Recap/Review – Private Practice – “Andromeda” – 2/23/12

Corinne may not be doing as well as Sam had hoped. A change in Amelia’s behavior has Sheldon worried, while Charlotte tries to help care for Erica and keep her marriage intact. Jake continues his tortuous flirting with Addison, while Violet and Pete take steps toward reconciliation.


In her most recent therapy sessions, Addison talks about Sam and the great sacrifices he’s made for Corinne; she’s jealous of his great love for her.

Right after their latest “rendezvous,” Scott leaves Violet feeling empty.

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While Charlotte’s alone in bed, Cooper is with Mason and Erica. She’s still weak, dropping things.

Sam and Corinne’s relationship is improving; they’re reminiscing, making breakfast together, and planning their day.

At Seaside, Sheldon notices a change in Amelia; she looks sick.

Addie asks for an update on Corinne from Sam and then goes back to see Jake to continue their earlier conversation, but he has nothing else to say.

Addie has discovered that one of her patient’s unborn twins has a severe hernia. His lungs won’t form properly and performing surgery in-utero could harm his sister.

Pete and Violet are going to take Lucas to the zoo, together.

Addie wants Violet to talk to Laurel and Dani, her patient and wife, to see if she can help them decide on the surgery. They have to decide whether to put their daughter at risk to save their son, or risk his death to keep their daughter healthy. “Tough decision” is an understatement.

Cooper is falling asleep in his office, and Charlotte’s worried about how much he’s taking on.

In her session with Sheldon, Corinne says she’s writing about her moods and it’s helping. When he asks about her expectations, her biggest fear is failing Sam.

When Sheldon updates Sam on Corinne’s progress, he tries to explain that her recent good days are just that, because there will definitely be some bad ones.

Violet asks Jake about his views on casual sex. He says he’s old-fashioned. So sweet. But she knows about Fiji. Aha!

Sheldon walks in on a flustered Amelia. She’s hiding something.

Jake doesn’t expect Addie to gossip to Violet. It’s not gossip when it’s a close friend, Jake.

When Violet talks to Dani and Laurel, she finds that they have opposing views on the surgery. Dani wants the surgery. If there’s a chance, she wants to save the boy. But Laurel thinks it’s too risky and says that “it’s [her] body,” angering Dani. While the babies are in Laurel’s body, they were Dani’s eggs, and she won’t forgive Laurel for letting their son die.

After telling Violet to stop blabbing to Jake, Vi tells Addie of Dani and Laurel’s differing decisions.

Charlotte has hired a night nurse for Erica so that Cooper can rest, but no one can care for Mason and his mom like Cooper, so he leaves.

After their day at the zoo, Pete stays overnight at Violet’s home.

It’s 2 A.M., and Addie is awakened by Corinne, who’s on the beach, frantically talking about constellations. After she tries and fails to get Corinne to go inside the house, Sam comes out and is able to guide her back home.

Later that morning, Addison goes to check on Sam; he stayed up most of the night. When she suggests that there’s something wrong with Corinne’s behavior, he brushes it off as “excitement.”

Sheldon confronts Amelia on her odd behavior and hellish looks. She’s pregnant. She was hiding a pregnancy test when he walked in earlier. It’s Ryan’s baby, and she doesn’t know if she wants to keep it. Sheldon’s only advice is to talk to anyone but him. Ouch.

Laurel comes in to see Addison; Dani left her. She wants to hear more about the surgery, and while Addison believes that she can successfully perform the surgery, she doesn’t want Laurel to choose it just to bring Dani back.

Scott comes in to see Violet for their little rendezvous, and she lies to rush him away.

Corinne comes into Seaside, her speech still erratic; she’s made lunch for everyone. When she’s approached by Sheldon, her behavior becomes even more erratic – violent even. Sam quickly ushers her out of the building.

While Laurel is in the O.R., Dani comes back to make up with Laurel before Addison starts the procedure.

Cooper tells Violet all about his struggles at home, and she reminds him that Charlotte is an important part of his family; she needs attention too.

Corinne’s erratic behavior worsens. As Sam tries to restrain her, they struggle, and she falls through his glass door.

Corinne’s now at the hospital with cuts and bruisies. She has to be sedated.

The surgery went well; both of the babies are fine. Addie discovered an amniotic band on the little girl and wouldn’t have found it without the initial surgery!

Violet confesses to Pete that she’d like to save their marriage, and when he’s ready, she’s willing to go through couples therapy.

Cooper admits to the strain Erica’s illness has put on their marriage and spends some “quality time” with Charlotte.

Sheldon apologizes to Amelia for his initial distance. The mention of Ryan sent him back to earlier unrequited feelings. He’ll be there for her no matter what.

Jake decides to continue the conversation with Addison in the elevator. He doesn’t think she’s ready to move on from Sam. “I could fall in love with you. When I go in, I go all in.” Please! I’m already in love with him.

After Corinne is sedated, Sheldon tells Sam he can’t do it alone. He suggests putting her in an inpatient facility, but Sam doesn’t want to abandon her. Sheldon warns Sam that these outbursts won’t go away; it could be worse next time.

We end with Addison’s therapy session – she wants great love; like a “hippie freak!”


I recently read a great blog post, “The Shonda Rimes Affect,” and it mentioned her elimination of “minority issues” in her tv shows. It’s not that don’t exist… It’s just not the focal point of the storyline. Dani and Laurel were just parents, worried about the fate of their children.

It’s so odd. Sam and Cooper are living parallel lives, in terms of being overwhelmed caregivers, and they haven’t had a scene together recently.

Poor Hot Scott, I didn’t think he and Violet would crash so soon. Is Pete stringing Violet along to keep her away from Scott?

Congrats, Caterina Scorsone (Amelia) on your pregnancy! Baby or no baby, I hope Amelia marries Sheldon and they live happily ever after! But this is the land of tragedy, so that probably won’t happen. A girl can dream.

Can’t wait for the next ep! (And Shonda’s new show, Scandal!)

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