Recap/Review – Ringer – “Whores Don’t Make That Much” – 2/22/12

Hi, guys. I went away for a few days and haven’t been feeling all too well ever since. So with that in mind, I present to you my take on the last episode of Ringer a few days before the next one airs. I liked this episode more than last week, so let’s take a look.


Malcolm and Bridget are standing in Siobhan’s private office, but it has been cleared out. Bridget thinks whoever took the key might have done it.

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Andrew is at home as Catherine walks in to talk about Juliet. She wants her to live with her in Miami so she can have a fresh start. Andrew reminds Catherine about custody because of her drinking problem, but Catherine seems to think she can handle it. She asks him to think about whether or not New York is the best place for Juliet.

Tessa comes to school in a brand new car, but Juliet isn’t too happy, because they agreed not to attract attention. Tessa tells Julia that she can do whatever she wants with her money (which she stored under her bed), so now they can go back to hating each other.

Andrew contacts his lawyers to see if Catherine has a case if she took the custody to court, and Catherine does. He thinks Catherine might have a point about New York, but Bridget is convinced that they provide a more stable home for Juliet.

Malcolm and Andrew run in to Henry at Martin/Charles, and Henry asks Andrew to withdraw his money because he has trust issues since Gemma died. And he tells Andrew that a friend told him that Andrew is a crook. Andrew’s hand is forced, and he proposes to give Henry his money back. Malcolm overhears the conversation from the next room.

At home, Bridget receives a call about a standing yearly order to have flowers delivered to the address Bridget found earlier. The order is intended for Nancy Painter. Bridget goes to the address to check it out, and Nancy mistakes her for Siobhan. Bridget sees a picture off Sean and recognizes Nancy as Sean’s grandmother.

All throughout the episode, we see flashbacks to seven years ago. Siobhan got pregnant from a guy named Dylan, and their son’s name is Sean. Bridget looks after Sean while Siobhan is working. Siobhan doesn’t want Dylan around and tells Bridget to call the cops if Dylan shows up. When Dylan shows up when Siobhan isn’t around, Bridget, Sean, and Dylan go out. On the way back, someone drives into their car and Sean dies. A few days later, Bridget shows up at Sean’s funeral, but Siobhan isn’t too happy she’s there.

Juliet has a meeting with Carpenter about Tessa because she’s attracting attention. Carpenter agrees to take care of it.

That night after dinner, Bridget mentions that Juliet might be better off in Miami.

Henry and Siobhan text about Henry getting his money back and Malcolm working at Martin/Charles. Siobhan wants Henry to stay on top of Malcolm.

When Julia gets to school the next day, she learns that Tessa was robbed and is in a medically-induced coma.

Bridget is at home when Sean comes in. He learned about the yearly flower delivery and isn’t too happy about it. Sean tells her (Siobhan) to stay out of their lives because he suspects that she had him beaten up a few years ago and he wants to protect his mother from further pain. Bridget mentions they all have to live with the pain, as she notices the ring on his finger. She (as Siobhan) also says that Bridget used to trust him.

Juliet visits Tessa in the hospital. When her foster mother walks in, she mentions they think it’s a burglary gone wrong. She doesn’t believe it, though, because the burglar took whatever she had stashed under her bed.

That night, Bridget looks in at Dylan’s home, at him playing with his kids. She takes a brick and is ready to throw, but Malcolm interrupts. She tells him all about Sean and explain that this was the incident that made her turn to alcohol, drugs, and eventually led to Macawi. Thinking back to what happened with Sean is what made her change her mind about what’s best for Juliet.

Andrew overhears Juliet crying, and they talk about Tessa and the whole trial. Andrew tries to find out if Juliet wants to live with her mother. She says the change of scenery might be good, but her mother doesn’t want her there.

Henry runs into Malcolm at the office and mentions he took his money out of Martin/Charles. He asks Malcolm to look at his home security system, but Malcolm doesn’t want to. When Henry empties his pockets looking for a card, Malcolm sees that Henry has the keychain with the boat, the one Bridget lost. Malcolm agrees to check out Henry’s home security system.

Carpenter pulls Juliet into an alley, and Juliet blames Carpenter for beating up Tessa. But Carpenter says he didn’t do it. When she walks away, she calls someone and mentions that their plan is getting out of control.

Bridget, posing as Siobhan, goes to see Dylan to forgive him about what happened with Sean.

When Bridget gets home, she and Andrew talk about Juliet. They agree that it’s best for Juliet to stay with them.

Malcolm calls Bridget to ask about Dylan, and she explains what happened. She also mentions that she would like to live her life as Bridget, and not as Siobhan. She wants everyone to know who she really is and that she loves them as Bridget.

Juliet is sitting on a bench telling someone that their plan is falling apart and that she needs help. Catherine agrees.

This week, we got some answers and some new twists and turns that makes Ringer fun. Or at least, it does to me.

First off, we find out what happened to Sean and what drove Siobhan and Bridget apart all those years ago. I imagined something along these lines. It had to be something along these lines to explain how Bridget and Siobhan went their own ways. And Bridget forgiving Dylan was sweet, but Dylan’s reaction was even better. That was a great scene.

With Malcolm discovering Henry has the key, that storyline got some progress as well. In a way, it’s annoying to see Bridget have these twisted theories, but that’s only because we as a viewer know more. At least Bridget is gathering that information piece by piece.

And as a final twist, we found out that Catherine was the mastermind behind the whole rape case against Carpenter. I liked how the information we had wasn’t the whole picture, but it’s easy to guess that Catherine is behind Tessa being beaten up. Maybe even because Carpenter and Catherine are in contact?

This was the second week without Machado, and I don’t miss him, actually. The same as with Bridget not having the complete picture, it seems like Machado isn’t progressing as quickly as I would like him to. But I only realized it this episode, so it isn’t that big of a deal.

Next Tuesday, on “P.S. You’re An Idiot,” Andrew proposes to Bridget, Olivia becomes suspicious of Malcolm, and Juliet makes a decision that forces Catherine to take drastic measures. It’s on at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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