Recap/Review – Castle – “Linchpin” – 2/20/12


After finding out that Blakely was murdered while in Beckett’s custody, Sophia kicks Castle and Beckett off the case, but Beckett still has to solve the initial murder, and the only way to do so is to figure out the vulnerability Blakely spoke of – the linchpin.

After being hurled into the water, Castle finds Beckett’s gun and is able to shoot his way out of the car. Once they’re safe, Esposito thinks that he should now be let in on their special assignment, but Beckett and Castle still can’t lend any details.

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Lanie discovers that the murderer emptied Blakely’s pockets. Sophia shows up at the crime scene, obviously annoyed with Castle and Beckett. They go back to the secret CIA location, and Sophia blames them for the death of Blakely. Castle should’ve told them about the code. They tell her about the unexpected linchpin that Blakely found, but they don’t have details. Turner blames Castle for being reckless. “You can’t re-write the ending like you did with us.” WHAT? They’re off the case.

So, Castle slept with Turner. Beckett wants to know how many other muses he’s “had.”

Beckett still wants to find Gage to solve the initial murder case. But to do that, they need to find out what he’s after: the linchpin.

The Feds took over the warehouse, but they found Blakely’s alias – Scott McGregor from Long Island City.

When they discover that the feds also took Blakely’s body from Lanie, Castle and Beckett have a lover’s quarrel an argument over Sophia, “his girlfriend.” It seems that they’ve forgotten about Alexis’ internship, as she hears everything.

When they’re home, Alexis questions her father about his personal life and the “lady at the dock.” Castle is mum on the subject, but guess who he finds in his bedroom?

Sophia knows they’re going after Gage. She hands Blakely’s effects found at the pier to Castle – a list of bank account numbers.

Castle hands over the new lead to Beckett, but he has to tell her how he got it. Awkward.

Esposito and Ryan canvas the park looking for any chess players that knew Blakely. They’re pointed to Jani, a chess player Blakely spent most of his time with.

Blakely has over $2 million in different accounts all under a false name. Two payments were for his consulting work on Pandora.

Esposito finds Jani, an economics professor and national chess championship player, and they bring him in for questioning. They spent much time talking about economic theory. While he says Blakely didn’t reveal any details about his personal life, Jani knew where he lived.

They find his apartment, and it’s under the name Finley (how does this man keep up with all of his names?!) In a small room, they find what can only be described as the largest spider web ever. The series of events Blakely has connected are supposed to lead to WWIII in 2017.

They find a picture of an Asian girl labeled “Pandora Linchpin.” She’s somehow a part of the…beginning of the end. As soon as Castle decides to call the CIA, Gage shows up with a shotgun. Haven’t they learned to call first, investigate later? But he’s not there to kill them. He tells them to run as a grenade is thrown through the window and tons of bullets fly into the apartment. They escape in a car that seems to have been stolen from Jason Bourne and head to a garage. Those places are SO safe! Gage denies any involvement in the murder of Blakely and McGrath. He thinks someone in the CIA is framing him. Gage wants to know the identity of the target, but before they can answer, Sophia and company arrive.

Blakely’s apartment has been torched. Sophia instructs her team to look for the girl in the photo and find her connection to War.

Sophia interrogates Gage, asking about his partner and the little girl. Gage tells her it’s someone on the inside that’s setting him up. Since she’s gotten nowhere with Gage, the focus now is on finding the girl.

The search is going to take a while, so Sophia heads back to see Gage, but he’s dead. She locks down the facility. The tech assures Sophia she can trace the hacking of the video feed. Sophia’s right hand man, Martin, is surprised by this. (Way to look innocent!) The tech initially traces it back to one agent, but finally traces it back to Martin. He takes an agent hostage and escapes the facility.

Sophia blames herself for not catching on to Martin earlier. Still no luck in finding the girl in the photo, so Castle suggests they search for where the photo was taken instead.

While Castle does a coffee run, Sophia tells Beckett about the demise of their relationship. After the tension was gone, their relationship fizzled.

After hours of searching, a topography match is found in Shanghai. Her name is Mia Ganghong, daughter of Xiang, a Chinese business man, who’s helped shape the government’s economic policy. If his daughter was killed and it traced back to the U.S., it could end China’s purchase of US debt, therefore crashing the economy.

They get news that Xiang just arrived in the city, with his daughter in tow, for a conference.

Sophia, Castle, and Beckett head to the conference and are met by another agent.

Sophia leads them to an empty part of the building and pulls a gun on them both. She’s the mole, not Martin. She brought Castle in because of his never-ending quest to find the truth. And she’s a Russian spy! Once on their knees, Sophia tells Castle how proud his father would be; he’s the reason Castle was able to shadow the CIA. But before she’s able to pull the trigger, Martin kills her. They don’t have time to sit and discuss; they have to save Mia. They’re able to stop the assassination without alerting Xiang.

Martin can only tell Castle and Beckett that Sophia was a former KGB sleeper.

Castle is still reeling from the fact that his father may have been in the CIA and that they may have just saved the world.

My favorite part of this episode – Esposito referring to Castle as “writer-boy,” because he was so upset.

I hadn’t even thought about Castle’s father. His being in the CIA would make the story more plausible. And what actor is going play him?

Also, Castle writers, does this mean we’ll never have mini Castles and Becketts? Sophia’s confession has me worried. But maybe she was lying about that, too, being a spy and all.

Can’t wait for the next ep!

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