Recap/Review – Community – “Pillows and Blankets” – 4/5/12

Probably the weirdest episode that didn’t feature anything supernatural. Let’s dive right in.


Greendale Campus Television presents the pillow-fight between Troy and Abed, or Blanketsburg and Pillowtown.

The dean asks Jeff to mediate between Troy and Abed because the Guinness Book of Records representative will be there in two days, and the only way to solve this situation is to connect the two forts. They refuse, and Troy gives Abed an “all tomato,” give in or perish, which Abed refuses.

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Pierce joins Troy’s side, because he is less weird, as does Shirley. When Troy promotes Shirley to second-in-command, Pierce switches to Abed’s side. With Abed not giving in and Blanketsburg and Pillowtown covering the whole campus, Troy draws first blood by invading Pillowtown.

Jeff sees a chance to postpone college by giving the same speech to both sides, much to the irritation of Annie, who handles the wounded, as nurse to both sides.

Pierce invents a weapon (fully covering himself in pillows as the ultimate weapon), and as a result, Troy hires Chang to invade Pillowtown. But when Troy intercepts an e-mail by Abed listing all the things that distract him, he retaliates by saying Abed will never have another friend beside him.

The war comes to a head in the cafeteria with both sides against each other. The dean ends the battle by saying that the Guinness representative will not come by because he has been fired. This ends the war, but Troy and Abed keep hitting each other, because it might be the last thing they do together ever. Jeff grabs this opportunity by saying that not wanting to quit hitting each other is a sign of their friendship, and this ends the war.

First of all, I have to say this episode didn’t make me laugh at all, and I can’t remember any episode in the history of Community to do that. This doesn’t necessarily make this a bad episode, but after two and a half seasons, it’s a new sensation.

And that really makes reviewing this episode a tough one for me. I liked the concept, presenting the war between Troy and Abed as a documentary, and I liked the part everyone played during the war, as it was all in character. Especially Britta failing at trying to take a few pictures.

The only growth we got was Jeff finally seeing that friendships can be a good thing. And especially after forgetting Kim for the umpteenth time last week, Jeff could use a redemptive quality.

And finally, the documentary gave some background information about Greendale, which made me chuckle.

Next Thursday, on “Origins of Vampire Mythology,” Britta’s old flame “Blade” shows up, and she enlists the group to keep her away from him, and Dean Laybourne enlists Dean Pelton to convince Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair Annex.

What did you think?

– JJ

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One Response to Recap/Review – Community – “Pillows and Blankets” – 4/5/12

  1. Kyle says:

    I had the completely opposite feeling about this episode. I always find this show hit or miss–with some really odd episodes that just go over my head (maybe I just didn’t get the references–but I ended up with that no laugh sensation you wrote of) and one or two really great, genius episodes per season. This episode fell into the latter group for me. I thought this was an excellent parody of the 1990 PBS Ken Burns Civil War documentary–down to the music, panning photographs, interviews and narration. Speaking of the narration–how great is it that they got Keith David of The Cape to narrate (“six seasons and a movie”)?! Also loved how they worked in other references for loyal fans–at one point you hear “Leonard likes this post”, and Britta britta-ing the photos. Also liked the stuff describing the locations/building name origins.