If We Controlled Your Remote… 3/23/12

Yesterday, it was announced that Smash was renewed for a second season, and my TV addict’s heart did a little happy dance. I have been LOVING this show, and the music has been so well done. Isn’t that great news to start the weekend off with? 🙂 Now, let’s kick our Friday night off right with some new television.

Megan’s Choice

Gordon Ramsay makes me giddy like a school girl, so I am looking forward to an all new episode of Kitchen Nightmares. It’s not just his accent (which I melt for), but also how he doesn’t tolerate stupidity. Nothing makes me more annoyed than stupidity. We haven’t had a lot of new episodes lately, so I’m planning on enjoying every minute of tonight’s episode to it’s fullest.

Tonight, Chef Ramsay heads to the City of Brotherly Love to check in on a family-owned Italian restaurant called Chiarella’s. Although the Philadelphia eatery boasts over 30 years of business, Chef Ramsay is shocked by the restaurant’s outdated menu, sloppy service, and disorganized staff.

Tune in to FOX at 8/7c to see if Ramsay can whip this restaurant into top shape. Learn where to find episodes online of Kitchen Nightmares @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching Spartacus: Vengeance, Fairly Legal, and Supernatural.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Jenny’s Choice #1

I must admit that I was 3 or 4 episodes behind on Nikita, but I caught up the other night all in one sitting, and I’m so glad I did. A few notes: I did NOT like Carla, but man, I felt bad for Birkhoff. One of my favorite scenes was when Nikita was comforting him at the end, telling him that Carla knew what she was doing when she wouldn’t obey his order and stop. That whole part, with Birkhoff shooting her and then Nikita, Michael, and Ryan (Ryan!) walking in, etc, just killed me. Speaking of Ryan…he’s out! That’s awesome. Will he stick around? Probably not, but I was so happy for Nikita that she was able to get him free. And then we have Alex, who is kind of going crazy for revenge. I mean, it’s great, but… lol I wouldn’t want to be in her way! Love that Sean is there with her. I hope something more happens between them soon. It NEEDS to, that’s all I’m saying! Tonight is the return of several key people in our characters’ lives. It should be fun…

On tonight’s episode, “Arising,” Michael is furious when he discovers a secret that Cassandra (guest star Helena Mattsson) kept from him, so he and Nikita fly to Moscow to confront her. Meanwhile, Alex makes a last ditch effort to find her mother (guest star Sarah Clarke) by sending out a coded message through a televised interview.

Don’t miss it tonight on The CW at 8/7c. Learn where to find episodes online of Nikita @ Clicker.

Kyle’s Choice

After a month away, Fringe is finally back tonight for the first of 8 consecutive weeks of all new episodes. In the last episode, Peter entered the mind of The Observer and a lot was revealed. September told Peter about The Observers and how they tried to correct things that had happened. Peter also discovered that he and Fauxlivia had had child, which ceased to exist when he stepped into the machine. Meanwhile, Walter continued to insist that Peter was turning their Olivia into his version.

Personally, I don’t think there is a third universe. Rather, the current universe is Peter’s real universe, and people have just forgotten what has happened. I would be upset if the show ultimately reset everything that has happened this year if characters all start remembering things (like Olivia has). It would be more interesting if folks have knowledge of both realities and must find a way to reconcile their experiences in both. I’m looking forward to seeing what happens tonight and what Peter does with his new information.

In tonight’s episode, “A Short Story About Love,” a killer targeting love is investigated by the Fringe team as Peter tries to decide what to do about Olivia.

See it tonight on FOX at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Fringe @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching Supernatural, Fairly Legal, In Plain Sight, Spartacus: :Vengeance, and Primetime: What Would You Do?.

Lisa’s Choice

On the season premiere of In Plain Sight, Mary returned to WITSEC duties after being on maternity leave. She quickly found a new set of dynamics in place upon her arrival back on the job. Mary also had to protect a witness that could possibly take down one of the most powerful societies in the country. She found it quite the task trying to juggle being a new mom and a marshal, even with her mom providing some extra hands. Jinx didn’t stick around long, though, as it quickly became apparent that Brandy was spiraling out of control after her cold feet at the altar. Can Mary make pulling double duty work?

On tonight’s episode, “Four Marshals and a Baby,” Mary continues to struggle with her duties for WITSEC and as a mother when a hoarder witnesses a very violent murder.

Witness crime and punishment on USA at 10/9c! Learn where to find episodes online of In Plain Sight @ Clicker.

Tonight, I am also watching Fairly Legal & Who Do You Think You Are!

Jenny’s Choice #2

Last week on the season premiere, Fairly Legal was at its finest. Kate met a guy at the bar and bitched to him about fate. Then later, she returned to Reed & Reed and surprised Lauren when it came out that Kate now owned her brother’s shares, making her an equal partner with Lauren. And then Kate learned the firm was drowning in debt. And then, on kind of a heartbreaking case involving a grandfather who was exposed to harmful chemicals at his old job, she realized the lawyer for the old man was Ben Grogan, the man she had met at the bar. Justin was in the hospital after being beaten, where Kate admitted that she thought she still loved him a little, only to find out later from him that he cheated at the lowest point in their marriage. Finally, Kate and Lauren determine they need to find a new partner to buy in to the firm, and that person just happens to be Ben Grogan. Will he and Kate have a romantic relationship now that things with Justin are even rockier than they were? Finally, we got to see Kate and Leo chatting on the dock outside her boat, and she admitted to feeling stuck…and then her boat exploded. Leo’s line about him having told her she should fix that boat was great, but man…things are still really rough for her!

On tonight’s episode, “Start Me Up,” Justin asks Kate to negotiate a deal between the FBI and a local hospital. The case seems simple until Kate discovers another patient was bumped from the donor list to accommodate the FBI.

Check it out tonight on USA Network at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Fairly Legal @ Clicker.

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