Recap/Review – Castle – “Limey” – 4/2/12

It’s Scotland Yard meets the NYPD when a British model is found dead in a motel room. Castle finds solace in the arms of a blond stewardess and distances himself from an annoyed Beckett.


A terribly cute guy searches through a motel room. Did I mention there’s a dead body lying in the middle of the floor? He’s clearly searching for something specific. He bumps into the maid as he’s leaving the room, and she discovers the body.

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Beckett complains to Lanie about Castle’s newfound distance, but she (like the rest of us) says he’s waiting for Kate to say something. He can’t wait forever. Neither can we!!

As Kate looks for the right time to confess her undying love for Castle, he pulls up to the crime scene in a flashy car with some blonde. Ugh. Everyone has terrible timing.

The victim is a Naomi Allen, a British national. The detectives notice the place has been ransacked, but none of the valuables were taken, ruling out a robbery. They find her business card, leading them to a modeling agency where Naomi worked. Her boss tells Castle and Beckett that Naomi was a leading model and has no idea why she was at a motel the night before. They show her the sketch of the man who fled the crime scene, and while she doesn’t recognize him, she thinks Naomi met him at a recent job. Recently, Naomi had been booking jobs to “pretty-up” an event, usually where the models go to meet wealthy men.

Maybe Naomi got into a party last night that she was previously unable to book and met her murderer! Ryan has an update on the man from the sketch; he was last seen leaving Naomi’s apartment. They were able to track him and find that the cutie/possible murderer has a name: Colin Hunt! He’s staying at a hotel in the city.

They bust into his hotel room just as soon as he’s gotten out of the shower. Perfect timing! He’s Detective Inspector Colin Hunt. Yummy.

Naomi called Colin for help the day prior to her death. He searched and fled the crime scene to investigate her murder.

He found a message in her jacket about her killer but won’t let Beckett in on it until he’s officially put on the case. First, Beckett must seek Gates’ approval. Surprisingly, Gates concedes. Colin shows them the message: a key.

Esposito has information on the party Naomi attended the night of her death. Naomi was kicked out after she had an altercation with Nicki Jay, the famous female rapper. Beckett’s going to interview Nicki, this time without Castle; he’s going out with Blondie. Bastard.

The sweet Nicki Jay describes Naomi as a man-stealing whore. She admits to having her kicked out but has an alibi for the time of the murder; she was with Biggie Slim the whole night.

The clearly delusional Biggie Slim admits to speaking/flirting with Naomi but says that she was acting paranoid, said someone was following her.

Lanie was able to uncover a partial print from Naomi’s neck but isn’t able to run it through the system.

Ryan found a gym that matches the key she left. After securing a warrant, they find a series of letters and numbers on the back of a photo. Could this be her murderer?

Castle is back! After analyzing the picture, they find it was taken in front of the British Consulate and the man in the photo is one of it’s employees, Nigel Wyndham. He’s a suspect in his ex-girlfriend’s death.

Esposito just got confirmation that Wyndham met Naomi for dinner. The week after, she was forcibly removed from his office after an argument. Castle theorizes that the two had an affair and Namoi threatened to ruin his marriage and position. The only problem, Nigel has diplomatic immunity and Gates won’t call him an official suspect without further proof. His prints aren’t in the system, but Castle has devised a plan to retrieve them. The plan includes Ryan and Esposito working undercover and hiding a Romanian gymnast in a bag. Someone’s been watching too many heist movies! While he’s explaining the complicated plan, Beckett and Colin appear in eveningwear; Colin got them into the party tonight under an absentee’s name at the consulate, where they’ll lift Nigel’s prints. Poor Castle.

At the party, Beckett and Colin dance, circling the floor, looking for their target. They find him by the bar, and Beckett moves in. The only problem – Nigel won’t put his drink down. Beckett is finally able to convince him to release his grip off the glass, and now it’s Colin’s turn to chase the waiter. Before he’s able to get to the glass, security discovers their trick, and they’re escorted out. All is not lost, as Beckett was able to lift his card case, covered with prints.

Castle showed his stewardess girlfriend the evidence file, and while she was able to figure out the message on the back of the photo, Beckett is not happy with Castle’s behavior. The letters and numbers are the serial code for a diplomatic pouch for Royal Eastern Airline. There was no affair; it’s about smuggling! The pouch was shipped to Uganda a year ago and weighed 200 pounds. It just so happens that Naomi’s boyfriend was killed in Uganda.

The pouches are shipped once a month; one of them is at JFK airport, but the NYPD can’t open it. Colin to the rescue! Using the cutest fake American accent, Colin poses as Homeland Security to get past the guard. Colin finds the pouch… It’s a crate filled with missiles.

The crate was impounded by Homeland Security, but they can’t connect the contents to Wyndham. Naomi’s boyfriend, Aiden Miller, was killed by one of those missiles, supplied by Wyndham. Nigel must’ve had a partner, someone to handle the dirty work, but who? As Castle pieces together Naomi’s investigation of her boyfriend’s murder, there’s one anomaly: her meeting with Biggie Slim.

He’s brought back into the precinct. They’ve looked into his past. He was previously known as Darius Young, and Nigel Wyndham came to his aid when he faced legal charges in Britain. His brother supplied the missiles to Wyndham. When Naomi started to look into the death of her boyfriend, Biggie followed her to the motel and murdered her. Beckett and Colin then arrest Wyndham at the consulate.

Beckett initially refuses Colin’s offer for a drink but then accepts after Castle heads to see his stewardess for more “fun.”

It was nice to see an evil Charles Shaughnessy (The Nanny). I couldn’t focus on the story, which, honestly, wasn’t all that entertaining. I was too busy swooning over Colin Hunt and being annoyed with the stubborn lovebirds. How much longer will they avoid the elephant in the room?! I’m dying here!

– Lindsay

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