If We Controlled Your Remote… 2/16/12

You’ve had just enough of the work week, and you’re getting ready to settle in for what hopefully is a long weekend. Thursday night TV is a powerful night that’s full of all the right programs that will cure your work week blues. Sit down on the couch, let the stress of the week roll off your back, and indulge in all things fantasy. Tune in to a comedy to laugh away your troubles, click on a drama to flex your sleuthing skills, or switch on a supernatural or Sci-Fi show to escape your cares. Whatever you’re in the mood for, let your fingers do the walking and your imagination carry you away!

Lisa’s Choice

Last week on NY Ink, the shop was in turmoil as Billy quit Wooster Street. Instead of sucking things up, Billy heads over to see Ami’s rival Chris Torres to see if he can help Billy make it as a tattoo artist. Also, Megan began to fall for a friend, which as everyone knows, can only lead down the wrong path.

Tonight, on “Living the Dream,” Jessica makes heavy waves in the shop when she shows some tattoos that she’s been doing on the side. Meanwhile, Tim drags Ami out for a little bit of surf and sand!

TLC is where the drama goes down, and it all starts at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of NY Ink @ Clicker.

This evening, I’ll also be tuning in to 30 Rock, Parks and Recreation, and Project Runway Allstars.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice

If I could only pick one show to watch each night, there are few shows that I’d have to waste no time in figuring out whether they’d make the cut. The Big Bang Theory is one of the few that will always—always—make my list. It never fails to make me laugh. Last week, when Sheldon was forced to take his vacation time, rather than sitting idle or taking a trip, he decided he was going to work with Amy in her biology lab. He came in like only Sheldon could—like he was the smartest guy in the world and he could do anything put in front of him. Of course, Amy knew better, so she assigned him easy tasks, like washing beakers. When Sheldon passed out after cutting his finger, I nearly died laughing. All in all, it was a brilliant episode.

On tonight’s episode, “The Rothman Disintegration,” when an office at the University opens up, Sheldon must compete for it with his archenemy, Kripke. Meanwhile, a gift from Amy makes Penny uncomfortable. John Ross Bowie & Josh Malina guest star.

Don’t miss it tonight on CBS at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Big Bang Theory @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’m also going to be watching American Idol, Person of Interest, Up All Night, & The Mentalist.

Megan’s Choice

Drama is a fabulous thing on TV, because it allows us an escape from reality. Grey’s Anatomy is one of those dramas that is also sprinkled with humor and romance. From the minute the show starts to the second it ends, I find myself riveted. Last week’s episode was heartbreaking, with Cristina and Owen fighting. That is one delicate and messed up relationship—add to that Teddy yelling at Owen, saying she wishes he was dead. DRAMA. There was a sweet story about young kids and crushes, and I won’t lie…it made me tear up.

On tonight’s episode, “Have You Seen Me Lately?” Derek’s sister Amelia arrives from L.A. to ask Derek for help with Erica’s gliosarcoma, Cristina and Owen argue heatedly during marriage counselling, and Alex realizes he must improve his people skills to be a good doctor.

To make yourself feel better about your own life, tune in to ABC at 9/8c to watch the drama. Learn where to find episodes online of Grey’s Anatomy @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching The Big Bang Theory, American Idol, The Mentalist, and The Secret Circle.

Kyle’s Choice

Tonight, Parks and Recreation returns after being off last week for an extended 30 Rock. Last time, it was Valentine’s Day, and while Chris sulked over his newly-single status, Ben went on an scavenger hunt to find Leslie. Meanwhile, Leslie started ‘Operation Ann,’ to find Anne a date for Valentine’s Day. However, the date she ended up with was Tom Haverford.

This episode was one of my all-time favorites. It was hilarious seeing Ron Swanson get so giddy over participating in a scavenger hunt and Ben & Leslie blow off their date to hunt down Ann’s mystery date. Leslie is so amazing and so much fun—she picks the perfect gifts, throws an annual Valentine’s Day party, puts together elaborate scavenger hunts, and organizes a party just to find a friend a date. Is there nothing that Leslie Knope can’t do?!

In tonight’s episode, “Dave Returns,” Leslie and Ben have an awkward run-in with Leslie’s old flame Dave, and Andy writes a theme song for Leslie’s campaign.

Check it out on NBC at 8:30/7:30c. Learn where to find episodes online of Parks and Recreation @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching: The Big Bang Theory, Grey’s Anatomy/Private Practice cross-over, 30 Rock, The Office, Up All Night, The Mentalist, and Archer (whenever I get caught up).

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