Recap/Review – Community – “Urban Matrimony and the Sandwich Arts” – 3/15/12

Hi, guys. Community is back. Let’s hope #sixseasonsandamovie becomes truth. Let’s take a look at the first new episode back after about 3 months.

When Andre proposes to Shirley again, Annie and Britta have a hard time keeping to their own business. Shirley asks Jeff to speak at the wedding, Troy and Abed decide to spend 24 hours in the Dreamatorium to purge all the weirdness from their system for the wedding, and Pierce and Shirley become business partners to start a sandwich shop in the (recently burned down) cafeteria of Greendale.

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Britta tries to make sure that Shirley is happy remarrying Andre and that it doesn’t prevent Shirley from following her dream. To make sure that doesn’t happen, Britta proposes to take care of organizing the wedding with help from a desperate Annie. It turns out Britta is excellent at putting a wedding together, much to the surprise of the group.

Shirley and Pierce pitch their idea to the Dean, and the proposal goes smoothly, but the Dean decides to go with Subway.

When Shirley arrives to the rehearsal, she finds out that Andre proposed as an attempt to get his life back to normal instead of being a stay-at-home dad. Shirley and Andre step out to talk about their problems when a drunk Jeff decides to give his speech. Britta interrupts, and Jeff and Britta start fighting in front of the minister. Annie urges Andre and Shirley to break up Jeff and Britta, which causes them to bridge their differences and get married anyway.

I’m happy that the first episode back was an episode that didn’t break up the group all that much and eased us into getting back with our weird study group. Pierce is still racist, Abed is still an unfeeling automaton, Britta is still anti-everything, Jeff still pretends not too care. They’re all back!

That’s also what provided most of the fun for this week. All the jokes played into what we know or have learned about the characters. The cam that Pierce invented to spot danger, which was basically very racist, worked, as did Chevy Chase’s delivery of “I’ll let my people call your people. Well, not your people.” And I loved how Pierce still isn’t over the fact that his father died (“Look at me now, Dad.”). No small feat, since I tend to dislike most stories with Pierce.

The best part of the episode must be the part where Britta proposed to help Shirley with the wedding, and we got the two shots with “literally two minutes later” and “one minute later.” Given how it’s Britta who made the proposal, I can fully understand Shirley’s reaction.

Finally, I want to give a quick shout out to Troy and Abed, who were trying to be normal. They needed 24 hours in the Dreamatorium for about half a night of normalcy. And with an episode upcoming that plays out completely in the Dreamatorium, it promises to be very exciting. And it’s always nice to see Danny Pudi smile without playing Abed.
Other notable quotes:

“Don’t you dare use your sexy voice on me.” – Andre to Shirley after Shirley starts talking in her high voice.
“It’s like a thought with…another thought’s hat on.” – Britta after Jeff tells the group to explain her what an analogy is.

Next week on “Contemporary Impressionists,” French Stewart (Third Rock) guest stars when Jeff becomes dangerously narcissistic and Abed becomes obsessed with celebrity impersonators. It’s on at 8/7c on NBC.

Aren’t you all glad Community is back?

– JJ

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