Review/Recap – American Idol – Top 13 Boys – 2/28/12

Last night, the top 13 boys took the stage – we’ve yet to find out who lucky number 13 is, but whoever it is, I’m sure we’ll be happy. There were a lot of highs and a few lows for me for the performances, so jump ahead and see if we agree. Please feel free to comment and tell me what you think about the performances or my opinions. I love your feedback.

Reed Grimm
Moves Like Jagger
My Thoughts: He has an interesting voice, and I love this song, but I didn’t love this arrangement. I found his odd dancing distracting, and his faces are annoying. Perhaps I’m being harsh, but this performance made me.
Judges: Randy thought it was very musical. Jennifer loved it. Steven loved it and loves his voice.
Adam Brock
My Thoughts: What is with his outfit? The Pittsburgh Steelers towel is distracting out of his back pocket—like a peacock trying to show off. As for the singing, it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t outstanding. I don’t agree with the assessment that he has a large black woman trapped inside. That is creepy and untrue. Yes, he can sing, but he didn’t move me—probably the song choice.
Judges: Steven loved it. Jennifer loved his big finish, and Randy likes his throw back vibe. They all talk about his self given nickname of “White Chocolate” – they like it.
DeAndre Brackensick
My Thoughts: Get a haircut. You look like Side Show Bob. Wow, I am feeling particularly bitchy right now. I hate when he sings in his higher register the whole time. I prefer when male singers save their falsetto for a few big notes. That said, it wasn’t terrible… I just didn’t connect.
Judges: They all loved him and over stroked his ego.
Colton Dixon
My Thoughts: I adore his hair, except for the mullet length in the back. His overall sexy vibe with his skinny jeans, skinny tie, and punk voice is very appealing. He started off singing while playing the piano and ended up kneeling on top of it, all dramatic. The girls love him… I love him. Yes, he’s attractive, but his voice is haunting. So far, I’ve connected the most with him.
Judges: Randy loves how different he is, and Jennifer loves how he’s an overall artist. Steven is so happy he’s back again this year.
Jeremy Rosado
My Thoughts: We see in his clip that he works as a receptionist/front desk at an infectious disease control clinic. Does anyone else find this odd, considering that the “Idol Flu” knocked about half the contestants on their asses during Hollywood round this year? Suspicious. Anyway, on to the singing. I was actually blown away by his performance – it was perfect. The balance between his lower register and falsetto was beautiful. His personality is sweet, and it comes through in his singing. I’m a fan.
Judges: Steven said it was as beautiful as beautiful can be. Jennifer loved it. Randy loves him.
Aaron Marcellus
Never Can Say Goodbye
My Thoughts: It was okay, but a little mediocre. I wasn’t blown away, and while the last note was incredible, I found him mundane.
Judges: They all raved about his runs and last note. Boring.
Chase Likens
Storm Warning
My Thoughts: He’s cute, but a little slow for my liking. Thanks for telling us in your clip that horses need to be fed and watered – I love being educated. This song is a little dumb, but he pulls off the country sound really well. He’s not a bad singer, but he could have picked so many other amazing country songs. Poor song choice, in my opinion. To be honest, I barely remember him from Hollywood week.
Judges: Steven thinks he looks like Brendan Fraser in The Mummy, and that all the mummies at home will love him. The joke fell flat, as it should have. Jennifer likes that he showed America who he is, and Randy appreciates his range.
Creighton Fraker
True Colors
My Thoughts: Of all the songs he could have chosen… “True Colors”? Really? That was a dumbass choice. I didn’t like it at all, and the stage looked ridiculous with all the colored lights.
Judges: They all pointed out that they are losing 6 guys tonight – I think that’s their way of saying goodbye to him already.
Phil Phillips
In the Air Tonight
My Thoughts: I know that a lot of people don’t like his discombobulated kind of singing – I love it. His voice is really raw at times, and I find it incredibly sexy. Perfect performance? No, but I liked it.
Judges: Steven and Jennifer loved him. Randy didn’t love how much he switched up the melody.
Eben Franckewitz
Set Fire to the Rain
My Thoughts: This was the worst we have seen him. Definitely the wrong song choice for him. I’m really unhappy, because his vocals are usually better than this. That said, the teenage girls are going to adore him.
Judges: They all still love him, but think it was a bit rocky. Steven thinks he needs to listen to blues records – I don’t think Eben understood.
Heejun Han
My Thoughts: I really love Heejun. He makes me laugh every time he has clips. His mom dancing was hilarious and sweet. I appreciate his cool outfit – very smooth. His voice wasn’t at its best tonight, and his accent really comes across strongly when he sings – he needs to fix that.
Judges: Jennifer doesn’t think that song showed off how beautiful his voice really is. Steven thinks he can really sing, but not the right song tonight. Randy didn’t love the song, either, but still thinks he’s “mad talented.”
Joshua Ledet
You Pulled Me Through
My Thoughts: It was a bit churchy, but it was moving. His voice is beautiful. The judges looked a little bit insane, but they were digging it. I actually really enjoyed that.
Judges: The judges all adored him.
And the 13th guy who was invited back is… Jermain Jones. *sigh* I like him, I do, but I was really hoping for Johnny Keyser, because he’s outstanding and gorgeous. We can’t always get what we want, so let’s take a look at how Jermaine did.
Jermain Jones
Dance With My Father
My Thoughts: Yes he’s not nearly as sexy as Johnny Keyser, but his voice is insanely good. The deep voice is intoxicating. He really pulled it off – even while wearing that ridiculous bow tie.
Judges: They gave him a standing ovation. Steven called it a “beautiful thing,” while the Jennifer was so awe struck.
Overall, it was a very entertaining night, but I wasn’t as impressed as I was hoping to be. Tune in tonight at 8/7c to watch the girls perform, and then tomorrow night at 8/7c to see the finalists announced.

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