Recap/Review – Castle – “47 Seconds” – 3/26/12

Castle and Beckett investigate a bombing at the scene of a protest.


While a reporter films an Occupy Wall Street protest, a bomb goes off. Five people are dead, and twenty-eight are injured. The FBI has taken over the crime scene, leaving the NYPD in the dark.

They’ve been assigned the task of talking to the victims’ family members to see if any of them were targeted individually. After speaking with the families, they find that it was a random incident, prompting Castle and Beckett to ponder over life’s fleeting moments.

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Gates reports that the blast was not directed at any individual person and shows a photograph of a lamp post, the origin of the blast. The picture was taken 47 seconds before the bomb was planted. It’s their job to interview the protestors and piece together a picture of the bomber.

The eyewitnesses come up with a Chinese food delivery man and Beethoven. Extremely helpful.

The FBI sends over a message they received from the bomber: they must stop the protests, or there’ll be more attacks.

The ones closest to the site of the explosion could tell them something. So Castle and Beckett head to the morgue. Jesse Friedman (recruiter for the movement) was closest to the bomb; he was covered in blue canvas. Clue number 1!

Martha encourages Castle to tell Beckett how he really feels, especially now that she’s not unconscious.

As Castle is about to confess his undying love, Ryan interrupts; GPS cell phone data shows who was at the site at the exact time the bomb went off. One red dot on the screen moves toward the lamp post and then quickly runs away. That phone is registered to an Andrew Haynes, just interviewed minutes ago.

So far, he’s the model suspect; he’s handed out flyers against the movement and is a suspect in a previous bombing. He was 100 feet from the blast site, handing out flyers, and claims he lost his cell phone. When accused of planting the bomb, he asks for a lawyer and is hauled off by the FBI.

Since they still don’t have a confession, the detectives work to find someone who saw Haynes make the drop. They interview street performer named Malik; he’s worried about immigration but cooperates. He saw a man in a Takeover hoodie place a backpack by the lamp post, but the person he saw was a young Hispanic male.

The FBI doesn’t believe someone else could have planted the bomb since Haynes fits the profile so perfectly. The NYPD can pursue the street performer’s story.

A protester identified Malik’s sketch as Bobby. Once they apprehend Bobby, he says he doesn’t remember what happened before the bomb went off, citing trauma induced amnesia. Beckett doesn’t buy his excuse, as she says she remembers every single thing that happened before she was shot. Only she doesn’t know that Castle is listening in.

They’ve searched Bobby’s place and find credit cards in multiple names as well as a bunch of cell phones, one of them belonging to Andrew Haynes. Bobby is a pickpocket. He lifted the backpack, only to drop it by the lamp post after a man caused a ruckus over it. Bobby identifies the man as Jesse Friedman.

They find the plans for the bomb at Jesse’s apartment. He must’ve had a partner in the crowd that detonated the bomb. He made a call to a burner phone twice before the bomb detonated – once to give the go-ahead and the second time to try to stop it. After perusing through the witness statements, Castle concludes that Leeann West, the reporter, was on the other end of that phone call. She, of course, denies any involvement, but they found the burner phone and remote in a nearby storm drain, covered with her fingerprints. The plan was to plant the bomb so that she’d get more respect as a reporter.

As everyone heads home, Beckett asks Castle to join her for a drink, but he declines, heading home alone.

So now, he knows that she knows. When will she know that he knows that she knows?? Hopefully, Castle won’t be able to contain his anger much longer and will explode! A girl can dream…

The case! As usual, I had no clue about the identity of the bomber; all the twists and turns had me spinning (in a good way!).

Can’t wait til next week!

– Lindsay

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