Recap/Review – Ringer – “You’re Way Too Pretty to Go to Jail” – 3/6/12

Hi, guys. Finally an episode I’m really excited by. It provided some nice insights and had some nice twists. Let’s look at what happened, and I’ll give a more thorough review.


Tyler brings Siobhan some flowers as an apology for being a jerk, and they share the information Tyler learned from snooping around at Martin/Charles. Tyler wants to take the information to the authorities, but Siobhan tries to prevent it by saying she hasn’t secured her future yet.

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The information Siobhan gathered is on a flash drive, which Tyler steals the next morning. Tyler calls the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) to give the information in exchange for immunity.

Andrew and Bridget talk about how the Ponzi scheme came about, and Bridget learns that Siobhan has asked questions about it before.

The next morning, Malcolm and Bridget talk about it some more, and Malcolm thinks Andrew might have taken steps to protect himself. Malcolm tells Bridget to testify against Macawi or leave and make a clean start, because New York might be even more dangerous. Bridget throws Malcolm out because they can’t see eye to eye about Andrew.

Machado is assigned to the Macawi task force, and he butts heads with new superior, Agent Torrance. Torrance tells Machado that they won’t get to Macawi through Bridget. Agent Torrance and Machado butt heads because Torrance tries to blame one of Macawi’s henchman for killing Shaylene Briggs instead of Macawi himself.

All through the episode, we see flashbacks to Machado around the murder of Shaylene. It turns out Machado got her to be his eyes and ears at Macawi’s club. But while that was happening, they fell for each other, and when Macawi killed her, she was four weeks pregnant. Machado only found out after her autopsy.

Malcolm pays Henry a visit to talk about Bridget-as-Siobhan, Malcolm, and the box with information Henry gave Bridget.

Andrew and Olivia talk about the Ponzi scheme and the fact that they have to get out of it. Olivia is getting tired of Andrew’s lovesick decisions, but Andrew tells her they aren’t ready for the nuclear option. Olivia mentions she has a source at SEC (Xerxes), and the source mentions that Tyler is giving the SEC information about Martin/Charles. Malcolm tells Olivia to intercept Tyler and to make sure Tyler doesn’t talk. Bridget overhears the threat because she was at the office to visit Andrew.

Siobhan calls Henry tell him about the drive Tyler stole and the fact that he’s on his way to New York. She tells him to get the drive from him any way he can and to keep Bridget away from Tyler. Henry updates Siobhan about the fact that Bridget found out about the Ponzi scheme and that Andrew came by to tell Henry he’s worried about “Bridget.” Siobhan is worried Andrew is getting too close to the truth, and she wants him gone.

Olivia has an external company check their security. She mentions the three failed tries a month before and that they should check his home system. Olivia asks Andrew how “Siobhan” found the information about the Ponzi scheme, and she tells him that it was Malcolm who found the algorithm. Olivia is worried about what’s motivating Malcolm to keep quiet.

In an attempt to scare Malcolm away, Siobhan calls him from Paris by trying to guilt him into admitting he’s jealous of “her” life. She tells him they’re done.

Tyler gets a call from the SEC, promising him immunity and telling him to get to them as quickly as possible. Bridget is at his hotel to intercept him, and as she spots Tyler getting out of the elevator, Henry interferes and kisses her. He keeps Bridget from Tyler by lying about how that hotel used to be their place and how she used to be there for him.

As Tyler gets outside and calls for a cab, Olivia tells him to get in the car. She fires Tyler and mentions he’s just as much in danger as Andrew and Olivia. Tyler hands Olivia a dossier but keeps the drive and lies by saying that he handed Olivia everything.

Back at the hotel, Tyler calls Siobhan to tell about what happened with Olivia and the SEC. She explains that is what she meant when she said Andrew and Olivia were dangerous. Siobhan learns that the drive is safe and tells him to get back quickly. Someone he knows enters his room, but we don’t see who.

Bridget is outside in a cab and gets a voicemail from Andrew, in which he apologizes and tells her he knows she got into contact with Tyler and that he won’t let her destroy his life. She goes inside and visits Tyler’s room. She sees Tyler lying on the floor with a puddle of blood. She calls in the murder anonymously and leaves. In the cab, she calls Malcolm to tell him about Tyler and that he might have been right about Andrew and Olivia being capable of murder.

Malcolm calls Machado and tells him that he is willing to testify against Macawi about his abduction. Machado tells Malcolm to get into the FBI office in New York, and he’ll be out as soon as possible.

We see Olivia in a car with Tyler and Siobhan’s drive.

Someone knocks on Malcolm’s door, and it’s Andrew.

Sweet Andrew. It seemed so improbable that Siobhan and Andrew broke up with all this tension. But if Siobhan witnessed the side of Andrew this episode ended with, I can imagine why she fled across an ocean to Paris. And although this is Ringer and things hardly ever are as they appear, it feels like Olivia and Andrew are taking “protecting their interest” way too far, if they trade human lives to protect their financial interest.

And the body count of this show has increased again. Sweet Tyler was being strung along by Siobhan, but I could appreciate how he continued to take matters into his own hands by going to the SEC and trying to withhold the drive from Olivia. And he really was doing his best to provide a solid home for his family.

After not seeing Agent Machado for a few episodes, this week we found out why he’s so invested in the Macawi case. The scene where he found out Shaylene was pregnant with his child was very moving.

Sarah Michelle Gellar got to show us her drugged Bridget, and I liked how she made an indecent proposal to Machado and said “whatever” when he rejected her. And I loved Malcolm asking Bridget, “How many guys was your sister sleeping with?”

Next Tuesday on “What We Have Is Worth The Pain,” Bridget fears that something happened with Malcolm and finds out Andrew came to see him, Juliet discovers someone in her family played a part in the attack on Tessa, and Siobhan admits to Henry why she faked her death.

It’s on at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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