Recap/Review – American Idol – Top 12 Girls – 2/29/12

Last night, the Top 12 girls took the stage to prove why they should be there. It was a pretty good night, but from the get go, it’s easy to see the weak from the strong. Don’t forget that tonight, there will be a “supersized” (aka overextended and unnecessary) results show on FOX at 8/7c.

Now jump ahead to see how the girls did.

Chelsea Sorrell
Cowboy Casanova
My Thoughts: That was a terrible song choice, and she wasn’t able to deal with the high notes. She was all over the place and kept missing the notes. It was mundane and not enough to put her through. That said, she looked beautiful.
Judges: Randy didn’t think it was the best song choice, and Jennifer thinks the nerves got to her. Steven also commented on nerves.
Erika Van Pelt
My Thoughts: I had high hopes for Erika, because she’s been one of my favorites since the beginning, but she didn’t quite deliver tonight. It wasn’t horrible…it just wasn’t the best she can do. I do love her voice and hope that America loves her even though she didn’t really go for the big notes.
Judges: Steven loved it, and Jennifer thinks she held back a bit. Randy thinks being a “singing DJ” is awesome.
Jen Hirsh
One and Only
My Thoughts: First, I adore this song, and I have liked her voice since the beginning, but she didn’t do this song justice, in my opinion. It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t feel that she was connecting emotionally the way that is neccessary for this song. She looked beautiful, but I felt like she didn’t go as big as she could have with that.
Judges: Jennifer thought she did a great job, and Steven loved her confidence. Randy loves the swag in her voice.
Brielle Von Hugel
Sitting on the Dock of the Bay
My Thoughts: I really, really… really cannot stand her mother or the way she started the song sitting in a group of the guy contestants. She is trying to be sexy, and I found it a bit much, considering 80% of the male contestants are too old for her. As for her singing – it was terrible. It wasn’t that she didn’t sing well; it’s that she wasn’t singing the song the way that it needs to be sung. This is not a song to be belted out – it’s supposed to be smooth and a sexy, understated vibe. I hated this.
Judges: Why do they insist on stroking her already ginormous ego? They all talk about how much they love her and how fabulous her voice is. I’m over it.
Hallie Day
Feelin’ Good
My Thoughts: Now Brielle could take a lesson from Hallie – that was sexy and beautiful. I loved it, and I connected to this performance. Her voice is incredibly smooth, and at times, she made it look as easy as breathing. I will say that this song is overdone, but listening to her, I didn’t care.
Judges: Jennifer thinks she had some beautiful moments. Steven thinks she’s beautiful, and he loves her voice. Randy wants to know what kind of artist she is and thinks she has a big voice.
Skyler Laine
Stay With Me
My Thoughts: Seriously, what the hell is she wearing? She looks like an overgrown child in her halloween costume as a baton girl. I hated every minute of that. She growled, over sung, and yelled. I don’t care if the judges loved it, because it was painful, in my opinion.
Judges: They all loved her energy and her voice. They are tone deaf.
Baylie Brown
My Thoughts: She’s beautiful, and usually, she sings beautifully – Usually. This was another rocky performance for the girls tonight. It was like she couldn’t even hear the music, and she was so off key, my dog was hiding. Oh well.. She’s pretty to look at.
Judges: They all fell back on the “you’re very pretty” remark– ie. you’re beautiful, but you sucked.
Hollie Cavanagh
My Thoughts: I was nervous when I saw her trashy bar dress she was wearing, but she killed it. Goosebumps. I am blown away by the power that came out of her. That was the best so far.
Judges: Steven thought it was beautiful. Jennifer thinks she can win it. Randy said she’s one of his favorite.
Haley Johnsen
Sweet Dreams
My Thoughts: What an incredibly stupid song choice. I don’t even remember her from Hollywood. There’s an obvious reason – she’s terrible. What is with that dress? It shows way too much, and if this doesn’t work out, maybe she use this dress in her fallback career of stripper. The vocals were so horrendous that I felt nauseous.
Judges: Jennifer didn’t like the song and didn’t think that she sung it nice. Steven thinks she pulled it through and the “money shots” are on. Are we talking about her singing or her dress? Randy is the only one who called it what it was – a nightmare.
Shannon Magrane
Go Light Your World
My Thoughts: She looks stunning in her Greek goddess dress. This isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but she did it really well. Very “honk if you love Jesus,” but rightfully so. She was inspiring, and I think that America will like her.
Judges: Randy was impressed, and Jennifer loves her passion. Steven thinks it was gorgeous.
Jessica Sanchez
Love You I Do
My Thoughts: We get a story about how she’s been sick and needed to rest her vocal chords. I was expecting more from her, but the final note was fierce. She wasn’t the best we’ve seen, but she pulled it off, in my opinion.
Judges: They gave her a standing ovation. Randy thinks she can “really sing,” and Jennifer said she had great swag. Steven loved it.
Elise Testone
One and Only
My Thoughts: Weird that they have the same song twice in one show, but Elise schools Jen Hirsh on how this song should be done. She exudes the feeling behind this song, and it really helps her starting at the piano. I love her raspy, sexy voice. Loved it.
Judges: Steven was in love with this and thinks it was beautiful and bluesy. Jennifer loved the tone of her voice. Randy hopes America “gets her,” because she has one of the best voices of the competition.
My favorites of the night were Hallie Day, Elise Testone, and Hollie Cavanagh. What about you? Who did you love? Comment below!

Tune in to FOX tonight at 8/7c to see who is going through to the finals.

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