Recap/Review – Community – “Digital Exploration of Interior Design” – 3/29/12

Three main stories, the return of the Vice Dean, and a “to be continued.” Let’s see how Community handled itself this week.


With Subway opening up shop at Greendale, Shirley and Pierce try to find a way to get it to close down. They find out that any business in Greendale operating for profit needs to be owned by a Greendale student by at least 51%. But Subway managed to get someone to wave their birth identity, and he represents the collective humanity of business owners.

Shirley and Pierce ask Britta to get closer to Subway, and she refuses. But when Subway and Britta meet, it turns out they have a lot in common. Britta feels for Subway, especially when he explains that he’s taken this job as a way to get money and start a shelter for handicapped animals.

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Pierce and Shirley ask for an update and are unhappy with the progress Britta made. They plant a microphone and overhear Britta and Subway having sex. Shirley and Pierce give the tape to the Subway corporation, and they fire Subway. Later, Britta runs into a guy that looks like Subway and calls after him. It’s not the same person, but he does have information on what happened the night before…

Jeff learns he has a locker and finds a hate letter from Kim. Jeff and Annie check out Kim’s locker, and a guy tells them Kim died two weeks ago. Annie tells Jeff that he can still apologize for being inconsiderate.

Jeff is apologizing to Kim’s locker as the guy from before appears and tells Jeff he’s Kim. Kim was irritated over the fact how Jeff kept introducing himself, and that is why he wrote the note. Jeff apologizes personally, but Annie tells him to stop. She was guiding Jeff as a lesson for all the women he hurt, not for some oversensitive guy.

The next day, Annie apologizes for the way she acted, but Jeff doesn’t remember Kim.

Because Troy, Abed, and Annie’s apartment is being tented for termites, Abed and Troy decide to build a pillow fort. The dean encourages Troy and Abed to make the biggest fort so Greendale could get into the Guiness Book of World Records. To do so, Troy proposes switching to a blanket fort, but Abed isn’t interested.

Vice Dean Laybourne meets Troy after being shot down. Laybourne mentions Inspector Spacetime and manipulates Troy into thinking that Abed is the dominant part in their frienship. Just like how the Inspector decides everything for the Constable. Back in the pillow fort, Abed tells Troy how to stack the pillows, and Troy asks why they couldn’t have made a blanket fort. Abed tells Troy he can make a blanket fort, but not to make it a part of his pillow fort.

When Troy and Abed both reach the study room, Troy learns that his blanket fort isn’t big enough. The dean proposes connecting both forts, but Abed refuses. He’d rather see his fort destroyed than compromised. While executing the self-destruct protocol, Laybourne shows up and tells Abed that he shouldn’t compromise for mediocrity.

The situation reaches conclusion when the dean decides the pillow fort should be torn down. The two sides start fighting, with Troy and Abed trying to keep everyone back. Both forts get (partially?) destroyed, and Troy and Abed both go their own way.

First of all, I loved how last week started showing cracks in Troy and Abed’s relationship, and this week continued with that. And now we have Vice Dean Laybourne showing up and widening those cracks, all in an attempt to recruit Troy.

Speaking of Laybourne, what is up with him? He was acting very weird, and I’m curious to see if we get an explanation for that. And the sight of John Goodman in his pajamas was hilarious.

Britta falling for Subway was nicely done. His job was the worst possible option for Britta, but the person he was before would be the perfect partner for Britta. And I loved how Gillian Jacobs portrayed that conflict (“eat fresh”).

Finally, the story with Jeff was all kinds of confusing. It wasn’t all that interesting to begin with, but it got funny when Annie was very hurtful towards Kim when she learned she was actually a he. And then Jeff didn’t remember Kim again, so I’m annoyed at what happened there.
The best quotes this week:

“I’m staying in the sleep study lab, and all I have to do is wake up every three hours and go AAAAH AAAAH, and I get two credits.” – Annie explaining what happens in the sleep study lab.

“The bread is stale.” – code for having Subway (the person) fired.

Next Thursday on “Pillows and Blankets,” tensions escalate to a all-out war between Pillowtown and Blanketsburg, the study-group chooses sides, and Jeff tries to negotiate a truce. It’s on at 8/7c on NBC.

What did you think?

– JJ

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