Recap/Review – Private Practice – “The Letting Go” – 3/15/12

Sam struggles to care for Corinne. Erica’s health takes a turn for the worse.


It’s Jake’s daughter’s (Angie) birthday. From their conversation, we can assume she’s in college. She begins to tell Jake that she’s lost her virginity, and as a father, he cringes upon hearing the news. Angie assures him that she’s in love and very happy. Noticing the smile on his face, she realizes he’s experiencing the same feeling and asks about “the girl.”

Sam has stayed overnight at the hospital with Corinne; she’s groggy and very apologetic over breaking Sam’s door. He tells her not to worry; he’ll take care of her. Sheldon strongly advises against this, as Corrine needs supervision 24/7, something Sam cannot provide.

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Scott is rushed into the ER, beaten by a husband of a battered wife. His doc – Pete, not Scott’s biggest fan – will treat him nonetheless AND call Violet to be by his side. Wow.

Sheldon finds Amelia at Seaside, looking over files. She hasn’t made a decision about the baby, but she must choose soon.

Charlotte, Cooper, Mason, and Erica enjoy an exciting game of Twister.

Violet comes to see her battered lover on his hospital bed; his shoulder is dislocated, and she wants to help put it back in place. Pete encourages her to wait outside while he calls a nurse, but stubborn Violet refuses. She has to push his shoulder back in place. Ouch!

Jake tries to avoid talking about Addison at dinner and instead speaks about his newness at Seaside. Angie pushes the issue, and he finally opens up only to dismiss it as “complicated.”

Corinne feels imprisoned at the hospital and asks Sam to take her home.

While Addison attempts to find her skills as a plumber, Sheldon seeks her assistance in getting to Sam. She says she’ll talk to him, but she understands his feeling of obligation.

Pete assures Scott that he doesn’t resent him. In fact, he’s happy with his current relationship with Violet; they’re friends, and besides, he’s dating someone. Does Violet know about this?! Just then, Violet walks in, and Scott passes out. (I’m sure the two events are unrelated.) Scott needs surgery.

Addie goes to visit Sam and finds him sitting on the floor, outside the bathroom, waiting for Corinne. Apparently, he senses the reason for her visit, because he claims everything is fine.

Amelia decides that she cannot abort Ryan’s baby.

As the doctors exchange gossip, Cooper gets a call from Mason; something’s wrong with Erica. She’s at the hospital, vomiting blood.

Sam, at home again with Corinne, forces her to eat and makes sure that she’s taking her meds. Corinne confesses to Sam that she no longer wants to live.

Addison tells a worried Violet that Scott’s surgery went well and the news that Erica’s back in the hospital.

While they await the test results, Mason makes Cooper promise to tell him his mother’s prognosis.

Addison checks on Sam when Corinne goes for a walk; he’s packing up all the sharp objects around the house.

Erica’s tumor is back, and she doesn’t have long – a week, at most. Erica’s sole concern is that Mason doesn’t watch her deteriorate.

Sam continues to regulate meals and medication for Corinne, but this time, she refuses. He forces a pill down her throat, yelling. He tells of this violent episode to Addison; he’s realized that this isn’t good for either of them.

Charlotte and Cooper tell Mason the bad news. He has to say goodbye to his mom tomorrow.

Violet visits Scott, and in a sweet way, he breaks up with her; these past few days, he’s seen the bond between her and Pete.

Mason says goodbye to his mom, telling her he’ll be a good boy and eat his vegetables. It’s a short goodbye, and once Mason leaves the room, he runs to Charlotte, in tears, exclaiming, “I didn’t cry!”

Angie surprises Jake at St. Ambrose, meeting Addison in the process.

Sam apologizes to Corinne for his mistreatment and tells her she’ll have better care in a home with round-the-clock care. She pleads with him to let her stay.

Amelia tells Addison about the baby. Auntie Addison!

Sam and Sheldon check Corinne into the center; she makes one last plea to go home. Sam, beyond worried over leaving her, refuses.

I think I went through half a box of Kleenex during this episode (directed by Paul Adelstein!). The scene that brought on the waterworks: Mason running to Charlotte; it was so sweet and sad sad sad. And then to top that off: the Corinne/Sam story, Sheldon’s affection for Amelia, and Jake’s adorable daughter.

I was a little confused on the Violet/Pete storyline. Was Pete lying about dating someone? I’m pretty sure Violet doesn’t know about it…

Can’t wait for the next episode! (Tissues are ready!)

– Lindsay

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