Recap/Review – The Good Wife – “Blue Ribbon Panel” – 3/25/12

Diane and Will must decide who’ll take his seat in order to stop the constant bickering in the office; Alicia juggles her new assignment – serving on a Blue Ribbon Panel – along with sorting out Kalinda’s IRS case and trying to buy her old home.


Alicia and Kalinda are working on her case against the IRS. Kalinda, as usual, isn’t very forthcoming about the kinds of work she’s done, and the IRS is now asking for specifics. When Alicia inquires about one check in particular, Kalinda will only say that it’s from someone Alicia knows. She steps out for a moment to speak to Diane and upon returning says that the check is from Diane. Sure.

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Speaking of Diane, she wants Alicia to attend a Blue Ribbon Panel for an officer-involved shooting.

It’s a room full of judges, the chairman, Mike Kresteva (Matthew Perry) and Pastor Yarrow (Charles Dutton). Alicia is given a folder with all of the evidence, and then almost immediately, the first witness is called, giving her about five seconds to look over everything.

The first witness, Officer Zimmerman, testifies as to what he saw that night. They came across a man with a gun, announced themselves as cops, and then fired and killed Mr. Masters, the victim. He says the victim may not have heard them because a train was passing at the time. Each panel member is allowed five minutes to question the witnesses. Alicia attempts to use her five minutes, unlike the others, but upon viewing the faces of the other members, she stops.

The equity partners meet again in a bid to replace Will. The three vultures lawyers, Julius, David, and Eli are still arguing, playing into the hands of Diane and Will; as long as the three stay divided, none of them can replace him.

Ronnie, Mr. Masters’ son, is the next witness. When questioned by Kresteva and the Pastor, he fails to answer. Only when Alicia asks does he tell what he saw; he says the cops didn’t identify themselves and no train passed during the altercation, but no one believes him.

The realtor encourages Alicia to write a handwritten letter to Gilda, the woman who’s selling the house. After speaking with her, Alicia visits the train station where Mr. Masters was shot.

The next witness is Officer Coffey; Alicia asks about the passing train and then notes that she went to the train station and couldn’t hear the train passing. Kresteva interrupts her – she’s not to investigate anything, only examine the evidence that’s in front of her.

Alicia now heads to the meeting with the IRS. It’s quite short, as they only ask for Kalinda to be more specific about the nature of her employment and the names of her employers. During the meeting, Kalinda notices an active webcam and tells Alicia about it once they’re out of the room. Upon knowing this, Alicia storms back in and demands that this unknown party cut out the middleman and talk straight to her. I adore angry Alicia!

As Alicia writes the letter to Gilda, she recounts the beautiful and painful memories surrounding the Highland Park house.

Eli approaches Julius and suggests they join forces. They’ll flip a coin and support the winner.

Forest Burke is next on the stand. Alicia asks about a previous incident involving Officer Zimmerman; he was the lead on a robbery, and one of the guns involved went missing. One of the judges cuts Alicia off, and Kresteva says her five minutes are up. Fortunately, someone’s on her side; Pastor Yarrow gives her his five minutes. She uses it to ask if officers have used drop guns in the past, agitating Kresteva. He accuses her of trying to cause a race riot.

After a nice montage of Highland Park memories, Alicia goes to see Diane and Will, seeking their guidance for the panel. Two of the judges, Dunaway and Winter, are presiding over two of their current cases and angering them on the panel could hurt her.

Alicia finds Lana Delaney in her office; she’s the mysterious party behind the webcam. She asks if Kalinda has done any freelance work for Lemond Bishop. Taken off guard and clearly not in the mood for annoying agents, Alicia dismisses Lana and asks her to call before she comes next time.

Alicia then receives a phone call from Gilda. She was so moved by Alicia’s letter that she’s giving her the opportunity to up her offer for the house.

Meanwhile, Burke has come in, waiting to speak with Alicia. She moves to recall Burke to the stand as Kresteva previously rejected him. The panel, however, must vote in favor of Alicia to hear Burke’s testimony. Initially, she only receives support from the Pastor, but the judges vote in her favor soon after.

Alicia’s realtor calls to congratulate her on the sale of the house, but Alicia didn’t buy it; another Florrick did.

Zimmerman is recalled and is asked about the robbery case; he was questioned by ASAs Agos and Mattan, but the State’s Attorney – Peter Florrick – decided not to pursue the case. Judge Winter suggests they call Cary Agos to testify about the dropped case.

Kalinda meets Lana, who suggests they have dinner in a more intimate setting and then talk about her IRS case, but Kalinda isn’t in a patient mood and pushes the “intimacy” part in front of Lana’s colleagues, sending Lana running.

Cary’s on the stand and says that he did consult on the case, but it was Peter and Eli’s decision to drop it.

Alicia seeks out Peter and confronts him about buying the house, but he has no idea what she’s talking about. There’s only one other Florrick: Jackie. And when Peter asks where she’s going, Alicia responds, “To buy a gun.” Best line of the season!

The equity partners meet again (they seem to do nothing else!). This time, Eli affirms his support of Julius, but before they can put it to a vote, Will suggests that Howard Lyman, the oldest partner (with the most seniority), take his place while he’s on suspension, and they start the voting…

Kresteva asks Alicia which report she’d like him to turn in: one that says the police shooting was just an accident or one that implicates her husband in a racially charged cover-up. She chooses to recuse herself from the panel.

After leaving Kresteva, Alicia interrupts Jackie’s hair appointment…hopefully without that gun!

This episode moved so fast. Loved watching Alicia start out so righteous in the beginning, searching for the truth, but when it came to choosing to fault Peter, she took a step back.

Also, continuity! Lana Delaney (I had forgotten all about the lust-struck agent!) and the mention of Bishop! I have no idea where that storyline is going, but I’ll admit, I’m intrigued.

The Good Wife continues it’s amazing roster of guest stars! Charles Dutton and a very anti-Chandler, Matthew Perry! More Mike Kresteva, please!

– Lindsay

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