Recap/Review – Private Practice – “You Break My Heart” – 2/16/12

Amelia has to convince Derek to try and remove Erica’s tumor, while Sam and Jake disagree over a shared patient’s care. Corinne is finally given a diagnosis, but not before Sam confronts her with the damage she caused when abandoning their family.


Since this was the crossover event, we’ll start with what happened in Seattle on Grey’s Anatomy.

Jump with me to read more about the episodes.

Amelia goes to Seattle to try to convince Derek to remove Erica’s tumor. He initially says no and she shows him a picture of Mason. Still, he’s not going to do it; it’s too risky. She also tries name-calling, and surprisingly, that doesn’t work, either.

Amelia does further research and finds that she’ll need to be able to complete the first part of the surgery in 90 seconds to avoid killing Erica. Lexie suggests a simulator, but she’ll need Derek’s approval for that. Since Amelia is on thin ice with Derek, Lexie convinces him to at least let her use the simulator.

As Amelia practices, she is unable to get under 97 seconds. Derek is more worried about Amelia’s condition, but she rightfully tells him that she is surrounded by pills in this very hospital but is working constantly to try and give Erica a second chance. Derek assists Amelia with the simulator, and they find that with two surgeons, they can do the initial procedure in less than 90 seconds! Now, all they have to do is convince Erica to actually have the surgery. Oy.

Now beginning the Private Practice episode…

Scott, now ready to move the relationship out of the bedroom, asks Violet if he can bring Lucas to the fire station. Using the same dismissive tone when she first turned Scott down, says her life is too complicated. In other words…no.

The drugs are finally out of Corinne’s system, and she feels ready to take on the world. Sheldon, trying to bring her back down a peg, wants to continue therapy and give her a real diagnosis. Corinne insists that she’s not crazy and feels completely normal now.

Cooper, Charlotte, and Erica fly out to Seattle, and Derek tells them about their 90-second window. Erica is, of course, skeptical, but even more so when Lexie informs her that they’ve practiced all of 2 times. She’s not given much time to make a choice, since the tumor is growing rapidly. Erica says she needs a day to process all of this, and they schedule the surgery for the following morning.

One of Sam’s patients, Gloria, is rushed in to the hospital; she can’t breathe. She received a donor heart 18 months ago. She’s also a patient of Jake’s, and she’s 30 weeks pregnant. Sam slams Jake for impregnating a donor patient, but he didn’t know – she lied about any preexisting conditions. Sam wants to take the baby out now, but Jake doesn’t think the baby will survive. They call on Addie to decide for them, and she, reluctantly, agrees with Sam.

Erica breaks down while playing football with Mason, Cooper, and Charlotte. She tells Mason that she’s really sick and might die. He’s furious that he wasn’t told earlier.

Sam agrees with Corinne; he feels Sheldon was a little pessimistic about Corinne’s future. But Sheldon, looking at the whole picture, says that there’s something there, that she’s exhibiting signs of hypermania.

Jake talks with the couple, Gloria and her husband, suggesting a C-section, but they decline; they want the baby to survive.

Addie and Violet engage in their weekly girl talk. Scott wants to move forward in the relationship but Violet just wants to have fun. Addison, just recently having had “fun” with Sam, says there’s nothing wrong with that.

Sam and Corinne spend the afternoon together; he wants her to call their mother, but she isn’t ready for that yet.

It’s the following morning, and Erica is preparing for surgery. Mason is still upset, and rightfully so, acknowledges Erica. She tells everyone to clear the room, except Charlotte. In an extremely emotional scene, she tells Charlotte that Mason’s going to need a living mom. “He’s going to need you.” Where’s my Kleenex??

Pete asks Violet if he could come over tonight and see Lucas. Violet looks more excited than she should be…

Addison apologizes to Jake for siding with Sam, and he’s not too forgiving; he’s the specialist here, plain and simple.

As Derek and Amelia prep for surgery, she admits to being frightened; the last time she performed surgery on a friend, she was high.

As Corinne prepares an elaborate meal for Sam, she reveals that she’s been in L.A. for quite some time now – 5 years, to be exact. Sam, now enraged, lays into her. After missing for 10 years, they held her funeral. He describes how much her absence destroyed their lives.

Corinne meets with Sheldon again, and this time, her mood is very different. She wants the pain to stop. Every misdiagnosis, overmedication, coupled with what he believes to be bipolar disorder, has been a battle for her. He offers to help her find her own “normal” with her illness with continued therapy.

The timer has been set; Cooper and Mason are outside in the waiting room, and Charlotte is bawling in the bathroom. They finish in 85 seconds, but Erica is stroking out and her pressure is constantly rising.

While they’re waiting, Charlotte shows Mason scans of his mother’s brain and tells him everything about her surgery. It’s oddly calming to him and he appreciates being told the whole truth.

Amelia safely pulls the shunt out of Erica’s skull, removing the clot, and brings Erica’s pressure down. Now they only have to get through the next 6 hours.

Sam apologizes to Corinne for his outburst, but she’s not interested; while they’ve been blaming her for leaving, she’s been dealing with an untreated (or mistreated) illness for the past 20 years.

Gloria is again gasping for air. Sam needs to get her into an OR to see what’s wrong with her heart, but she confesses to stopping her medication; it would have hurt the baby. Just then, Addison notices that her water broke and the baby is coming out now. Once the baby is out, Jake and Sam work on fixing her heart.

Erica is now out of surgery and not paralyzed! They got the whole tumor!!

Gloria’s husband holds their 30-week old baby girl over his wife’s body; she didn’t make it through the surgery.

After having a peaceful conversation (a first!) with Pete, Violet tells Scott it’s either all-sex or nothing; Scott concedes.

Jake confronts Addie about their relationship, starting with Fiji; he needs to know if it’s more than physical with them. Addie says yes, and he walks out of the room. Okay…

Corinne lets Sam know that he isn’t the cause of her illness; it’s no one’s fault.

This was advertised as a “major crossover event!” but it was really more like, “Derek performs Erica’s surgery and brings Lexie along.” But that probably didn’t sound as appealing. It’s no secret that PP has fewer viewers than Grey’s, and I guess that this was an attempt to gain more? Maybe. Either way, I loved the episode, though I really thought Erica was going to die.

The scene with Erica and Charlotte was so powerful. It’s been great to see Charlotte grow to love Mason and let him into her life.

Amelia’s progress was mentioned; she’s still struggling, but moving forward. Why wasn’t Derek a part of the “Intervention” episodes? Hmm.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Violet and Hot Scott are going to crash and burn soon. And I’m going to cry if I don’t get to see his abs every Thursday! (But he is on TV on Tuesdays, too, as Cece’s stoner boyfriend, Kyle, on New Girl.)

And finally! Jake makes a move. He makes a move and leaves the room, but he said something!! I’m happy.

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