyler: Well, on the show, I’m not sure. I mean, that would definitely have to be sort of like a decision for the character. But I actually have recorded a couple songs, (one of them was for a web series that I did) and we filmed a music video for it. So that’s actually available online. That song is called “Save Me.”

Then I’ve also recorded another song that—it’s sort of through ABC Family—and hopefully I can continue to do so. They’ve just been really great in providing a platform for me to get in the recording studio and hone that craft. So we’re hoping that some cool stuff can happen with that music, so I absolutely know that the fans will be able to hear some music from me.
Now for a few other questions from my colleagues.

On what made him want to be a part of Pretty Little Liars

Tyler: When I first auditioned and I got the sides for Caleb, I just thought he was a great character. I got some backstory about Hanna’s character and she was sort of a spitfire, and I just felt like Caleb was able to keep up, and I liked that. But, it’s funny, when I saw a big billboard for the show—I think right before it came out—and it looked sort of edgy and it was, like four beautiful girls, and I was like, “I could totally be on that show.” So then I got the audition, and I was like, “Wow, this is very fortuitous.” And I auditioned, and I just felt like it was a good place for me. So it all worked out really great.

On his involvement in the mystery of A

Tyler: I think that after this next week’s episode it does slow down a little bit for Caleb. I think A definitely gives people these hurdles, and if they prove themselves and successfully jump over them—A doesn’t necessarily back off but gives a slight amount of breathing room. So I think that’s sort of what happens with Caleb. He’s put in some hot water, but he does prevail in some ways. So I think that for the rest of the season after that, he’s focusing again on his relationship with Hanna, as opposed to all of this craziness. So it does shift a little bit, but he definitely helps to facilitate finding out the mystery of who A is.

On Caleb‘s interactions with Garrett and the law

Tyler: Garrett’s just a creepy dude. He’s also a cop, and Caleb has a bit of a sordid past with the law and I think that A knows that. A sort of sets it up to where Garrett and Officer Wilden are able to basically charge—not charge but assume—that Caleb has done some hacking illegally and A sort of sets Caleb up in that way.

So you wonder is Caleb going to get in trouble with the law again, and the law happens to be Garrett. I think Garrett also has some ulterior motives as well, so they’re definitely out for blood. But Caleb is a tough dude, you know? He has a lot of street smarts, and he can keep up pretty well.

His favorite moment filming

Tyler: Oh man, there’s so much because it’s just this show allows you to explore different settings and stuff, you know? I mean, I loved—well, just so many—but in one of the recent episodes where Hanna and Lucas are out on the rowboat and there’s this whole surprise party for Caleb, actually. And I wasn’t even in it that much, but it was just so fun to be in this Warner Bros. backlot outside. I mean, they literally just—the sets on the show are epic, and I love being outdoors. I love being on-set, so it was just a … combination of the two. So I really enjoyed that, but there’s just so many. I just have so much fun while I’m there, so it’s kind of a hard answer to come up with.

On working with so many women

Tyler: I love women, and I just think that they’re great. I mean, yes, they can be a little nutty sometimes, but they’re great. So I’m pretty comfortable. Definitely, I like to come home and, like, do something manly. Yeah, I like to do yard work or something sort of like more manly to—well, but I can adapt. It’s fine. It’s all good.

On whether A will affect Hanna and Caleb & the chemistry between them

Tyler: You know what? Quite to the contrary, it brings them a little bit closer. Usually, it’s Caleb trying to protect Hanna, but because Caleb is in hot water, Hanna has to kind of figure out how she might be able to help Caleb, and so the roles are reversed a little bit, and I think it brings them closer, actually. So I’m sure A is pretty pissed off.

[As to the chemistry between them], I think that they’re both similar in the sense that they put out this tougher exterior, but they have a lot of sensitivity inside. So I think when they’re together, it’s kind of a platform for them to be able to open up and really feel something. You know what I mean? I think that that makes them feel safe together, and I think that feeling safety with a significant other is just really important.

As actors, I feel that it’s a little bit of the same thing. Not that we have these tough exteriors, but that Ashley and I can just really have a good conversation, and we really sort of understand each other. So I think that that helps, absolutely.

On how the mystery of A being revealed with change affect the show

Tyler: That’s a great question, and I wondered the same thing. Obviously, you feel like, oh, the show would end, but that is not going to happen. Once A is revealed, there’s another mystery kind of starts from that. So they definitely have kept the momentum going, so you’re not going to be disappointed, and there’s just going to be more and more. I think this is probably one of the biggest black holes that anybody could fall into because there’s just so many layers to it, you know?

On the cool experiences of being part of the show

Tyler: Those are, like, countless to be honest because it’s been such a change in my life. This show is amazing, and it’s just so successful that I’ve had the opportunity to do so many things. Wow. Gosh. Let’s see. Being a little bit more public figure, it’s sort of awesome when you can lend a hand to certain charities and that type of thing.

I’m now a global investor of Stomp Out Bullying, and I was able to go to—not the White House—but to Washington D.C. to raise awareness about cyber-bullying and bullying. And that was pretty awesome just to have certain people there to listen to a little bit of my story, just talking to people who experience that and let them know that it’s—the world is a safer place than it seems—and keep pushing through because it’s pretty awesome out there. The ability to have a voice like that, I think, is awesome.

Also, just to be able to act. That’s really what I love to do. I love being on set. I love getting scenes and rehearsing them, and it’s just awesome to have that opportunity, so I’m just excited for everything. I’m just an excited person, I guess.

On what he’s watching on TV

Tyler: I have guilty pleasures, but the truth is I don’t really keep up with shows like ritualistically, but I will say I enjoy watching—I’m sort of embarrassed to say it—I actually kind of enjoy watching Revenge. I remember being younger and watching Emily VanCamp on Everwood, and I thought she was so cute, and so I really like her in general, and I think that show is just really, really juicy. So sometimes my teenage girl comes out. But I would say that’s it really—and I watch that on my iPad when I have a chance. But when I sit down to watch TV, I love watching the Discovery Channel or—I said this in an interview yesterday, I love Man Vs. Wild. I want to go on an excursion with Bear Grylls. I would love it. So I like that kind of stuff, and I love Food Network. I don’t, like, record shows and sit down and watch them. You know what I mean? I don’t really do that, unfortunately.
That’s all for this chat with the adorable Tyler Blackburn. Be sure to tune in to ABC Family at 8/7c on Mondays and watch him in Pretty Little Liars.

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