Recap/Review – Ringer – “Let’s Kill Bridget” – 3/27/12

Hi, guys. That was quite the eventful episode, with some nice revelations, so let’s get to it.


Machado updates Bridget and Andrew on the recent developments, and the Tower card that was found. Because Macawi’s lieutenant might be under the impression Siobhan is Bridget, he could’ve reported back to Macawi. It’s possible they aren’t safe yet, but Andrew blames Machado for the situation they’re in.

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Henry is trying to reach Tim to ask for a meeting, but Tim doesn’t answer. Siobhan and Henry talk about the drive, because they need the proof. Henry tells Siobhan that she needs to trust him and trust Tim to blow the whistle on Martin/Charles. Henry tries to get some more insight in Siobhan’s plans, but Siobhan steers the conversation in another direction and explains that she and Tyler were using dummy accounts to syphon money away from Martin/Charles.

Bridget calls the Rock Springs police department and asks for Jimmy Kemper. She finds out he’s in prison, accused of the murder she witnessed. She discusses it with Solomon, and he tells her it appears that Machado is a good guy. Bridget decides to testify, to make the situation go away, but Solomon tries to dissuade her because it isn’t safe.

Andrew is in full damage control mode at Martin/Charles after the disappearance of Olivia and him getting shot.

In a flashback, we see a tweaking Bridget sitting in a room with Machado. He’s trying to get her to testify, but she doesn’t want to. He tells her that testifying can get her into the witness protection program, so she does decide to testify.

Bridget calls Machado to talk about the case, but he is posted outside the dry cleaner with the tarot cards. He spots a guy picking up clothes with a card, and as the guy gets out, he asks to see the clothes. Machado finds money in the lining of the suit and asks the guy what the place is about, when he pulls a gun. They fight, but Machado losses it and beats the guy to a pulp with people filming the whole thing.

Juliet meets with Catherine, and she mentions the troubles his father is in with the company. Juliet mentions their house in Palm Springs and how Andrew is trying to sell it. She tells Catherine that Andrew is meeting with a potential buyer named Tobias Schecht and asks Catherine to buy the house.

Machado has to report to his superior about the footage they got on him, and we learn that Machado was after the incident at the prison that got Jimmy beat up. Their conversation turns into a shouting match and results in Machado having to leave his badge and gun behind.

At a bar, Catherine meets with Tobias to talk about the house in Palm Springs. Tobias tries to explain how the house and grounds are special to him, but Catherine calls his bluff. Tobias has a company that works with green energy, so the property is worth more than just the square footage. Tobias acknowledges that information, and they only need to agree on a price.

Per Bridget’s request, Machado and Bridget have a meeting where he explains that he got suspended, but she might still be in danger. Bridget-as-Siobhan proposes to testify against Macawi, with Machado telling her the information that Bridget has. He can’t since it’s a whole new form of perjury. She asks what’s driving him in this case, and he tells Bridget that Macawi killed an informant of his. Bridget understands that Shaylene was his informant and that they were in a relationship. She thanks Machado for his time, and he proposes to “kill Bridget,” to get Macawi off their back. He wants to dress “Siobhan” as Bridget and make a video and some pictures of a dead body. Maybe that will keep them safe.

At home, Catherine meets with Andrew, and they discuss the place in Palm Springs. The price she proposes is way too low. They reminisce, and Catherine leans in for a kiss. Andrew stops the kiss but agrees to sell her the land.

Catherine meets with Schecht to close the sale, but Andrew is there, as well. Andrew explains that she payed a way to high price for the property. Also how Juliet told him everything about the case and Catherine’s part in it. He warns her to stay away from Juliet, because he will strip her of her parental rights if she doesn’t.

Henry is picked up at home by the police, to ask him about Tyler. They have footage linking him to the crime. Henry explains how he didn’t have anything to do with it, and he drops Tim’s name as a way to get the best lawyers. The agent tells him to call someone else, because Tim turned him in.

Machado and Bridget are in the Bronx to “kill Bridget,” and we see a shooter across the building. Machado gets a call from the coroner and learns that Malcolm’s luietenant was killed before Andrew got shot. The shooter walks in, and Bridget calls to Machado to get down. The shooter fires his gun, and we see Bridget get shot. The shooter checks if Bridget really is dead and sees her blinking her eyes, but Machado shoots the guy. It turns out Bridget used the fake blood, so she didn’t get shot. They take the shooter’s mask off, and it’s the guy that was after Bridget a few months ago, asking for the phone. The shooter’s phone rings, and Machado picks up. We see Catherine on the other end of that call.

I’d like to start with saying that I liked the structure of the episode. They decided to tell a limited number of stories, and each story got the right amount of attention. And the story really built up to the final scene in a very nice way. But I have to say, this episode didn’t need the sequence at the start where we got a look at the final scenes.

My biggest issue with this episode was the scene between Siobhan and Bridget at the apartment. Bridget learns Siobhan is alive, and they have an intense conversation about family and forgiveness, ending with Siobhan shooting Bridget. The conversation itself was interesting on a lot of levels, but the fact that it was a daydream from Siobhan was all the more frustrating.

And finally, Catherine was exposed for the bitch she is. The Martins know that Catherine was behind the whole mistrial, and Andrew finally put her in her place. I loved the anger of Andrew, and Kristoffer Polaha and Andrea Roth were amazing in that scene.

And talking about Catherine – her hatred for Siobhan is amazing. She has been trying to get her killed for months. So it turns out two vengeful women are trying their best to get Siobhan killed, and that’s a nice explanation for all the trouble Bridget’s been having all this time.

The information that Tim was behind Henry getting arrested didn’t come as a surprise. The way the scene played out between Henry and Tim left me suspicious. I think Tim will use the information he has as leverage to get his money back before he blows the whistle, or he has some other reason for not using the information right away. And Henry knows as much as he does, so having him arrested is a smart move.

Next Tuesday, on “If You’re Just An Evil Bitch Then Get Over It,” Catherine goes to extremes to bring Andrew closer to her, Bridget admits to Machado that someone has been after her for months, and Siobhan overhears Bridget accusing Henry of Tyler’s murder. It’s on at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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