Recap/Review – Ringer – “That Woman’s Never Been A Victim In Her Life” – 3/20/12

This week on Ringer, we got some answers to the recent (murder) mysteries and enough new information to keep us interested for future episodes. Let’s take a closer look at this episode, and I’ll give you my take on the episode.


We continue right after Andrew being shot at the loft. Machado runs out after the shooter, and Bridget applies pressure to Andrew’s wound. Machado runs after a hooded figure but doesn’t manage to catch him. The hooded person leaves a Tower tarot card behind, which Machado finds.

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Bridget meets Juliet at the hospital and explains what happened. Juliet calls Henry, and when he arrives at the hospital, he gives Bridget and Juliet some clothes he picked up at the apartment. Henry asks Bridget what happened, and while Bridget is explaining, the doctor comes in and tells them that Andrew is going to be fine.

Machado is talking to another agent about the mythology of the Tower card. They talk about the whole Martin/Charles case, but he learn that the case got pushed back in terms of priority.

When Henry gets home, he updates Siobhan. He explains that the bullet was intended for “her,” but Andrew jumped in front of it. He wants to know what happened, because it doesn’t make sense for Andrew to put a hit on “Siobhan” and then save her. Siobhan says that Bridget probably made Andrew love her, but Andrew is convinced that Bridget made Siobhan’s family tighter. Henry doubts if maybe it was Siobhan who put the hit out on Bridget, and he tells Siobhan to leave.

Bridget is at the hospital as Andrew wakes up. She tells him that she’s moving back home and asks what Andrew was doing at Malcolm’s hotel. He explains that Olivia convinced him to bribe Malcolm into keeping quiet, and Malcolm took the money. Bridget tells Andrew about the night at the loft when someone tried to kill her and how she was too scared to tell anyone, especially with the body disappearing. She implies that Andrew might’ve been involved, but he tells her he would never do that. Bridget voices her doubt about the text and asks if Olivia knew Andrew was missing. Andrew explains that while he should be taking care of her and Andrew, Olivia was supposed to take care of Tyler. Bridget tells him she’s convinced that Olivia is behind everything.

Henry asks Tim (Arbogast, Gemma’s father) to look after the kids for a weekend. Henry tells Tim to take his money out of Martin/Charles, and Tim asks why. Henry explains about the Ponzi scheme and hands Tim the original flash drive with the incriminating evidence.

Machado pays a visit to Andrew at the hospital and asks about his visit to Malcolm’s hotel after lying about it at Martin/Charles. Andrew explains how he intended to help Machado by looking at the tapes when he learned that Malcolm was missing. Machado explains that Malcolm was about to testify against Macawi, so he need to find him.

Bridget enlists Solomon to look through Olivia’s apartment, and he finds she seems to have left in a hurry. He finds a note with a text and manages to leave just as Machado arrives. Machado notices the lock was tampered with and goes in guns blazing. Inside, Machado gets a call with information about the Tower card: a cleaner in New York uses them as coupons.

Juliet gets to the hospital when Bridget and Catherine are there, as well. Andrew tells Juliet that they think it’s best for Juliet to live with her mother in Miami for a while. Juliet doesn’t want to and runs out, and Catherine follows. Catherine tells Juliet that what they did bonds them forever and to get used to it.

Siobhan calls Henry from the car to tell him about how she wasn’t honest, but she didn’t hire anyone to kill Bridget. And she’s going to the hospital to tell Andrew everything, because she wants to be with Henry.

Bridget gives Juliet a parting gift for Miami, and Juliet explains that she isn’t happy about this new arrangement. Bridget notices Juliet packing winter clothes, and she tells Bridget she doesn’t want to be bouncing between her parents all the time. Bridget tries to persuade her how Miami really is the safest option for now. As Juliet leaves, Bridget tells her she can call anytime, but Juliet tells her to lose her number.

Machado goes to the dry cleaner to ask about the card. An assistant at the counter mentions that the tarot cards were used as promotion by the previous owner. Machado leaves his business card before he leaves. The assistant calls someone to tell them the tower card has returned, and Machado calls the FBI to find any information about the company and the employees.

