Interview with Will Chase from Smash

Smash has been off to a strong start, quickly becoming a fan favorite, and after tonight’s episode, it’s going to be loved even more. Tonight, we get to see the adorable and incredibly talented Will Chase join the cast as Michael Swift.

Recently, the witty and sexy Will took some time to chat with yours truly about working on Smash, his character, and even his guilty pleasure.

So jump ahead to read the rest of my tantalizing conversation with this soon to be Smash sensation.

When I asked Will what made him want to be part of the show, he quickly responded that it was the writing. He went on to speak about the similarities between the show and Broadway in real life. “Overall, the general idea is right on the nose. Then there’s the creative license to create drama. Although auditions really are that creepy and weird. Egos are that intense and directors can be that creepy, too.”

He’s right that Derek (Jack Davenport) is slightly creepy – sexy, but so creepy. It’s things like that characters and his layers that make this show so addictive already.

Speaking of layers… Another thing that Will enjoys about the show is how the “song writing is so layered. Making it a real treat.”

I approached the subject of how he got prepared for playing not just Michael, but also Joe DiMaggio, because that is such an epic part of the Marilyn story. He said that he “watched a few movies to get into the Marilyn mood.”

Our keyword for the whole interview was drama, and he spoke with awe of the love Joe had for Marilyn. “It was insane in a good and bad way. They were obsessed with each other. He sent her flowers to her grave for 20 years after she died. That’s really intense love, making for great drama.”

If only we could all experience such a deep and passionate love. *sigh*

On the topic of love, Will’s character, Michael, is bringing to town drama of the past love kind. He and Julia used to be old flames, and he’s going to stir up a lot of issues as things between “Michael and Julia keep getting deeper, coming between Julia and her husband and their son, Leo.”

We moved on to what else Will had going on in his work life, seeing as he is only doing 9 episodes of Smash for this season. Look for him in an upcoming episode of Unforgettable, because you know he’ll melt our hearts there, as well. I went on to end the interview with a quick question and answer session, during which we learned a lot about each other and had some funny laughs. Check them out below.

Favorite TV Show: He really loves The West Wing, seeing as he has rewatched them on DVD numerous times. Current show would be Boardwalk Empire, because he loves the writing and the drama.

Current TV Crush: Michael Pitt – Boardwalk Empire

What’s on his playlist: Headband, Disturbed, Metallica, and classical, as well.

If you could guest star on any show, what would it be? Classics like M.A.S.H. and The West Wing. Currently anything by Aaron Sorkin.

Favorite musical of all time: Due to having the most well-crafted character that is despicable and still makes you root for him: Sweeny Todd.

Favorite guilty pleasure: Eating an entire large meat pizza while watching The West Wing. which isn’t good when you have to take your clothes off on TV, but deserved after a long week of work.

Will was a little piece of heaven to my day, actually inquiring about my favorite show and my guilty pleasures. (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, for the win.) If you are not watching Smash already, you are missing out.

Watch the delectable Will Chase make his premiere tonight on Smash on NBC at 10/9c.

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