Interview with Poppy Montgomery from Unforgettable

Poppy Montgomery recently spoke with the press about the rest of the season of Unforgettable. A new episode airs tonight, so check out what Poppy had to say about her role in the show, the upcoming story lines, and more, read on.

On Carrie’s evolution from the start of the season toward the end

Poppy Montgomery: You know, I think in the first half of the season and certainly in the pilot we saw a much more tortured soul, if you will, you know. I think that she was very ill at ease coming back to the police world and she had a lot of unresolved anger towards Dylan’s character, Al. And, you know, she had unresolved feelings and she didn’t know if she could work with him. She struggled with this ability that she has.

And I think that now, through the police work and everything that she’s doing, she has become more adjusted to the world and more able to deal with things than she was in the pilot where she’s making some kind of peace in her life with her ability and her gift, and using it to sort of save and help other people which gives her some kind of peace. But the murder of her sister is still unresolved. So I think that, you know, that’s a big key to who she is.

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On what she’d like to see for Carrie by season’s end

Poppy: That she can fly. No, I want to – I, you know, I’d like to see her in a relationship. I’d like to see that she can function and fall in love and it won’t be so traumatic for her all the time. I want to see who killed her sister. I mean, you know, I don’t know and I really want to know. I keep asking the writer, I’m like just a hint, please tell me what happened. So I think that’s going to start to get tied up. But I don’t know if we’ll ever – if we’re going to find out fully what happened.

On whether or not we’ll see Walter Morgan again & how he might play into the finale

Poppy: Yes. We love Walter Morgan. Walter Morgan is a – he’s a two-key. He’s scary, eerily calm, cool character who’s got a strange fascination with Carrie. So yes, he comes back and there’s kind of a great action-packed episode with the two of them, which I hope people love because I really loved it.

I think his information that he gives us leads up there [to the finale]. And I think we are going to get some resolution in the murder of Carrie’s sister. I don’t know how satisfying yet because we haven’t shot it. But from the looks of where it’s going, it’s going to be pretty cool. And it’s a lot of fun. We go back to Syracuse where the murder of my sister happened — Al and I or Dylan’s character and Carrie. And we have like a road trip, the Carrie and Al on the road murder-solving trip. So it’ll be fun.

On whether or not playing her character has helped her memory

Poppy: Yes, I think my memory has actually really gotten better. I mean maybe I’m secretly in my soul, a method actor. But it’s definitely gotten stronger. And, you know, I play little memory games with myself just to sort of keep it going because I’m one that…even though like games in the newspaper, those ones that I like. Look at this photo and then try and remember how many things are different in the next photo. Just silly little games that you can play. But, well, I also have to learn like, you know, 10-page sort of dialogue every day. So that’s also a memory game of sort. But…I do just to sort of keep it awake and alive and trying to have some understanding of it, you know.

On why she thinks cop and legal shows are so popular

Poppy: Well, I mean I think people really like puzzles first of all, you know. And I think that it’s fun. I think that it’s fun to get to work it out with the people, you know, for the audience to follow along and try and solve it. And, you know, they’re along for the ride. And they can be a part of it.

And that’s certainly why I watch cop shows and love them, because I’m like, I wonder if I can figure it out before they do, you know.

So I think that that’s automatically a draw. And I think it’s, yes, I think there’re always great stories that are being told, you know. I can have a day where I’ve had – where I’m exhausted and I can lay in bed and just watch Law & Order marathons all day long.

You know, and I never get bored. I’m always like, this is a new great mystery. So I think that’s a big part of it, for sure.

On what sets Unforgettable apart from other cop shows

Poppy: Well, I think the fact that it’s based on a real ability that people have, you know, in terms of the memory ability that the character has. I think that’s really unique. And I think there’s a lot of traditional stuff in this show as well that I love because I love traditional cop shows. There’s some good old-fashioned crime-solving going on, you know. But I think that Carrie as a character is so unusual. And she’s kind of ballsy and bad ass and she’s rebellious and rude. She has a perfect memory. And she sleeps around. And I like seeing this female character who’s just not, you know, the norm, if you will. She doesn’t apply to all the cop rules.

So it’s a cop show with someone who doesn’t want to be a cop, which I kind of love. And that separates it and makes it unique.

On her favorite part of filming the show

Poppy: I like all the stunt stuff. And, you know, any time I get to make out with Dylan Walsh, I’m pretty happy. He’s cute. I love it when I get to do crazy stunts, like I jump off cars in like 7-inch stilettos. It’s hysterical to me. I’m like, come on…this is like being 5 years old and playing dress up. It’s awesome.

I like all the stuff. But I like all the emotional stuff. I like it when she gets to be ballsy and, you know, go against the sort of grain, if you will. And we have a lot of that in the show. So it’s fun. I get to do a lot of fun stuff, which I like. I busted my shoulder. And my knees kind of [hurt] from all those stunts. But I’m like, no way, I want to do it. So I’m really enjoying it.

On romance trouble toward the end of the season

Poppy: Yes, with Steve Cioffi. Because he’s a bad, bad mobster I think. And then how do a cop and a mobster fall in love? There’s a case that suddenly he gets involved in and I was there. And it compromises me as a cop. But, you know, he’s my boyfriend, and so we have to decide whether he’s a bad guy or a good guy. And the fallout is pretty hardcore.

[It’s] pretty much [a make it or break it moment]. Their relationship is resolved to some degree in Tuesday night’s episode.
Thanks again to Poppy for taking the time to speak with the press. Don’t miss the new episode tonight on CBS at 10/9c.

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