Recap/Review – Community – “Contemporary Impressionists” – 3/22/12

Hi, guys. Last week was a good week for the shows I review, so let’s take a look at the new episode of Community.


Over the winter break, Jeff started using new drugs, which suppress his anxiety. Britta figures that this could be dangerous for Jeff’s narcissism and warns him to stay away from flattering situations.

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During the same break, Abed found out he could hire celebrity impersonators for his own use, to replay movie scenes. This created a debt of several thousand dollars, and Vincent, the company’s manager, (played by French Stewart) offers Abed a way out if his friends will act as impersonators at a Bar Mitzvah. The group is reluctant to help because Abed should learn a lesson, but Troy convinces them that it’s the only way to help Abed.

At the Bar Mitzvah, Jeff is forced to impersonate Ryan Seacrest, but taller and more handsome. When a group of women starts smothering Jeff, Britta tries to give him a reality check, but fails. The party ends with an award ceremony where Howie Schwartz, the guest of honor, wins all the awards. Finally, Jeff reaches his breaking point and tears off his suit, pushes a few kids to the ground, kisses Shirley, and steals the award from Howie. Everybody is scared for what Jeff’s action could’ve caused, but Howie is happy that his father hired The Hulk.

After the party, Troy gets home and finds a number of impersonators keeping Abed company. Troy sends them away and tells Abed how disappointed he is. The group helped him, but nothing changed. Abed asks if Troy is mad, and Troy explains that he just can’t do everything he wants anytime. A little taken aback, Abed plays alone in the Dreamatorium, trying to figure out if that’s fun without Troy. He talks it over with a darker version of himself (Evil Abed? Opposite Abed?).

Britta finds Jeff lying on the side of the road, and she drives him home. She advises him to get off his drugs, and Jeff asks if she wants to study him in her psychology class. Britta is worried that Jeff might be too difficult for her to diagnose.

Throughout the episode, we see Chang form the idea to take over Greendale through his own army and a Dean lookalike.

This episode had me rolling on the floor with laughter when the Dean fell to the ground after seeing Jeff with aviator sunglasses. Rash is awesome as Dean, especially when he gets any scene opposite McHale.

Troy and Abed hit a rough patch, and it was nice to see that Troy could be tough to Abed after kicking out another group of impersonators. It can’t be easy for Troy to have “this magical creature” as a friend and be the only one to see that. And even Troy has a breaking point as far as Abed is concerned.

This was a bad week as far as Pierce went. His tendency to keep saying he’s actually Burt Reynolds was just silly. On the other hand, I have to acknowledge that it was completely in character, as Pierce has never had a good image of himself.

For the people who saw the Community Returns trailer anywhere (if you haven’t, look it up), this episode started what appears to be a multi-episode arch where Chang might try to overthrow the Dean and make Greendale his. I loved how the comic thought bubbles showed how he came to the idea, and Chang standing in front of the Greendale flag with a total of seven kids was just hilarious.
Two memorable quotes:

“How did an apple make that clear?” – Jeff to Britta after trying to explain what could happen to Jeff’s ego.

“You are way out of my league diagnostically speaking. I’m gonna go with somebody a little less complicated. Like Abed.” – Britta to Jeff after he asks if she wants to study him in her psychology class.

Next Thursday on “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” marks the beginning of a two episode story. Subway opens up shop on campus, much to the anger of Pierce and Shirley, Abed and Troy find themselves at odds over competing pillow forts, and Dean Laybourne returns in an attempt to recruit Troy. It’s on at 8/7c on NBC.

– JJ

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