Recap/Review – Ringer – “What We Have Is Worth The Pain” – 12/13/12

With another Ringer and the episode number ticking up, the stakes are getting higher as well. This episode might be one of the darkest yet, with a lot of revelations and progression. Let’s take a closer look at what happened. And with Siobhan back in New York, I’ve decided to use quotes when people think they are talking about one of the twins but it turns out to be the other twin.

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Siobhan calls Henry from Paris, and she learns Tyler’s fate and that Henry found out the flash drive is missing.

Through a flashback, we see Siobhan confronting Andrew about wrongdoings at Martin/Charles and Andrew warning Siobhan he’ll kill her if she takes that information anywhere. This was also the audio that Siobhan let Henry hear when she was in New York. After Siobhan was threatened, she hired a private investigator, who found out she was being followed by a hitman. The same man was spotted outside the loft two days before Siobhan and Bridget switched places.

Andrew and Olivia check out the drive they got from Tyler, but the information they hope to find isn’t on it. Andrew suggests someone might’ve switched the drives and contemplates that Malcolm could’ve done it, but Olivia tries to blame “Siobhan.”

Bridget calls Malcolm but can’t get ahold of him. She remembers the last time she couldn’t get ahold of him – when he was abducted by Macawi. She tries to find the cell phone she left in her boot, but she can’t seem to find it. Andrew walks in and tells Bridget about Tyler being murdered. He suggests she and Tyler were working together on reporting Martin/Charles to the SEC. Bridget tries to leave, but Andrew doesn’t let her and asks where the flash drive is. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about and leaves.

Bridget gets in Solomon’s car, and he asks if she found the phone. She didn’t, so there’s no way of stopping the hitman from coming after her again. Bridget tries to reach Malcolm again when she remembers the tracking app. It shows Malcolm’s still in Manhattan.

We see Macawi getting out of a club with a girl and Machado checking him out from his car. Macawi walks over and asks him what he is doing, and Machado says he’ll make his club a doggy daycare. As Machado drives away, he calls the FBI to tell them to have Malcolm ready when he arrives in New York.

Olivia and Andrew are at his house, talking about the flash drive, when Juliet gets home. Andrew tells Juliet that he and “Siobhan” are still fighting, and Juliet tells him that they should work it out, because “Siobhan” makes them better as a family.

When Machado arrives at the FBI to pick up Malcolm, he learns that Malcolm never arrived. Machado orders a couple of agents to find out where he is, but they can’t find any information. Machado does learn Malcolm worked at Martin/Charles but was fired, so he goes to Martin/Charles to check it out. Olivia tells Machado that Malcolm was fired after being discovered trying to access personal files, and she and Andrew lie by saying they haven’t seen Malcolm after he was fired. Andrew asks what they hope to find, and Machado answers he’s just trying to find any trace of him.

Solomon and Bridget check out the GPS coordinates they found in what appears to be an abandoned warehouse. Someone runs into Bridget, but Solomon protects her. They call Malcolm’s phone and hear it ring, but the person holding it isn’t Malcolm. Afterward, they move to the hotel Malcolm stayed in, to steal the security cam footage. Machado gets to the same hotel later and asks to see the footage. The clerk tells him they don’t have the disks because they were stolen, which they found out when a man with a British accent came to ask about them before.

Juliet is waiting for an elevator to see her mother when a guy with a tattoo on his arm flirts with her. His knuckles are bleeding, and she asks why, and he explains that he hit a wall after his employer refused to pay. When Juliet gets upstairs, Catherine hands her new earrings to wear at the vow renewal, and Juliet updates Catherine about the trouble Andrew and “Siobhan” are having.

Solomon and Bridget check the footage, and they see Andrew was at Malcolm’s apartment. Bridget assumes the worst because of everything that happened in the time she was with Andrew. Solomon suggests Siobhan could get away but also tells her that he knows she’s Bridget. Bridgets worried Solomon will abuse the knowledge, but Solomon needs her to get paid, so he won’t. At that moment, she receives a text from Henry, saying that they need to talk.

