Recap/Review – Ringer – “P.S. You’re An Idiot” – 2/28/12

Hi, guys. Next week should be the last time that the Ringer post is up this late, because that is when my schedule clears up a little. I’m torn about this week’s episode, but I’ll get to that after the recap.


Siobhan is in Paris at her OBGYN, and she’s having twins. When she receives a picture, she finds out she conceived on another date than she expected, and Andrew might actually be the father of the twins.

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When Andrew and Bridget get home, Andrew has a romantic movie night planned for her. He proposes again, and Bridget accepts. The next morning, Bridget asks Juliet to be her maid of honor. Juliet excuses herself from breakfast when she receives a threatening call from Carpenter because NYPD visited him due to Tessa’s beating.

Malcolm is helping Henry with his home security system, and when Henry is upstairs, Malcolm looks through his bags and finds out that Henry had Siobhan’s office cleared out.

Because of the wedding, Bridget has to get a new dress, and she doesn’t want the same dress Siobhan wore years ago.

At Martin/Charles, Olivia receives a text from someone named Xerxes, mentioning rumors and a potential mole. When Olivia gets into her office, Malcolm is at her computer, accessing some logs, but Malcolm erases his trace and mentions his work is done.

Bridget confronts Henry about him cleaning her office. He cleared it because it was their office and he didn’t use it, and he put her stuff in storage. Afterwards, Henry calls Siobhan to update her about what happened with Bridget, and he mentions that Bridget hasn’t gotten ahold of the box with Martin/Charles data. When Henry asks about the baby, she mentions it’s twins, but neglects to tell they might not be his.

Juliet is having lunch with Catherine, and they talk about what happened with Tessa. Catherine wants Juliet to leave with her, and Juliet mentions the vow renewal. After lunch, Catherine confronts Carpenter, but kisses him instead. Carpenter is worried about Juliet thinking he beat Tessa up, but Catherine promises to tell Juliet to keep quiet.

At home, Bridget tells Malcolm about the renewal of the vows with Andrew, and Malcolm says she can’t, because he’s a crook. Malcolm talked to a potential investor that mentioned that Martin/Charles’ projections are too good to be true, and Malcolm doesn’t trust that Henry took his money out of Martin/Charles. Bridget doesn’t believe him, because they appear to be baseless accusations and because Malcolm mentions that Martin/Charles did land Arbogast.

That night, Malcolm tries to copy some data off Olivia’s computer, but as he finishes, Olivia walks in with security and they have him escorted out and fired on the spot. The next morning, Malcolm shows Bridget the algorithm he stole, and the algorithm could prove that Martin/Charles might have data they want to hide. Malcolm also checked Andrew’s computer, and Olivia is the only one with the algorithm.

Henry texts Siobhan to tell her about Malcolm and “Siobhan” renewing their vows, and Siobhan remembers the wedding night between her and Andrew six years ago. They discuss having children and the picture of Sean, but Siobhan doesn’t want to explain. Siobhan calls Henry to tell him to give the box with Martin/Charles data to Bridget.

Bridget goes into Martin/Charles to print Olivia’s calendar, but before Bridget can leave, Olivia walks in. They talk about Bridget and Andrew renewing their vows, Malcolm being fired, and Bridget mentions she wants to plan the wedding, so that’s why she printed Olivia’s calendar.

With Andrew working at home, Juliet walks in, and they talk about his business. Andrew mentions the plans to sell the loft, and Juliet text Catherine “I’m going to tell Daddy.” Catherine and Carpenter freak out and plan to leave as quickly as possible. When they stop at a motel, Catherine steals Carpenter’s money while he’s in the shower, and he finds out that Catherine has a tape of Tessa, Juliet, and him celebrating getting the settlement-money.

Malcolm and Bridget planned to have Olivia followed, but Bridget can’t come because Andrew has managed to get some wedding planning done at home. Malcolm does follow Olivia, and she goes to another accounting firm. The wedding planning doesn’t go as intended, because Bridget voices some doubts to Andrew, and he doesn’t respond too well.

Henry drops off the box with Martin/Charles data, and as Bridget looks through it, she remembers 227 Pratt Street, the abandoned lot. It used to be an office for the same accounting firm as Olivia is in now. Bridget figures that Siobhan was on the right track before, and that is why the office at Pratt Street was cleared out. Malcolm figures Martin/Charles is running a Ponzi scheme.

Catherine tells Juliet the news that she managed to get Carpenter out of the picture and secure the money. We find out Catherine had Tessa beat up.

Olivia gets another text from Xerxes that the mole is in Paris.

Bridget mentions to Andrew that she doesn’t want to rush the wedding. They talk some more, and Andrew mentions that the Ponzi scheme was Andrew’s plan.

First, let me start with the biggest non-reveal of the week. It was actually Catherine that had Tessa beaten up. Because we’d already found out Catherine was behind the whole trial against Carpenter, it was very probable that she was behind Tessa being beaten up, as well. Also, the relationship between Carpenter and Catherine was somewhat predictable.

I liked how Malcolm and Bridget finally got some information on Martin/Charles through their work. But they only found that information because Siobhan decided to interfere and practically hand Bridget the information through Henry. They could use that break, and it’s nice how Siobhan seems to hold the strings.

The best scene of the night was between Olivia and Bridget at Martin/Charles. I love how bitchy they were towards each other, but all under the guise of a smile and the best intentions.

And the best twist was saved for last. The Ponzi scheme was actually Andrew’s idea. I hope we get some information on how he came to that decision. And Olivia’s reaction to finding out what is happening at Martin/Charles should be fun.

This Tuesday, on “You’re Way Too Pretty To Go To Jail,” Machado’s past is revealed, Siobhan deceives Malcolm by pretending to be Bridget, Tyler takes a key piece of information from Siobhan, and Henry finds out Bridget knows more than she should. It’s on at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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