If We Controlled Your Remote… 4/8/12

Happy Sunday, everyone! And Happy Easter, if you celebrate. It’s the start of a new week, which means some great new episodes. I’m most excited about the premiere of Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23 and new episodes of Missing and Bones. What are you looking forward to? For tonight, read on to find out what we think you should be watching.

Jenny’s Choice #1

My first pick tonight is the series premiere of The Client List on Lifetime. There’s really only one reason I’m going to watch this show: Jennifer Love Hewitt. I loved her in Ghost Whisperer. The premise of the show looks pretty good, so even without her, I might have watched, but because it’s JLH, I’m definitely going to watch. The Client List is about Texas housewife, Riley Parks (Hewitt), who, after being deserted by her husband, is left in serious financial straits and takes a job at a seemingly traditional day spa in a neighboring town. But when she realizes some of her co-workers also provide other services, Riley must make the difficult decision whether or not to embrace an opportunity for her to resolve her financial hardships. The series will follow Riley as she delicately balances a moral conflict between two starkly different lives – one as a single mother in a conservative town struggling to provide for her family and the other as a savvy and ambitious businesswoman working with a raucous, sexy and unpredictable group of women. As Riley becomes more involved, she struggles while working in secrecy knowing her family and friends would disapprove of her decision. Cybill Shepherd stars as Linette, Riley’s mother; Loretta Devine plays Georgia, the spa’s feisty and disorganized owner; and Colin Egglesfield portrays Riley’s brother-in-law, Evan.

On tonight’s episode, “The Rub of Sugarland,” After being deserted by her husband, single mother Riley Parks takes a job at a day spa and learns that sexual favors are being offered there on the side.

Check it out tonight on Lifetime at 10/9c. Learn where to find episodes online of The Client List @ Clicker.
Jump with us to see else we think you should watch.

Megan’s Choice

GCB is one of those rare shows that is both hilarious and dripping in drama. Amanda and Carlene’s brother? Way to go, Amanda! I loved all the interactions between the two. It’s always perfect when two strong women butt heads – it makes me laugh constantly. The dynamic of the relationships on this show is done to a perfection, showing how many different ways people interact and deal with love issues. Okay, it is also even better because of the Texan drama sprinkled all around it. 🙂

Tonight, we are getting treated to back-to-back episodes. On the first episode, “Turn the Other Cheek,” Carlene and Ripp plan a “Gone with the Wind” theme ceremony to renew their wedding vows, but things don’t go as planned when Carlene takes matron-of-honor duties away from Sharon and gives them to Amanda.

On the second episode, “Sex is Divine,” Burl asks for Gigi’s hand in marriage. Meanwhile, Cricket and Blake meet with potential surrogate mothers; Amanda is hired as Pastor Tudor’s assistant; and Sharon discovers dieting guidance in the Bible.

To watch this devious drama unfold, tune in to ABC starting at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of GCB @ Clicker.

I’ll also be watching/DVRing CSI: Miami, The Amazing Race, and Harry’s Law.

Kyle’s Choice

It was great to finally get a new episode of Game of Thrones last week! So many characters and locations to keep track of, but here’s some of what happened last week: In King’s Landing, that brat Joffrey was still up to his old tricks – almost forcing a man to drink himself to death with an entire barrel of wine. In The Red Waste, Team Daenerys was dwindling, and after her horse died, Daenerys sent her few remaining men riding off in every direction to look for civilization and supplies. North of the Wall, Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch came across an incestuous King who allowed them to stay as long as they kept away from his wives/daughters. In Dragonstone, we met up with Stannis Baratheon, true heir to the Iron Throne, and a mysterious witchy/religious red-head named Melisandre. At the Stark camp, Robb told Jamie he figured out the Lannister family secret. And on The Kingsroad, we got a glimpse of Arya (still in her boy-disguise) and blacksmith Gendry (one of Robert’s bastards) on their way to Castle Black. Finally, back at King’s Landing, a manhunt has begun to eliminate all of Robert’s bastards to prevent any contention for the throne.

The shear number of characters and locations in this show can be a bit overwhelming. I tried to cover most of what happened that week but still failed to mention all that happened with Bran, Tyrion, Sansa, Cersei, and Littlefinger (as well as others). However, that’s what’s great about this show – there is so much to cover, yet they find a way to squeeze it all in every week! Out of the various storylines, I think the ones I am most interested in are what’s going on in King’s Landing with Tyrion trying to tame Joffrey, the eventual Stark/Lannister battle, and what’s going to happen with Gendry and Arya once they find out each other’s identities – wonder if these two are going to be some future royal couple?!

In tonight’s episode, “The Night Lands,” on a mission for Robb Stark, Theon returns home for the first time in nine years, but time has not dulled his father’s bitterness at losing his only surviving son to Winterfell. Meanwhile, Tyrion makes his presence felt as the Hand of the King, though not necessarily to the satisfaction of others in the royal court; Gendry is shocked by Arya’s revelation on the road north; and Davos seeks naval power from an old acquaintance, the pirate Salladhor Saan.

See it tonight on HBO at 9/8c. Learn where to find episodes online of Game of Thrones @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording The Amazing Race, GCB, Chopped All Stars, Breakout Kings, Unchained Reaction, The Killing, Mad Men, Life’s Too Short, Nurse Jackie, and The Big C.

Lisa’s Choice

Last week’s The Apprentice was smoking! It left two contestants fired in its wake, with both Debbie Gibson and Dee Snyder getting the axe after a task for Walgreens that didn’t have either team impressing the company. Then in the boardroom, both Arsenio Hall and Aubrey O’Day were up in arms and words. The two verbally duked it out in front of both teams, and when the smoke cleared, Aubrey was nowhere to be found. Will she return to the show to play for her charity, or will this fight have her hitting the bricks?

On tonight’s showdown, “Ad Hawk,” one celebrity blows up in a major way at a teammate, while another celebrity’s absence leads to fighting. Also, the teams each create a commercial for a website.

Watch the heat continue to be turned up tonight at 9/8C on NBC! Learn where to find episodes online of The Apprentice @ Clicker.

This evening, I’ll also be watching The Amazing Race & GCB.

Jenny’s Choice #2

I’m so excited, because tonight is the “season premiere,” I guess you’d call it, of Chopped All Stars. Last season, Nate Appleman won, and I really couldn’t have been happier, because I always enjoy watching him, and his charity was so great. When I first saw the promos for this round of All Stars, I was even more excited, because some of my favorite celebrity chefs of all time are competing: Jeffrey Saad (from The Next Food Network Star & United Tastes of America), Aarti Sequeira (from The Next Food Network Star & Aarti’s Party), and Chopped judges, Alex Guarnaschelli, Marcus Samuelsson, Marc Murphy, & Chris Santos. Those are the ones I really enjoy…but my favorite ever is competing tonight.

On tonight’s episode, “Iron Chefs Do Battle,” the Iron Chef competitors must utilize beef tendon and crawfish in the Appetizer Round, a protein makes an appearance in the Entree Round, and the remaining contestants are forced to reckon with black beans and queso fresco in the Dessert Round. Contestants include Michael Symon (Go Michael!), Cat Cora, Jose Garces, & Marc Forgione. Show your support for Michael Symon on Twitter at @chefsymon.

Root for your favorite tonight on Food Network at 9/8c! Learn where to find episodes online of Chopped @ Clicker.

Tonight, I’ll also be watching/recording Breakout Kings, Cupcake Wars, Iron Chef America, CSI: Miami, & Unchained Reaction.

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