Henry gets a call from Siobhan as someone knocks on the door, and it’s Siobhan. Henry doesn’t like the surprise because he doesn’t know what the plans are. He asks if she was sleeping with Tyler, because he’s been thinking about what she said, and things don’t add up. She tells the truth and explains it was a necessary evil. Henry calls her a liar and asks why she’s doing what she’s doing, Siobhan explains Bridget killed her child, and that’s why she wants her dead. She has to admit that Bridget and Siobhan didn’t trade places willingly, Siobhan only contacted Bridget because she saw an opportunity for trading places. She also admits she was responsible for Bridget managing to escape the night before the trial. Henry asks why she is playing this high stakes game, and Siobhan explains that Martin/Charles is too powerful to try to take down through lawyers and trial. He also asks how she knew Bridget would take her place, and Siobhan knew she was desperate and didn’t have any other choice. Siobhan is convinced this is what Bridget deserves for what happened to Sean and Gemma.

Machado is checking out Andrew when he learns Tyler was found dead at his hotel.

Juliet is chatting with Cash, the guy she met at the elevator, before meeting up with Tessa. Tessa apologizes for flaunting her money, but Juliet is just glad she is out of the hospital. When Tessa asks who Juliet is chatting with, she shows her a picture, and Tessa recognizes Cash’s tattoo. Juliet rushes to Catherine to warn her about Cash being after them, when she sees a hole in the wall. She remembers Cash saying he punched a hole in the wall of his employer and figures that Catherine was behind Tessa getting beaten up and robbed. Catherine tries to defend herself by saying she was defending Juliet, but Juliet leaves anyway after saying she wishes Siobhan was her mother.

Andrew calls Juliet to tell her he’ll work on making everything better, when Siobhan-as-Bridget walks in, asking about what happened with Tyler. She doesn’t want to continue living a lie with him, because she doesn’t love or like him anymore. She doesn’t want to make peace with him. Siobhan walks out with a laugh, and Olivia overhears their exchange.

Bridget and Solomon are waiting for Henry at the apartment, when he texts that he’s late. We see Siobhan coming home to Henry with his phone in his hand. Bridget and Solomon decide to leave as Bridget gets a text from Malcolm, telling her to meet him at the loft in an hour. Juliet walks in and hugs Bridget, and Bridget asks if anything is wrong. Juliet persuades Bridget to go after Malcolm after proposing they both go to the beach house together to get away from everything.

Olivia calls someone from her car. She’s worried “Siobhan” will destroy everything and will leave town.

Solomon and Bridget arrive at the loft and Solomon leaves her to check all the entrances to the loft. Instead of finding Malcolm, Bridget finds Andrew. It turns out that Juliet told Andrew where she’d be, and Bridget warns Andrew that Solomon is there as well. Bridget asks if Andrew sent the text, pretending to be Malcolm, but he tells her he’s there to tell her he still loves her and is willing to do anything for her. Someone in the loft fires a gun twice. Machado arrives at the loft just in time to hear the gun being fired as well. He runs up and sees Solomon holding a gun. Solomon drops the gun, puts his hands in the air, and explains that he was hit in the head, and when he got down, he exchanged shots with whoever fired the gun and that person left. We see Bridget holding Andrew, telling Machado that Andrew jumped in front of the bullets.

Once again, a very riveting and exciting episode that continued on the stories of last week.

Juliet finally learned of Catherine’s involvement in Tessa’s beating and told her mother how she feels about it. Let’s hope Juliet starts making better choices now, but I can’t imagine Catherine liked being told that Juliet wishes Siobhan was her mother.

And speaking of desperate women… Olivia was out of it as well this week. She didn’t like not being in control and how many people know about their Ponzi scheme. Her plans to leave the country before the whole thing exploded got interrupted. And she overheard the exchange between the real Siobhan and Andrew.

A friend of mine thinks that Olivia is responsible for shooting Andrew, and I’m gravitating towards Catherine. The most compelling argument for Olivia is the fact that she knew that Malcolm was missing, so she knew that’s how Bridget could be lured to the loft. But I’m not counting out Catherine because of what Juliet said. And maybe the text and the killer aren’t connected. You never know with this show.

Siobhan resumes playing everyone involved. Henry called her on it, but she saved herself by partially coming clean. And she managed to align him to her side by mentioning Bridget being responsible for Gemma being killed. And she took some risk by personally meeting Andrew at his office.

Next week on “That Woman’s Never Been A Victim Her Entire Life,” Machado is determined to find out who was responsible for the shooting, Henry blames Siobhan for the hit on Bridget, while Bridget thinks Olivia was behind it. It’s on at 9/8c on The CW next Tuesday.

Who do you think tried to shoot Bridget?

– JJ

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