Recap/Review – Castle – “Pandora” – 2/13/12

A seemingly open-and-shut murder case goes awry when both victim and suspect go missing.


A scuffle is heard in an apartment building. We then see a man go flying out of a window and falling onto a car. The man left standing by the window, presumably the killer, looks below and leaves.

Jump with me for more.

Back at Castle’s home, Martha tells Castle about Alexis’ new internship, but she won’t tell him exactly what she’s doing. He’ll find out soon enough.

Now at the crime scene, Lanie tries to determine the cause of death of the John Doe and finds that he was stabbed, choked, and had a pencil through his neck – all before being thrown out the window.

As Castle walks around the scene, he bumps into Alexis; she’s assisting Lanie! Obviously flustered, he complains to Beckett. This is his turf; he doesn’t want to share the territory. While Castle whines, Beckett notices a trail of blood; they follow it til it stops on a street corner. There is a camera on that street corner, and upon retrieving the footage, they see the suspect take a woman hostage and get into a cab. The detectives use the medallion number to track the destination. They bust into the apartment and find him, eating a sandwich, very calm, as he’s taken into custody.

His name – Thomas Gage. He doesn’t want an attorney and declares that all the evidence they have will soon be gone.

Castle and Beckett talk to the hostage, trying to get more information. She tells them he told her to patch up his leg and admitted to killing a man that doesn’t exist. Beckett goes to see Lanie for more answers. His fingerprints aren’t in any database, and his body is no longer in the morgue. They go search for Gage; Esposito put him in lockup, but he’s missing, too.

Welcome back, Captain Gates! She finds out that Gage was able to steal a uniform from the locker room AND go out the front door, unnoticed, but not before he logged in to one of the police computers, searching for the address of a Tracie McGrath; she’s a climate scientist.

Castle and Beckett head over to Tracie’s home, only to find her lifeless body on the floor. Beckett leaves Castle with the body and checks the rest of the house. She finds a warm cup of coffee in the kitchen and steps out, gun drawn, to find Castle with a black bag over his head. A man instructs her to drop her gun, and she takes the other black bag.

Lanie and Alexis arrive at Tracie’s house to process the body, but it’s gone.

Once Castle and Beckett are in an elevator with a security guard, they are allowed to remove the bags. They are greeted by Sophia Turner (Jennifer Beals!) of the CIA.

Esposito and Ryan talk to Tracie’s coworker; he says that nothing unusual happened, except yesterday, when she left suddenly for 2 hours.

Castle and Sophia already know each other. He had shadowed her for an earlier book.

Sophia wants Beckett to continue her investigation but to report to her with any new information. Beckett won’t spill anything without being told of the CIA connection.

Sophia relays information about Gage’s background – he was recruited from the Navy in the 90s and was their best agent until he went rogue. (Isn’t that like the beginning of every spy movie?!)

Sophia also tells them the ID of their John Doe – a Scott Harper, another CIA agent that was sent to stop Gage. On Tracie’s calendar was the name Pandora, also the name of Gage’s mission. Sophia instructs Beckett to continue her investigation but to report only to her. Castle is more than willing to comply with the request.

On their way back to the precinct, Castle revels in their new ‘Bourne’ status and the new CIA-installed “Panic” button on his phone. Meanwhile,Beckett is NOT upset about being Castle’s second muse. Castle assures her that he only shadowed Sophia for a brief moment – a year. What?!

Finally back at the precinct, Beckett has to tell Captain Gates and Esposito that she can’t share any information on their special assignment, leaving both of them highly irritated.

They’ve tracked Tracie’s EZPass to a place close to Newark airport. Castle and Beckett head back to Tracie’s home to find a connection between her and Gage. They find car keys and connect them to a parking garage in Jersey. The car hasn’t been used in a while, but the trunk was recently opened. Inside, they find a military phone and a scrambler. Once they turn around, they see Gage; he smashes Castle’s phone and stuffs them in the trunk. Just when you think all hope is lost, Castle reveals that he pressed his Panic button before Gage destroyed his phone. Beckett’s pride is hurt, and she doesn’t want to be saved by his girlfriend. Fine! Stay in the trunk!

After being rescued by the CIA, Sophia shows Castle and Beckett their super cool/slightly scary big brother gadgets and track down the phone call Tracie made. She called a pay phone (they still exist??) in Brooklyn and spoke with a Dr. Nelson Blakely, who supposedly died in 2002. He was responsible for linchpin theory, a small event that would cause a larger catastrophic event. They read his lips and find out that he has a meeting on Thursday at 5pm, followed by 3 chess moves. Sophia excuses Castle and Beckett; they can find Gage while the CIA will find Dr. Blakely.

Castle, desperate to solve the riddle of the chess moves before the CIA does, gets some help from his mother. The first letter of each chess move stands for a word. BBP – Brooklyn Bridge Park.

Back at the precinct, Esposito tells Beckett about a rafting trip Tracie went on 10 years ago; during this trip, a Dr. Blakely drowned. Just then, Castle drops in and tells Beckett the solution to the code. They wait for Blakely at the park, and when he arrives, they tell him of Tracie’s death. Once in the car with Castle and Beckett, he tells them to drive to Pier 32 and explains the reason for faking his death; he had helped the CIA bring down nations, and they wouldn’t let him go. Tracie helped him use his skills to do good for other countries. Having heard enough, Beckett demands that he tell them about Pandora. All he says is that there’s a weakness in the U.S. security and vulnerability in the economy. He runs out of the car, alarmed by a flock of pigeons, and is immediately gunned down. Out of nowhere, an SUV pushes Castle and Beckett into the water.


“To be continued” – one of my least favorite phrases. This episode was so fun! It made me miss Alias; I almost expected Jennifer Garner to pop up somewhere in the ep!

Jealous Kate is adorable!

Obviously, they’re going to survive their “trip” in the water UNLESS they, too, fake their deaths and start working in the CIA!

Can’t wait til the next episode!

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