Review/Recap – American Idol Top 11 – 3/14/12

Last night, only 11 contestants took the stage after the drama of Jermaine Jones being disqualified due to having outstanding warrants and not disclosing them. Why do these people think they can go on a national television show and not get ousted? Baffles me.

Moving on to last night, where the remaining contestants sang songs from the year they were born. Jump ahead to see my thoughts on their performances and feel free to share your own.
Phillip Phillips
Hard to Handle
My Thoughts: I adore him, and the fact that he just had surgery and came out to perform like that – amazing. The rough, sexy sound of his voice on this song was fabulous.
Judges: All loved him and complimented him on his unique voice, as well as the fact he came out to sing like that just after surgery.
Jessica Sanchez
Turn the Beat Round
My Thoughts: It was good. I didn’t love it, but it was really good. I’m not a fan of that song to begin with, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the disco pants. She seemed to be a bit off beat. I don’t know…I just didn’t love it.
Judges: Steven prefers her on ballads. Jennifer said she needed to be more on the beat. Randy doesn’t think it was the right song choice.
Heejun Han
Right Here Waiting
My Thoughts: This wasn’t his strongest performance. He was doing an odd thing with his breathing – breathing in all the wrong places. I still love his voice, but this was just a really rocky performance.
Judges: Randy says it was pitchy, and the wrong song choice. Jennifer still loves his tone. Steven thought it was a bit too breathy in parts.
Elise Testone
Let’s Stay Together
My Thoughts: This was a huge improvement over last week. Her raspy, sultry voice sounded good on this song. I still don’t love her, but I didn’t hate her this week – so that’s good. 🙂
Judges: Steven just loves her voice. Jennifer thinks it was just right on all levels. Randy thinks that Elise is back.
DeAndre Brackensick
Endless Love
My Thoughts: Sideshow Bob has his hair down again this week, and that’s the most interesting thing about this performance. It was boring and lackluster. I also felt they squeezed that high note in there at the end to try to make it sound better. It didn’t, and I hope he goes home soon.
Judges: Jennifer thinks he can sing anything but that this wasn’t the right song for him. Steven said it was the wrong song, and Randy called it boring.
Shannon Magrane
One Sweet Day
My Thoughts: What is with all the duets? This song was amazing when sung by Mariah and Boyz II Men. Not so much by Shannon. Was it the worst I’ve ever heard? No, but it wasn’t the best. I wish she would have chosen No Doubt’s “Don’t Speak.”
Judges: Jennifer loved it. Randy thought she proved them wrong because they were nervous about this song choice.
Colton Dixon
Broken Heart
My Thoughts: I love how no one seemed to know this song, and he killed it. That was insane, and I can see that single on the radio. He is fierce, and I love him.
Judges: Jennifer loved it and thinks that he looks pretty when he sings. Steven thinks it was the wrong song. Randy thinks it was dope.
Erika Van Pelt
My Thoughts: The video screen of the stairs moving behind her was making me nauseous watching it – holy motion sickness. As for the song, it wasn’t horrible, but I wanted MORE. This is a Bryan-Freaking-Adams song, and I want more from it. I hated the arrangement quite a bit.
Judges: Steven didn’t like the arrangement. Jennifer doesn’t think she rocked the song, but she loved how she looked. Randy liked it.
Skylar Laine
Love Sneakin’ Up on You
My Thoughts: I love that she stuck to her song choice, even though Jimmy wanted her to switch her choice. She sang that really well. It was a great performance. The country growl she has going on is pretty awesome.
Judges: They all loved it and thought she rocked it.
Joshua Ledet
When a Man Loves a Woman
My Thoughts: First, I love that song, and he sang the hell out of it. Was he singing for a woman or for the crawfish? Who knows. Whatever the reason, he was outstanding. When he took his jacket off, I was like, “Look out now.” It was the best performance of the night.
Judges: Randy thought it was phenomenal. Jennifer thinks it was the best thing she’s ever seen on the show. Steven thought he “gave up so big, God came through his eyes.”
Hollie Cavanagh
Power of Love
My Thoughts: It never ceases to amaze me the voice that comes out of this tiny girl. She looks amazing tonight, and she sounded delicious. I love her voice, and she sang that song like it was hers.
Judges: Jennifer thinks it was beautiful. Steven said there were a few pitch issues, but thinks it was beautiful. Randy thinks she blew it out the box.
There you have it – the Top 11. Who is your pick? I think that DeAndre, Erika, and unfortunately HeeJun. Tune in to FOX tonight at 9/8c to see who goes home.

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