Recap/Review – Smash – “Hell On Earth” – 4/2/12

Hi, guys. This episode felt like filler, but at least the execution was fine. Read with me, and let me know what you think afterwards.


Frank finds out about Julia and Michael’s affair after looking for the adoption papers. He confronts Julia first, and she explains it’s over, but he runs out. Afterwards, Frank confronts Michael, and he finds out they had an affair years ago, as well, which he didn’t know before. That night, Frank is packing, and Leo and Julia try to convince him to stay, but he leaves.

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Eileen calls on a friend, Dough Hughes, to have dinner. Dough is a director and when a reporter sees them have dinner, Derek reads the rumors online. Derek promises to put his full attention on Marilyn again, and it turns out it was a ploy thought of by Eileen.

The team is contemplating which movie star to cast. Ellis uses his personal contacts to get in touch with Rebeca Duvall’s manager. When Eileen asks Ellis to look after the office, he asks for a co-producer mention as thanks for getting Rebeca interested. Eileen tells him that producing is so much more than just getting in touch with actors and dismisses the question.

Sam is having lunch with Ivy when he sees all the drugs she’s taking and tells her to be careful.

Ivy is back at “Heaven and Earth,” but she can’t seem to focus. When Karen shows up to give Ivy her sunglasses back, she sees a drunk Ivy on stage. When Ivy falls, she gets sent off stage, and Karen runs after her. They air some of their irritation and end up singing “Cheers (Drink to That)” in the middle of Times Square. As Karen gets Ivy to bed, Ivy tells her that they’re not best friends now.
In other storylines:

Eileen asks Tom and Julia to think of a title, and they decide on the title “Bombshell.”

Ivy and Karen show up for an audition for a commercial, and Karen gets it.

Tom and Ivy don’t speak, and Tom and Sam flirt. Tom invites himself and shows up for a fundraiser John is attending, and he finds out John is Republican (much to his disappointment).

As you can see by the length of the recap, nothing all that notable happened. The most important story was Frank walking out on Julia and Leo. The rest could’ve (in my opinion) be addressed as B-story in another episode.

However, I will say, I actually did like this episode. It had a calmer feel overall, and the people didn’t annoy me as much. I’m glad Eileen put Ellis in his place. I’m glad to see they haven’t forgotten Ivy is taking (a lot of) drugs, and Eileen still has a few tricks up her sleeve to bond people to the show.

The biggest part of the episode was the breakup between Frank and Julia. I wasn’t convinced by Debra Messing when Frank walked out, but overall, I could understand all of Frank’s actions, and Brian D’Arcy James was wonderful in his scenes. And finally, Julia had the brilliant idea to tell Michael that it’s over and take partial responsibility, and let’s hope she can redeem herself and stay strong.

Ivy was really out of it this week, and I loved how Megan Hilty played it. Especially seeing her on stage at Heaven on Earth was all kinds of hilarious. Singing in the middle of Times Square still in your costume, though? At least the song was fun; I’ll give them that. And I heard a piano-version of “Let Me Be Your Star” as Ivy took the pills in front of her mirror. I loved that detail.

Next Monday, on “Understudy,” Uma Thurman guest stars as Rebecca Duvall, and Eileen is in panic when she’s stuckin Cuba. Derek puts Karen in as understudy, and Tom and Julia celebrate their anniversary. It’s on at 10/9c on NBC. Watch this episode again here, and find “Cheers (Drink to That)” here.

– JJ

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