Recap/Review – Survivor – “Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules” & “Total Dysfunction” – 2/15/12 & 2/22/12

We have arrived at the 24th season of Survivor. Unbelievable! This season, entitled “One World,” is already proving to be anything but one world. Everyone is probably wondering how Survivor can possibly add anything new to keep us viewers watching. I’ll tell you how—you take a group of women and name them Salani, and then you take a group of men and name them Manono. Wait, stay with me, it gets better. You take away Redemption Island (thank God!!) and you throw both tribes together on the same beach!!

As you can imagine, there were many cast members none to happy with being segregated from the opposite sex, but then to find out you have to share the same beach? This is just the kind of drama I love! A bunch of females working together—ya right…we all know how well things go when catty, opinionated, emotional, and back-stabbing girls get together! Then we turn to the men. Basically, we have one gay, one little person, two Tarzans, and a bunch of guys who probably love their reflection more than life itself!

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So you’d think the two tribes might decide to share the camp together. After all, there will be a merge eventually. Nope, not happening. The men made the mistake of stealing from the girls’ pile of supplies as both teams were frantically grabbing items off of the truck during their allotted time. They also refused to share their fire. In all fairness to Manono, the girls backed out on a deal when both tribes went after the wild chickens, agreeing to share the spoils. As you can guess, the girls were still pissed about earlier and decided not to share the chickens that Chelsea caught (good old country girl!). There was a deal eventually made by Christina, where the women basically weaved for the men in return for fire. For some crazy reason, Alicia was infuriated, displaying a nature not well suited for a special education teacher!

Well, it seems as though we have a bunch children fighting on the playground this season, and I intend to enjoy it! Unfortunately, no one was voted off at tribal council, because Kourtney had to go and break her wrist! Good job, Kourtney. Out of all the girls, you had the most edge and were my immediate favourite Salani member. The Manono tribe avoided tribal council, not because they won the immunity challenge, but because they took the offer from Probst for immunity instead of battling out a true win against the remaining girls. Way to look like real men, Manono tribe! Your tribe name should be Man No No!

This was just a quick recap of the first episode to get you ready for the second. Keep reading for the episode two review.

After the last tribal council, where Probst pointed out Salani’s hostility and lack of unity, the girls begin this episode with a team meeting. They realize that they need one voice and are quick to nominate Sabrina as their leader, based on her level head and lack of nonsense. Sabrina accepts the role and makes me laugh when we later hear her talking about how difficult it will be to manage the airheads. The more I hear this woman talk, the more I like her!
Later in the day, when the Salani tribe is trying to work on their camp, they get a visitor. It is Colton, the token gay who only wants to hang out with the girls because he can’t relate to his tribe. Although the girls initially liked him, he is grating on their nerves with his pestering neediness, so Sabrina basically tells him to go back to Manono, because he is from a different tribe. We see Colton basically feeling sorry for himself and saying that he will make his own tribe. I have some advice for you, Colton. Stop being such a drama queen baby, find your balls (you are a man, after all!), and go back to your camp and do some actual work so you can get to know the guys! Just saying.
Next, we have the reward challenge with a tarp being the prize. Teams basically have to unravel yards and yards of strings. You’d think a bunch of women could win this, right? Wrong, the men won. The Manono tribe may act like a bunch of tools, but they can communicate better than the women. If only that were true in everyday life. Well, one can dream!

That evening, Colton decides to show Troyzan, Jonas, and Leif his immunity idol that was given to him by Sabrina (She had no choice… When she found it she read that it had to be given to another tribe member) last episode. It’s about time he decided to bond with some of the men, even though they are a bunch of misfits! Good job, Colton. Maybe there is hope for you after all.

The next day is the immunity challenge, where team members stand side by side on a balance beam over water. Each tribe member must move past players one at a time until they reach the platform, until eventually, there are no players left on the beam. Sounds easy, but no player may touch more than one person at any time. As you can guess, Kat (our resident genius lol!) continually screws up and leads the women to yet another loss! The women were saying it was harder for them because “they have boobs,” but as usual, it is lack of listening skills.

After this loss, the girls have a post-game wrap up session, where Kat’s mistakes were loudly pointed out. It looks like Nina’s neck is possibly off of the chopping block as the younger girls consider voting Kat off, even though she is part of their alliance. Personally, I think that would be great, as I’m really sick of the young “hotties” always trying to vote their elders out first!

We start tribal council with Probst telling the Salani tribe that they may be having the worst start in Survivor history and that they are like a bunch of sixth graders. Agreed! Before the vote, it is relayed that the vote is coming down to either Nina or Kat leaving. Nina speaks about her attributes and points out Kat’s lack of maturity and intelligence during the immunity challenge. Kat agrees that she lost the challenge, but also defends her spot on Survivor through tears. Big surprise, that is! I have a feeling that if Kat stays, there will be many more to come!

The vote—here it is…the outcome I didn’t want… Nina is voted off. As in many Survivor seasons, the old woman is the first to be “voted” off. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather have an ex-police officer than a young, blonde idiot helping me win challenges!

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