Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “After The Fall” – 3/4/12


Will readily adjusts to his time at home, much to the dismay of his pushy sisters. Meanwhile, back at what’s now only Lockhart law office, his coworkers scramble to replace him in the firm. Alicia takes on one of Will’s cases – a documentarian is being sued by a grieving father for the profit from the footage of his daughter’s suicide.

Will is watching a video; there’s a bridge by cascading waterfalls, and on the bridge is a young woman. In the video, her parents and boyfriend are interviewed. We watch the girl, Kara Anderson, jump off the bridge into the falls below. Will pauses the video to answer his doorbell. Nice digs, Will! It’s Kalinda. She tells Will he’s missed at the office; she’s there to pick up his notes on his current cases. He can still make notes on the cases in progress before his suspension.

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In court, Kara’s father is on the stand; he says that he participated in the documentary because he was told that it would be used for suicide prevention, but it turned out just to be made for profit. Ms. Crozier, Mr. Anderson’s lawyer, points out that the cameraman zoomed in on Kara, hoping for her to jump, and did not try to stop her.

The creator of the documentary, Aidan, now Alicia’s client, wants to wait for Will to represent him. While he expresses his concerns, Eli pulls Alicia aside; he needs to know if she’s divorcing Peter. Shocked that anyone but she and David Lee knew of her intentions, she hesitates to answer. Peter is meeting with Donna Brazille in order to land the keynote, and Donna only wants a family man.

In his time off, Will is writing a book. Diane urges Will to show his face at the office, but he declines. Aubrey, his little sister, comes over to keep him company.

Julius voices his desire to replace Will on the letterhead, but changing the letterhead will also allow him to be an equity partner. Diane isn’t ready to handle that change as of yet. He’s taken a third of Will’s cases and feels the change is necessary.

Back in court, Aidan is now on the stand. Crozier asks if, with this documentary, he was trying to emulate his idol, Martin Scorsese, and show the beauty of violence. Aidan gives very cut and dry answers, as suggested by Alicia. It’s now Alicia’s turn to question him, and afterwards, we find there was no cameraman on the bridge; the feed was digitally enhanced to zoom in on Kara. Aidan says that the video was made to help prevent suicides; his aunt committed suicide when he was younger. He even says that he called 911 when she was about to jump. Crozier objects, as there’s no record of the call in evidence.

Before his meeting with Donna, Peter tells Eli that he won’t discuss the divorce with her or anyone. Donna mentions that it seems that Peter has lost his supporters and that worries her.

Aubrey tries to convince Will to accept his calling and join her in a brother/sister musical group. Doesn’t that sound just like Will? While they ponder this possible future, Alicia calls Will, inquiring about future moves on the suicide case. She hears Aubrey talking to Will and quickly ends the phone call. Don’t worry, Alicia. It’s just his sister.

Next on the stand is the editor of the documentary footage. As Crozier questions him, we find out, initially, when the camera was put on the bridge, only one suicide occurred. After the YouTube “promo” Aidan that made was put online, there were 5 suicides in 2 months.

Eli talks to one of Peter’s “friends,” Horton Baker. (Apparently, Baker’s parents were avid Dr. Seuss fans?) He lost his job when Peter went into office, and a lost job equals a lost friendship.

Noticing the attention Crozier is getting from the judge, Alicia has Caitlin take the lead in cross-examining the witnesses.

Sara, Will’s other sister, shows up to help Aubrey determine the future of their poor brother.

Alicia, Caitlin, and Crozier meet with the judge in chambers to decide whether Kara’s Facebook status updates could be admitted into evidence. Caitlin is able to hold her own and gets the evidence admitted.

Next on the stand is Kara’s tutor/possible boyfriend; he’s nervous. Months prior to viewing the video, Kara posted a series of telling status updates – a quote from a novel on the suicide of two lovers, and one about being pushed over the edge. Caitlin tries to shift the blame to the tutor; he canceled plans the weekend prior to her death. Diane just so happens to be in the courtroom and comments on the amazing job Caitlin has done.

Eli urges Peter to hire Horton Baker if he truly wants the keynote; that’s how politics work. Eli’s not sure if he can help Peter in his candidacy for governor if he continues to operate this way.

While waiting to see if Cary will come through and hand over the 911 recording from the night of Kara’s death, Kalinda visits the bridge. The suicide hotline is out of order, and when she checks to see how long the patrol would take to respond to a distress call: 42 minutes.

Alicia thanks and then dismisses David Lee from her divorce case. He’s unnerved at the thought of someone firing him.

Julius seeks Eli’s support to replace Will, and Eli agrees to back him if he has enough votes.

Peter tells Cary that he’s hiring Horton Baker and removing ASA Pine. (Where was she for most of Season 3?!) Cary’s unhappy with Peter’s choice, but doesn’t push the issue.

Caitlin and Alicia try to hold the city responsible and make them a third party defendant in their suit. The judge is astounded at the response time for the 911 callers.

Diane says she’s going to make Caitlin a full litigator to pick up the slack. Alicia is worried – this will make Caitlin competition.

David Lee offers to step up and take Will’s place while he’s gone. Diane declines his offer because he won’t fit, but he says he’ll give up the position when Will is ready to come back – no one else will do that.

Cary gives up the 911 tape, and it’s admitted into evidence, despite being unauthenticated.

When Cary tells Pine about her demotion, she assumes it’s Dana who’s responsible, not Peter.

Eli makes his bid for Will’s seat. Lockhart-Gold. Either Diane decides or the equity partners do; she doesn’t have much time.

Kalinda goes to visit Will for an update on the case, and Sara & Aubrey look her over, thinking she’s his mystery lover.

The next witness on the stand, another member of Aidan’s crew, discusses the rules when they saw a person on the bridge; they were to call for help, but only if they were over the railing.

Peter meets with Donna a second time. This time, she says she’s been overwhelmed by the support shown from his “friends.” What a difference a couple of days make! But her one concern is his marriage; she wants to know if he and Alicia are still living separately. He simply replies that they are working on it.

Kalinda approaches Kara’s tutor. He and Kara had a 37-minute phone call before she died. She told him that she wasn’t going to finish school.

Mr. Anderson is back on the witness stand. Two days before Kara died, he told her that he was no longer going to pay her tuition, because she had failed her final exams.

Faced with the prospect of losing their case, Crozier decides to settle; there is to be a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, as well as a donation made to a suicide awareness group.

Will finally decides to show his face at the office, and outside the glass windows of Diane’s office, the vultures lie in wait.

This is probably my favorite episode from this season! Yes, even without the presence of my favorite lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni.

For one, I love that Eli is finally part of the handling Peter and Alicia storyline again. It’s what he does best! There was a minor Alicia/Will moment, only on the phone – perfect! We don’t need to see them together yet, especially not in his home.

The fact that Will will have to be replaced by one of the vultures means hopefully more screen time for David Lee. (I think Diane will end up choosing him.) I want to see him in action, in court.

Caitlin is the Season 1 version of Cary – competition for Alicia. Speaking of Cary, his unhappiness in Peter’s office may lead him to seek out Diane for her previous offer.

Oh, and the case! Oy, that was hard. Neither side was put in a sympathetic light; I like the way it ended.

Can’t wait for the next ep!

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