Recap/Review – Ringer – “It’s Easy to Cry When This Much Cash is Involved” – 2/14/12

Hey, guys, remember me mentioning ratings last week? Well, this week, they’ve gotten even lower, so that’s not good. Ah well. I still like the show, but not so much with this new episode. I’m sorry this review took a little longer, but let’s take a look.


Bridget is still trying to find out what Siobhan used to be doing before she took her place, and she turns to Solomon. He quickly notices something is off when Bridget keeps asking questions, and she tells him she’s recently sober and trying to retrace her steps. Solomon mentions September 8th was the last time he rode her, the day Siobhan “killed herself.” Solomon takes Bridget to Harlem, because she has an office there. She finds a picture of Siobhan and Sean, a note with an address, and a key. And Siobhan is looking in from a closet, holding a gun.

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The next stop is a Coffee and Books store, where Siobhan used to sit for hours. Bridget tries the key on the drawer in the table, but she finds out people can write wishes and put them in the drawer. She forces open the drawer and finds a note by Siobhan mentioning she can’t forgive her sister. Solomon comes in the store to hand Bridget her purse, and she tells him her sister lied to her.

Henry is asking Siobhan about the switch, and she lies and tells him it’s a plan made by Bridget and Siobhan because of the pregnancy. Siobhan blames Bridget for meeting Charlie and the death of Gemma, because Bridget got greedy. But the main reason she got out of New York was to find a way to get divorced from Andrew and take his money, despite the pre-nup.

Juliet’s trial against Mr. Carpenter is finally starting, and as preparation, she receives training from the lawyer. She tells the story, but some details don’t match with her deposition. Catherine is putting pressure on Juliet, and she doesn’t respond well.

Olivia has a meeting with Henry to sign some papers, and as she leaves, she asks to be introduced to Tim Arbogast, Gemma’s father. Henry doesn’t want to do this, but Olivia forces his hand by showing him a picture of Siobhan and him in bed.

When Catherine is helping Juliet with her clothing choice for the trial, Bridget listens in. Juliet confides in Bridget that her mother sometimes makes her feel like an idiot.

Because Henry doesn’t want the picture to leak, he meets with Arbogast and mentions Martin/Charles as a way for him to protect his legacy.

As Siobhan and Henry share a hotel room, Tyler tries to Skype with Siobhan just as she is taking a shower. Henry answers, and Tyler quickly hangs up. When Henry asks who Tyler is, Siobhan mentions that he’s an accomplice in her plans to get Andrew’s money.

After the trial, Juliet receives a compliment for handling it well, as journalists try to get a sound bite. After Juliet leaves, Catherine confronts Bridget about constantly one-upping her, and Bridget tells her to be a sweeter mother.

As Tessa and Juliet talk in the bathroom about the case, Tessa breaks down and tells Juliet that Mr. C didn’t assault her, but she was jealous of her for him taking her side. Tessa runs away, and we see Andrea leaving a stall.

With this new information, the lawyers advise Andrew and Catherine to drop the case, because it became a “he said, she said” case again. And as a result, Carpenter is now charging the Martins with defamation of character. Andrew doesn’t want to settle the case, but Catherine tries to persuade Andrew that Juliet shouldn’t have to go through another trial.

Solomon and Bridget get a little more familiar when Bridget opens up about her life. At the new location, Solomon took her she finds a shooting range. She tries the key on the lockers and stumbles on a picture of Charlie. Solomon tells Bridget that she used to meet Charlie there. Bridget calls Malcolm to update him and tells him that Charlie probably knew that Bridget wasn’t Siobhan when she met him. Bridget realizes that someone else might be after her. As a result, she asks Solomon to protect her.

Siobhan Skypes with Tyler and lies by saying that Henry is her brother. Tyler warns her that a tech guy found out he is snooping around.

Back at home, Andrew and Bridget talk about the settlement, and Bridget says that Catherine was right about Juliet needing a new start. When Juliet comes back home happy, Andrew knows settling might have been the better choice.

Olivia finally has her meeting with Tim Arbogast and Henry. When Tim asks if his money is in good hands, Olivia proceeds to answer, but he wants an answer from Henry. Henry says the numbers don’t lie, and that convinces Tim. After Tim leaves, Henry destroys the picture and drowns Olivia’s phone.

Because Siobhan needs the key, she looks through her old apartment and finds it as Andrew gets home. Andrew starts talking to her and kisses her. Because Siobhan doesn’t respond, he asks if everything is ok. Siobhan walks out without saying anything.

Tessa and Juliet are having a party at a hotel as Mr. Carpenter walks in. They toast to becoming a millionaire as the whole case was a way to share the settlement between the three of them.

When Bridget gets home, she looks for the key. Andrew mentions she was off before, but when Bridget kisses him, his doubts are gone.

In Paris, Tyler calls the Securities Exchange Commission to tell them that there might be some illegal activity at Martin/Charles.

Solomon and Bridget are in Siobhan’s office to look for information, and Solomon finds footprints in the closet where Siobhan was standing. He tells Bridget that someone planted herself there.

The next we see is Siobhan using her key to open a safe. She tells Henry she has to get back to Paris because Bridget is getting too close to the truth. He also tells Siobhan about Arbogast’s investment in Martin/Charles, and Siobhan tells him that wasn’t a smart move, because he could lose his money. Siobhan hands Henry an ear bud, and he listens to some audio as the episode ends.

Overall, this was quite the uneventful episode, especially compared to the last few episodes after the break. The only real shocker was the result of Juliet’s rape case, and after the last few episodes, I was surprised about what the case really was about. And Juliet, Tessa, and Mr. C really planned ahead.

Overall, the rest of the storylines were just progressing, without any shocking twists and turns. I liked Siobhan taking control and looking through her own apartment for they key. But when Andrew confronted Bridget, that whole scene got resolved way too easily.

A big plus about this episode was the continuity with the picture that Olivia stole at the beginning of the season. I didn’t really remember it right away, but it’s nice that they picked it up at this point.

The biggest problem I had with this episode was the way the scenes followed each other. It’s getting harder to tell Bridget and Siobhan apart since they’re in the same city, but also the way this episode was built up wasn’t the most logical. Bridget was going around town with Solomon, but she was also present at the trial and had time to sit at home during the day with Andrew. I can’t imagine how Bridget had time to do all three, but it did make the episode as a whole feel chaotic.

Next week on “Whores Don’t Make That Much,” the rift between Siobhan and Bridget is revealed as Bridget encounters someone from their past, Malcolm befriends Henry to keep an eye on him, and Catherine asks Andrew to make an important decision about Juliet. It’s on Tuesday at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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