Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “The Long Way Home” – 3/11/12

Mr. Sweeney is yet again caught up in a legal battle – this time with a woman who claims he sexually harassed her and fathered her child while working under him. Will is back in the office, but only in a limited capacity, and Alicia suspects that Caitlin is moving in on her territory.


After a Herald Equity video is shown, Alicia and Eli prep Mr. Colin Sweeney (favorite creepy guest star) for his speech and comments to the stockholders. If he is asked about killing his wife, he is to tell the truth, or more specifically, just say NO.

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Right after Sweeney is prepped for his speech, Alicia gets a call from her kids. They have 90 days to buy their home or move out.

Will is back in his office with Mr. Deerfield. Caitlin interrupts their conversation to ask a question about their current client, Mr. Sweeney, but questions must be formulated in a way that’s NOT asking for legal advice. Is he going to follow Will around to make sure he’s not giving out legal advice?

Multitasking, as always, Eli notifies Peter of an accusatory blog that’s surfaced; it’s been found out that 2 ASAs had sex on his couch. How does one know exactly where it happened…?

Just when Sweeney is basically guaranteed the majority of the proxy votes, an Isobel Swift takes the microphone and accuses Sweeny of sexual harassment while she worked for him and fathering her child. She also intends to sue him and Herald Equity.

Sweeney obviously lost the proxy fight. Lockhart has filed an injunction, but they have a limited amount of time to prove that Sweeney’s competition, Gerald Drescher, is behind Isobel’s claim.

Kalinda warns Alicia to watch out for Caitlin; she’s hiding something.

Peter gathers the supervisors in his office and asks them to talk to their ASAs to find out which of them had the sexual encounter in his office. ASA Pine is sure that the offenders are Cary and Dana.

Sweeney takes the stand and proceeds to testify that he never had sex with that woman. Déjà vu! He never touched her. At all. Presiding over this case and familiar with Sweeney’s antics is Judge Friend (Bebe Neuwirth).

Kalinda, looking for a connection between Isobel and Sweeney’s opponent, Gerald Drescher, tracks a dinner they shared at a local restaurant. When she asks the waitress for some insider information, she finds that yes, they shared a dinner, but Isobel also had dinner with Mr. Sweeney before he went to prison. And during their dinner, they both disappeared to the men’s room for 20 minutes, clothes disheveled afterwards.

Kalinda takes this information to Sweeney (and Alicia), who admits that yes, they had dinner together, but all that happened was oral sex, not real sex. I’m pretty sure that qualifies as touching… Alicia informs Sweeney that he’s just perjured himself, but he’s not worried.

Alicia seeks the advice of Will on a hypothetical legal case. Seeing that Alicia didn’t know Sweeney’s testimony was untrue until after, she just needs to keep him off the witness stand.

Cary talks to Jeremy, one of the ASAs. Jeremy doesn’t want any admission he makes to go on the official record. Cary tries to assure him that no drastic measures will be taken.

Next up on the stand is Isobel Swift. As Alicia cross-examines her, she tries to tear apart her credibility, as her client told “the truth.” After she is done, opposing counsel recalls Sweeney to the stand. Uh-oh.

Alicia looks at a house with her realtor; it’s much smaller that her current home, and her realtor is intent on selling her their old home in Highland Park. While she’s deciding what to do, she gets a call from Diane, praising Caitlin’s new strategy to a clueless Alicia. Her strategy – to prep Sweeney for cross. Yeah, like that’ll help.

After prepping Sweeney, Alicia warns Caitlin not to go above her head. The claws come out!

After opposing counsel is done, Alicia confirms Sweeney’s testimony, but he takes it further by saying it was physically impossible for him to perform any sex act. Alicia halts further questioning, citing The Pursuant Code of Responsibility.

Cary notifies Peter of Jeremy’s indiscretion with his supervisor. Peter wants them both fired, but Cary thinks that it will look like Peter is homophobic. Peter’s only concern is running a clean office.

The rushed paternity test came back positive. You mean Sweeney lied, again?! Shocking. David Lee wants to change the case and argue contraceptive fraud; Isobel could have used a turkey baster. Ew. But they need proof.

After the baster conversation, Lee chastises Alicia for her treatment of Caitlin; she’s resigning, and of course, it’s all Alicia’s fault.

Pine tells Cary that Peter fired Jeremy, and she believes it’s all because of race; Wendy Scott-Carr, Dana, and Jeremy were all removed, while Cary, attached to all in some way, remains safe.

Caitlin reveals that she’s resigning because she’s pregnant and wants to be a full-time mom. That’s not exactly a juicy secret…

Lee approaches Judge Friend and uses his turkey baster argument. The judge is intrigued and allows it.

Isobel is recalled to the stand, and this time, Caitlin takes the lead in cross-examination. In 2008, she took a class on artificial insemination but doesn’t remember asking any questions about using a turkey baster. Once her lawyer goes to confirm her story, Isobel announces that she never asked anyone about a baster ever. Her counsel, too, halts questioning, citing the The Pursuant Code of Professional Responsibility. So, everyone’s a liar. Awesome.

Alicia, at Diane’s prodding, tries to convince Caitlin to stay on at the firm and apologizes for her earlier words, but Caitlin’s mind is made up.

At the end of the day, Sweeney brings his son, Stanton, to the Lockhart office, along with Isobel; they’ll be raising him together. Poor kid. She’s admitted to Drescher’s involvement, thus guaranteeing Sweeney the proxy votes.

After bringing his short affair with Dana to Peter’s attention, Cary expects to be let go or demoted. Peter only acknowledges his appreciation for Cary’s bravery in coming forward, but Cary feels the need for some consequence in order to command respect from his colleagues.

After discussing a possible salary bump with Diane, Alicia visits her old home in Highland Park. When she finds the kids’ height marks still in the wall, she starts to cry.

I usually love Sweeney-centric episodes, but this one, I wasn’t too crazy about. Maybe the turkey baster grossed me out. And Caitlin’s big secret – pregnancy?! What?! The two things I liked about this episode: Pine calling out Cary, and his troubled confession. Maybe he’ll accept Diane’s offer, if it’s still available, and come back to Lockhart. That would be interesting!

The song that played at the end of the episode when Alicia walks through her old home… It’s called Dust Bowl III by Other Lives. I loved it.

– Lindsay

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