Preview for TLC’s My Crazy Obsession

I absolutely had to post about this show… An extension of TLC’s hit special, My Collection Obsession, which premiered in the Fall of 2011, My Crazy Obsession premieres tonight on TLC at 10/9c.

This eight-part series will take viewers behind-the-scenes of homes that are dedicated entirely to the owners’ infatuation with various objects, people, or lifestyles. The premiere episode features a couple with over 5,000 Cabbage Patch Kids (including Kevin, who they treat like their own child!) & a woman obsessed with the color pink (she has a pink dog and dyes her food pink!).

I have seen tonight’s episode, so jump with me to hear more about the craziness that you’ll see if you check it out.

First, I have to say that this type of show is seriously not my bag. I never watch this type of thing, but when I saw the blurb about the screener, I had to check it out. Why? I LOVED Cabbage Patch Kids…when I WAS a kid. *laugh* And it isn’t just that this couple collects the dolls. No… These aren’t dolls to them. They are children. (They have a grown daughter & a grandson…and I dare you to watch this episode and NOT tell me the daughter hates that her parents seem to care more about these dolls than they do her & her son. Ugh.) They talk to and FOR them, they make up stories and situations for them, and the amount of money they spend on the things is absolutely insane. Check out the clip at the bottom of the post to see another example of how nuts these people are.

The second woman is weird, but to me, it’s not nearly as crazy as the Cabbage Patch Kids collectors. Sure, this older/middle age, single woman loves the color pink, but it is a bit more on the saner side of obsession (and yes, it IS an obsession!). The hilarious parts of this one for me are her pink dog and the fact that she carries around red food coloring so the chef at a restaurant can make her egg salad (or whatever it was. lol) pink! *laugh* Weird…but whatever. haha

The show premieres tonight on TLC at 10/9c. Check out a clip below.

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