Henry hears the voicemail Siobhan left and drives to the hospital. Siobhan enters Andrew’s room, but Henry steals her away before she can reveal the truth. They have to interrupt their conversation when Bridget arrives. Bridget goes into Andrew’s room but finds him getting up because he just learned Juliet is missing.

When Catherine is at the room as well, she explains how Juliet got away from her. She wanted to say goodbye to her friends at school. Catherine leaves to check Juliet’s school, and she asks Andrew for the address. When Bridget hears the address, she links it to the note that Solomon found at Olivia’s apartment. It’s the address of the school. Andrew and Juliet warn the police officer that’s in the room about how they think Olivia might be behind Juliet’s disappearance.

Henry tells Siobhan about what happened after breaking into Tyler’s hotel room. Tyler walks in, and they talk about Siobhan. Henry tells Tyler that he’s after the flash drive, but Tyler attacks him. Henry tries to wrestle Tyler to the floor, but Tyler hit his head and died. Henry looks for the drive on the body, and he switches the real drive with a fake version. He explains it was an accident, but Siobhan feels he should’ve told her what happened. They were both lying to each other, but Henry tells Siobhan about how Tim now has the drive.

Back at home, Andrew blames himself for Juliet disappearing. Bridget asks if Juliet might’ve known anything, but Andrew thinks Olivia might want to use Juliet as a way to force Andrew to take the blame for the Ponzi scheme. Bridget remembers the winter clothes Juliet packed and thinks Juliet might not’ve been abducted at all. Bridget searches for Juliet in the Hamptons, because Juliet mentioned going there before. Juliet tells Bridget what happened with Catherine, Tessa, and Carpenter after Andrew took her trust fund away.

The information Machado learns about the guy running the dry cleaner sounds a lot like Macawi – a lot of suspicion, but no conviction. Machado gets a call from the police. They found the personal belongings of Malcolm and a shallow grave.

When Juliet and Bridget get back home, Machado is there as well. He tells them a body was found, but it was Macawi’s lieutenant and not Malcolm. Machado is convinced that the lieutenant thought “Siobhan” was actually Bridget, because Macawi doesn’t know Bridget and Siobhan are twins.

What I loved most about this episode was the way the story of this episode was told. There weren’t too many weird switches between inside/outside or morning/evening, and almost every story tied together nicely, instead of multiple stories being told over the hour.

We got answers about Tyler’s murder, and it was an accident by Henry. And this does explain how Olivia and Andrew didn’t get their hands on the real drive and Olivia didn’t kill Tyler. But why did Henry hand the drive to Tim? I understand how he needed to give Tim some proof about why he should pull his investment, but giving him the evidence to bring the whole company down seems like a big mistake.

Juliet not planning to go with Catherine could be seen from miles away (to me, at least), and it was no surprise how Juliet chose to leave. But that doesn’t explain what Olivia was doing with the address of Juliet’s school, so I can’t imagine what that was about.

The fate of Malcolm is still unclear. Andrew was convinced he left because of the bribe. But now one of Macawi’s men was found with Malcolm’s documents. And it looks like it’s Macawi who’s responsible for the hit on “Siobhan.” That is a plausible answer, but probably not the whole truth.

Next Tuesday on “Let’s Kill Bridget,” Bridget decides to testify against Macawi, Machado gets suspended from the FBI, and Henry grows impatient with Siobhan’s plans. It’s on at 9/8c on The CW.

Did you all love this episode as much as I did?

– JJ

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One Response to Recap/Review – Ringer – “That Woman’s Never Been A Victim In Her Life” – 3/20/12

  1. Johanneke says:

    I really liked this episode as well, especially because there were some surprises (Henry killing Tyler, the shot being meant for Bridget, not Shioban).
    Like you, I don’t know why Henry would give Tim all the evidence. At the very least he could/should have given a copy, instead of the original.

    Btw, your recap is full of mixed up names. There’s usually one or two names that you get wrong, but this week I spotted at least 4, lol