Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Live From Damascus” – 2/19/12


While celebrating the grand jury decision with his colleagues, Will receives a call from Cary; they’re not going to pursue him anymore. He’s safe. Ready to get back on the horse with Diane’s new case, Will brushes up on the case against a software developer.

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Alicia greets Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson) and her client, Neil Gross, at the elevator. Gross sold his decryption software, Coursepoint, to the Syrian government, and it was used to decrypt private emails and to arrest and torture American protestors. Lockhart & Gardner represent the 3 families of the protestors. Walsh accuses them of solely suing Gross in the interests of Paul Edelstein (Gross’ competition). She offers a settlement of $100,000, an endowment scholarship, and to strictly supervise third party sales in the future.

Kalinda’s contact in Syria, Samir, is looking for the middleman Gross used to sell his software.

After rejecting their lowball offer, Walsh notes that they’ll have to prove Gross knowingly sold his software to Syria also knowing that it would be used to capture and kill the protestors. Not easy.

After that fun meeting, Lionel Deerfield comes to visit Will; he’s on the Attorney Compliance and Disciplinary Board. They received an anonymous (*cough* Wendy Scott-freakin-Carr) tip that he stole $45,000 from a client’s account. The proceedings start tomorrow. Wow, he can’t catch a break.

Now in court with my favorite, Judge Abernathy, who takes a moment to remind everyone about Occupy Wall Street; he salutes the protestors. The first witness, Jimmy Felllner (Jonathan Groff), is called; he and his sister Sarah were studying Arabic in Syria. While Jimmy answers questions, there is footage playing in the background of Sarah being beaten during the demonstration. The officers took both of them into custody and read a transcript of their cell phone call. Jimmy noticed the Chumhum (Gross’ company) logo on the screen. Jimmy was let go, but Sarah was kept.

Walsh retorts that there are many Chumhum programs; it did not have to be the decryption software. However, Chumhum is wisely divided by different colors, red being the color of the decryption software, as Jimmy points out. Will – 1. Walsh – 0.

At the State Attorney’s office, Cary announces that some people will be fired, likely as a result of the grand jury proceedings, but he won’t admit to that.

Will tells Diane about the disciplinary board, and she urges him to fight.

Alicia and Will meet with Paul Edelstein, who brought the news of the decryption software to the firm in the first place; he now wants them to settle, because this case will affect his software, too. Will refuses, since the 3 families are now his clients, not Paul.

Diane speaks to Deerfield, hoping to help Will.

Alicia questions the next witness, Kassim Al-Hourney, a software wholesaler from Dubai. He was the middleman Gross used to sell the software to the Syrian government. During his testimony, Judge Abernathy is crying/sniffling, not about anything in the courtroom; it’s from the pepper spray when he joined OWS outside. Al-Hourney goes on to say that Gross was well aware of who he sold the software to; he received the invoices from the sale.

Walsh accuses Al-Hourney of holding a grudge against Gross for non-payment because he was selling the software to the government. He denies this. Walsh then recalls Jimmy to the stand to ask him why he’s suing. When he answers that it’s because of the death of his sister, Walsh pulls up a photo of a woman that looks like Sarah. She says this photo was taken 3 days ago; therefore, his sister is alive and there’s no reason for the suit. Because pictures NEVER lie. Ok…

Will is now in front of the disciplinary board, and Deerfield says that they’ll show leniency due to Will’s involvement in the pro-bono department. He has a choice of a 6-month suspension or to go through with the disbarment hearing.

Back at the L&G office, the 3 families argue over the suit. Jimmy wants to drop it for fear of harming his sister in Syria, but the other families want to pursue it.

One of the “changes” being made in the State Attorney’s office is the moving of Dana away from court. Cary is very vague about the details. “It’s what the office needs.” And Dana is infuriated. Can she please not come back, ever?

Kalinda asks Samir for help backtracking the new photo of Sara; it came from a blogger named Pink Damascus. Since he is unable to help, Kalinda and Caitlin seek out Edelstein, who at first refuses, but later relents. Kalinda finds that Pink Damascus is a 30-year-old man in Kansas, who only has an IP address to give Kalinda.

Will now tells Alicia about the disbarment hearing and the choice he has to make. He’s decided that he’ll take the 6-month suspension over the hearing. Diane will reassign his cases and rename the firm Lockhart & Associates.

Back in court, Gross is now on the stand, and he’s not making it easy for Will. Abernathy, trying to remain objective in the case, sustains every one of Walsh’s objections except one where Will establishes that Gross is able to know the time and place of active software. Gross agrees with the statement, but again, denies selling that software to the Syrian government.

Diane gives Alicia one of Will’s cases – one having to do with Kalinda and…taxes?

Samir tells Kalinda that Sarah is being held in an empty school that’s used instead of a prison to make it harder to find them. Samir asks for $50,000 to save her, but doesn’t say what it’s for and gives them only a 4-hour window to get it to him. When she asks where to wire the money, the feed fails. Somehow, this gives Will an idea as to how to move forward at trial.

Dinesh Reki is now on the stand. He works for Chumhum’s tech support. He’s received calls to help with bugs in Coursepoint from users in the Syrian government. Once taking a call, each user must give the license number, meaning that they must have bought the software from Gross. Cha-ching! Walsh requests a recess to settle.

Sara is safe! She’s at an airbase in Germany and is able to speak to Jimmy.

Kalinda calls to thank Samir, but instead, sees a woman who says that he is gone and Kalinda is not to call anymore. She hears a news broadcast about four people who were recently killed in Syria…

Will takes his baseball bat and leaves his office. Alicia tries to offer help, but he declines and leaves the building…

In other unrelated storylines…

Eli’s upset about Stacie Hall handling Vanessa’s (his ex-wife) campaign. He meets her to give her a piece of his mind, as well as some pointers on how to fix everything that Stacie has done wrong. Vanessa finds out about the little love affair between Stacie and Eli, and in the end, he finally agrees to consult on her campaign. Aww.

Viola Walsh approached Caitlin about joining her firm, as she did with Alicia earlier. Alicia warns Caitlin that a poached lawyer is a disloyal one.

SO many guest-stars! Parker Posey, Amy Sedaris, Jonathan Groff, Rita Wilson…

I really thought Will would fight the disbarment hearing, mostly because I can’t think of a 6-month storyline without Will or one where he’s just playing baseball. But I’m VERY interested to see how that’s handled!

While I adore Eli, I can honestly say that I have no interest in his storyline – at all. Will it somehow intersect with Peter or Alicia? Please, someone say yes.

Also, was it just me, or did it seem like Will resents Alicia somewhat? After all, his relationship with her got this whole ball rolling.

And kudos on the misleading preview for this episode! I thought Will was going to beat someone with his baseball bat during this episode. Maybe they saved that for next week…

Tune in for the next new episode of The Good Wife on Sunday, March 4, at 9/8c on CBS.

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