Recap/Review – Ringer – “If You’re Just an Evil Bitch Then Get Over It” – 4/3/12

We’re reaching the end of the season. And while this episode was probably used mostly to put the pieces in place for the last two episodes, it was a good one.


Bridget calls Andrew, and she tells him about getting shot, so someone really is after Siobhan and not “Bridget.” After the call, Andrew walks through the apartment, and he finds Catherine. She leaves blood on his shirt, and he sees she slit her wrists.

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Juliet and Andrew visit Catherine in the hospital, and Juliet tells her mother she never wants to forgive her. Outside the room, Catherine’s psychiatrist asks Andrew if she’d ever done anything like this before. He tells her Catherine tried suicide before, but that wasn’t a serious attempt, and it appears this was.

Henry is still being questioned, and he recognizes the maid that saw him at the hospital. He gets out on bail, but when he gets home, Siobhan tell him child services took his children. Henry learns that Tim was responsible for the children getting taken and decides to pay Tim a visit. Siobhan apologizes for what she caused and decides she can fix this situation.

Bridget meets Machado, and she learns the guy that was after her was a professional hit-man, so someone hired him. When Machado asks who might be after her, Bridget suggests it could’ve been Olivia. Machado tells her Olivia is a separate investigation, but he’ll look into it.

Siobhan visits the maid at the hotel and tries to bribe her. In turn, we see the maid visiting the police.

Juliet tells Andrew and Bridget that she overheard the conversation at the hospital and asks if Catherine’s attempt on her life was her fault, and Andrew reassures her that it isn’t. Andrew tells Bridget about the first attempt. It happened after Andrew told Catherine he wanted a divorce. Andrew tells Bridget about the kiss and voices his doubt about if he could’ve caused her attempt. Bridget says Andrew did his best to solve the situation without a scene, so he can’t blame himself.

Henry visits Tim to see his children and asks why Tim did what he did. Tim lists all the reasons that drove him to go after Henry. Hurting his daughter, his affair with Siobhan, the investment, and that’s what drove him to destroy Henry and decide to go after Siobhan, as well.

Bridget is asked to come to the police department and gets accused of trying to bribe the maid. Bridget doesn’t understand what he’s talking about, and the officer warns her that they will find out her secrets.

Juliet visits Catherine in the hospital. She tells her mother that she’s pissed off for the medical history, because that’s supposed to give her a pass for the situation. She only ever wanted Catherine to want her for who she is. Catherine explains that the attempt on her life was an attempt to get Andrew to feel guilty. She says that if Juliet wants her out of her life, she has no reason to keep living. Juliet tells her mother that it’s ok if she means it, and if she doesn’t, she should just get over it.

Machado investigates a guy because he thinks the man is a hit-man broker, getting clients in touch with killers. The broker doesn’t give any information, but Machado is convinced he knows something.

Henry tells Siobhan that the maid reported the bribe to the police, so now Bridget and Henry are both under investigation. Siobhan is worried that Bridget will find out her sister is still alive and in New York and urges him to visit Bridget and explain the situation.

Juliet tells Andrew that she visited her mother and asks him if they can take care of Catherine. Andrew dismisses the idea, but Juliet asks him to think about it.

Machado is posted outside the hit-man’s (Barton’s) house, and when his family leaves, he goes inside and checks it out. He finds a hidden room, and we see a cutout of a picture, the one that was used to communicate the hit on Siobhan. He also finds a body in the freezer.

Bridget visits Henry, and she uses her key to get inside. Outside, she mistook Siobhan for Annafried, but inside, Henry walks in before Bridget discovers Siobhan. Bridget asks about the maid, and Henry tells her he hired a blonde to bribe the maid, so she might’ve mistaken them. Bridget asks if Henry knows about her affair with Tyler, and from his lack of an answer, she sees he’s hiding something, maybe even killing Tyler. Henry asks her to leave, and she does.

Machado visits Bridget at home, and they talk about the hit-man. He shows her the picture he found, and Bridget tells him about the picture she found on the hit-man. Machado shows Bridget a picture of the guy she found, and she recognizes him. It’s the guy she killed in the loft. Machado asks what happened, and she explains how she killed the guy and how the body disappeared. Bridget-as-Siobhan explains that the gun will trace back to Bridget, and she handed the gun to John Delario. That’s how he got the gun to kill Gemma. Bridget explains how Barton didn’t kill her because she still had the phone, which could lead back to who hired her. But someone stole that phone, so it had to be someone who was in the apartment. Catherine overhears the conversation.

Henry and Siobhan talk about the future, and Siobhan tells him that she wants to take the money and leave. She doesn’t care about revenge if she can’t have him, but he doesn’t want to leave his kids behind.

Tim visits Andrew at Martin/Charles, and he shows Andrew the flash drive. Tim tells Andrew he wants to save Martin/Charles.

Machado gets an email with information on the fingerprints on the photo, and it’s Catherine.

Catherine asks Bridget to drink some tea, and when Catherine gets back, she mentions forgetting the sugar. Bridget leaves to get the sugar, and Catherine intercepts a call from Machado. After drinking, Bridget gets up to check on Juliet, but Catherine drugged her tea. Right before falling down, Bridget finds the phone she lost, in Catherine’s purse.

First of all, we got an explanation for some events that happened way back in the beginning of the season. We find out what exactly happened to the man Bridget shot and put away. We find out it was Catherine who was after “Siobhan” all this time, and we got a reason as to why Catherine would act this way (extreme as it is). And now Catherine has Bridget drugged, so we haven’t seen the last of her yet.

And as a result, Machado now knows Bridget killed someone. Even though he is not with the FBI at this time, it can’t possibly be good for her that an agent knows about her killing someone.

And Bridget and Siobhan got very close this week. I loved how Bridget mistook Siobhan for Annafried, and I was unpleasantly surprised that Henry thwarted the meeting between Bridget and Siobhan. But Henry did act quickly and tried to resolve the situation with the bribe. But now Bridget suspects Henry killed Tyler, so between Siobhan, Tim, and Bridget, Henry is probably headed for a difficult time.

And speaking of trouble and Henry, Tim is now after “Siobhan,” as well. Add that name to the list, and Bridget has really inherited a list of enemies as a result of her sister and her “friends.” On top of that, Tim will help fix Martin/Charles. I’m curious to hear his motives, besides getting his money back, and anxious about what will be the result of having Andrew by the proverbial balls with the drive.

The only disappointing moment this week was when Juliet handed Bridget the letter opener. Another useless freak-out that wasn’t necessary at all with all the suspense we got.

Next Tuesday, on “It’s Called Improvising, Bitch!” the penultimate episode of the season, Catherine’s plan to drive Andrew and Bridget apart unravels, Machado rushes to intercept Catherine, and Siobhan’s plan to help Henry backfires when the main witness suddenly dies. It’s on at 9/8c on The CW.

– JJ

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